Friday, June 24, 2016

Last Day of 3rd grade

Wednesday was the last day of 3rd grade. I think it's fair to say we are all quite happy to have this year end. It's been quite a battle and a lot of hard work. 

It was a gym day so gym clothes and not a repeat of the 1st day of school outfit. Ally was kind of nervous because for the first time ever her school was going to announce class assignments for next year on this day, the last day of school. 
Ally did get her assignment and she was crushed. So were we, shocked actually at how bad it was, so we emailed the principal and asked if there was a mistake. AND THERE WAS A MISTAKE We found out the next day that there had been a mistake and Ally will be in the class she and we would like her in. 

She screamed and squealed in delight. She texted her friends and even called one. It was great to be able to tell her it was a mistake and now Ally is even more excited to go to 4th grade. 

Ally got a great report card, she has caught up with her peers and is ready for 4th grade! She even got the highest score possible on her Emily Dickinson project. Becky and I are so proud of Ally. 

And on to Summer!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Field Day

Field Day for Ally's school was last week. It was a gorgeous day and she had tons of fun.
The theme this year was the Olympics - Ally's class was Brazil - she has the Brazilian flag painted on her arm, and many of her classmates wore the colors of Brazil; yellow, green and blue. But we realized that Ally has no yellow or green or light blue shirts in her wardrobe!

 In the morning at before school! (Below - pink hat is Sonya, green shirt her older sister Maya, and in red is Willow) these girls are all before school together almost every day.

I found Ally at the water bucket relay race.  Her team mate Boden wore a helmet with a plastic cup attached - other team mates filled that cup with water by squeezing water out of sponges. Then Boden had to walk about 10 yards and pour the water from his cup into Ally's bucket. 
 They won!

 Next up was another relay - your team mates laid down in a line and you ran over them, laid down and then the next person went. 
I was pretty proud of my pictures of Ally jumping over her friends. 

 Then was the scuba relay race - my favorite to watch all the kids try and run in scuba gear.

 On your way up to the cone you put on fins, a swim tube and goggles, then on your way back you take off each item.

 Ally was at a huge advantage because her feet actually fit inside the fins!

Boden, Clemens, Olive & Melyna

 Volleybal was next:

And finally gymnastics - Ally was so excited. But then she realized it wasn't really gymnastics, but a gymnastics themed obstacle course. 

Ally said her favorite part of the day was after field day - they ate lunch at the park and got to play on the play ground there. The was a bar and she spent so much time doing gymnastics on the bar she got a rip on her palm and 2 blisters on her fingers. That is gymnastics love for you!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Fun with friends

One of the best things about this time of year is fun with friends. Birthday parties, after school play dates, and this year we went to see the musical You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, that 10 of Ally's classmates were in.
Aiden, Cathal, Daniela & Maya were part of Woodstock's entourage
Alejandro, Camilla, Ellie & Melyna were on the baseball team
Lizzie & Charlotte were part Linus's blanket entourage 
We went to the 7pm show on Saturday night. It was great, but Ally was so tired afterwards. Tootired to stay and chat after the show with her friends. 

Some pictures:

It was an early release day and so a couple of parents, myself included brought 10 girls to the pool. They swam for 2 hours! That is Ally doing a handstand.

Ally, Else, Daniela, Alma & Maya

I was in charge of these 3: Maya, her sister Sonya and Ally

Saturday was another birthday party, that was #5 for the month, and Ally has been invited to 2 more! Above I took a picture of Ally and her best friend Daniela. Below if you look closely you can see them in the tree.

Later on Ally gave a lesson in how to do a cartwheel. On our way back to the car Ally did 13 cartwheels in a row. Several people stopped what they were doing to stare and she tumbled past them. 

Later that night Ally dressed up a little to go to the play. 

Becky and Ally. My gorgeous family. 

Check out the diverse fashion footwear. That would be Ally in her wedge heeled sandals and Becky in the not so fashionable medical shoe that Becky is sporting. Becky's for had been hurting for the past week so she went to the doctor on Friday. The X-ray showed no fracture, but the pain is bad, so she wears the medical shoe for a week and if the pain is not better then she has to go to a podiatrist. She has to wear that for a week. 

Yes that means that both members of my family and our dog have had serious foot/leg issues in the past 6 months. I am worried I have a huge target on my feet. My boss thinks I should be in a bubble.

When we got to the theater they had "snoopy grams" available. You could send message to the performers back stage! Ally filled out 7 for her friends. Several parents thanked me and said they children loved getting the message. It was a fundraiser and fun for Ally to do.

Daniela in the green shirt and Maya in the red. They kids sit in the audience and go up on stage from there so it was fun to sit with them. 

Daniela as a Woodstock person. 

As the school year winds down and we see how far Ally has come in her physical health Becky and I are just so grateful and thankful. It is so special to see Ally active and having fun with her friends. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Ballet Recital

There were times this year Becky and I were worried this day would not happen. Well to be accurate we knew the recital would take place, we just weren't sure how much if at all Ally would be able to participate. Today was a shining example of how much improvement in function Ally has. She danced along with her classmate as if there was nothing ever wrong with her ankle, as if there was never any pain, as if she had danced every week since September when class started, but in reality she missed October - mid January altogether and didn't start really dancing until April. But she worked very hard each week and has a wonderful teacher and has made a great friend in Dorie her classmate. 

Leaving the house for dress rehearsal. Becky thought Ally looked so much like a dancer with her sports clothes on over her tights and her hair in a bun. 

Ally loves that she gets to wear makeup for this show. 

With her amazing teacher Miss Lara. Lara danced in the show too this year. She was amazing. 

Ally and Dorie

It's a lot of waiting around for your turn. Ally and Dorie were prepared with books, coloring and even the iPad.

My amazing bun!!! 

Today on the way to the show Ally took this selfie.

All dressed up before the show. 

We asked her to stand in a position so she stood in fifth position with her hands posed. Always so graceful.

She beamed. Watching her feel so beautiful and confident is one of the greatest joys in my life.

I even got someone to take a family picture.

After the show, we gave her flowers. 

It was a wonderful show.