Monday, April 13, 2015

Quick Update

Yes the boot is still on. One more week. I'm writing this from gymnastics class. Ally's coaches suggested she come this week and work on conditioning and getting the feel back.
She did so much bar work at home this weekend that she woke up this morning saying her arms were sore!

Ally says her ankle feels much better but still hurts a "teeny bit". 

In other health news no progress :(
The antibiotics did not help her rash at all. We had our follow up at the GI today and for the most part things look good. Low vitamin D, which we are not surprised since Ally has been off dairy for a month. And he thinks low vitamin E. He did not test for the E but her red blodd cells are an unusual shape, which indicates low vitamin E. He doesn't want to draw blood just for that so he prescribed vitamins for both of these to get her levels back up. He said that drinking milk should be fine to keep her vitamin D regular once we get it back up in normal range. We don't have all the results back from the gluten and a Bacteria test. He will email those.

He said Ally was healthy and told us Ally is seeing "the best dermatologist for kids" and that that doctor would figure out the rash. 

It was good to know things are good and that he feels really strongly that our dermatologist is good.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Check it out!


This is one very happy 8 year old. Who has two moms who support her gymnastics and agreed to purchase a practice bar for her to work on at home. We split the cost of the bar – Ally paid 30% and we paid the remainder.

Ally still has her boot for walking and jumping – so no tumbling or running yet, but the bar – that was fun and she had a blast this weekend.



I got a new camera for work and enjoyed taking these with the snazzy DSLR!!!





She even made how to videos. I recorded them for her – but she decided on the script and the steps and the show. All on “how to do a back hip circle” and all adorable.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

Happy Easter! 
As usual we celebrated at home. First just the 3 of us in the morning. The Easter Bunny did as Ally asked and left her a something. A basket and eggs to find. 

Happy girl.
I thought maybe she would feel she was too old for the Easter Bunny and I asked that about getting her picture taken but she said she wanted to do it. So we did with her friend Willow as is their tradition now for 4 years:

And this year Ally left the bunny a note:

So she was pleased that he did.

Her own personal egg hunt

There was even one in a ukulele 

Ohhh a pretty silver one

I loved how the basket handle framed her face with her crazy morning hair.

Mommy and Ally

After the Easter basket and egg fun Ally watched her 2 shows and ate ate freshly baked blueberry mini muffins, thanks to Mama for making them. 

It's not the weekend without a craft project. Ally worked on a tissue paper craft today.

Then it was time to make sandwiches for the outdoor church. The first Sunday of every month the church school makes sandwiches for lunches for the Outdoor (homeless) church. Since today is the first Sunday and its Easter the church asked for volunteers to bring lunches to church because no one was going to miss this service.  We volunteered and brought 4 lunches with us to church as well as a change box full of coins to support the Mission.

Ally always helps make PBJ at church so we made those at home.

Then it was time for bath and getting dressed for Church. We needed to be there early because Ally was going to lead the prayer at church along with 3 other students. 
We had picked out another outfit, a cute purple skirt with bunnyappliqu├ęs on it, with a blue sweater the color of a bunny and tights. But after she got dressed and hair dried Ally looked in the mirror and said "it doesn't feel right" and started to cry. Turns out clothes help 8 year olds with nerves too. It was a new outfit and Ally didn't feel like herself. So she got changed into something else and was good to go!
It was cold today about 40 degrees so warm clothes were a requirement. 

At church Ally's name was in the bulletin 

And they practiced before the service started. 

It's a tradition at our church on Easter Sunday for the children to parade into the sanctuary at the beginning of the service, some times they carry flowers, this year it was paper butterflies and flowers. 
Ally did a fantastic job at the prayer, they all did. At the end of the service we sang the Hallejuia Chorus which is another tradition for us. Such a wonderful celebration of the true meaning of Easter.

After church it was time to finish preparations for our party. 

We put up some yard decorations this year.

210 plastic eggs. 13 hard boiled.

The dining room

After school one day Ally and I decorated more paper eggs. I did Becky and Ally faces and s Ally did a Julie face. She is a much better artist than me.

But I am excellent at food crafts! Butterfly cupcakes and Peep Krispie pops.

Can you spot the eggs in the snow? First Easter I can ever remember snow. 

The gang this year: Liem, River, Mia, Lila, Khai and Ally.

Hunting for eggs. She found 40! 

The girls ate picnic style in Ally's room. It was a great time. The kids played for a long time and the adults sat and talked. 

Ally was pretty tired after they left and complained of not feeling well. She went to bed early with a low grade fever and we hope she feels better tomorrow. I think it's just the excitement of the day.