Monday, April 21, 2014

Visit from Aunt Beth

Aunt Beth came to visit recently – she had a conference in Boston which always means we get to see her for a few days. One night she and Becky went out to dinner and a movie. They had “hot pot” which means they cooked food in a hot pot of broth at their table. They said it was fun and yummy.



The next day Beth went to the movies again. This time she and Becky and Ally saw the new Muppet Movie. Ally enjoyed it, but Beth and Becky not so much.


Later that day, Ally tried on a new leotard and gymnastics shorts. So much purple sparkle! Here she is on a break from tumbling to read a letter from Lauren.

Easter Bunny Visit

Following in our now 3 year tradition we met up with Ally's friend W.illow for a picture with the Easter Bunny.

Such grown up girls!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

After school play date

I’ve been trying hard to schedule a play date for Ally every week afterschool. Basically we bring a friend home one afternoon a week.

Last week it was an extra long one – Ally’s friend’s parents could not pick her up until 6pm. School gets out at 3pm so we had 3 hours to fill. It was a nice day so we played at the  park for an hour and then headed to our house.

The girls had a snack and played well in Ally’s room. I had planned on making cookies with them. We had a great time.


We did some with sprinkles and then some with different colored frosting.

It was a lot of fun for all three of us.

Friday, April 18, 2014

First bike ride of the year


Sunday afternoon Ally’s friend, W.illo.w and her parents invited us to go for for a bike ride. They were hoping that if Ally came along, Willo.w would be inspired to ride her bike solo. It was a good time and a long walk/ride, but Ally was not any source of inspiration, since she has no desire yet to ride without training wheels.

The girls had fun and so did us parents. Afterwards we headed into the Square for frozen yogurt and the girls had fun. They always have fun together. in the picture above they both had HUGE gumballs in their mouths so the smiles are pretty silly.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

It’s Spring!

A few days a week Ally and I walk to school. We walk home whenever we can – but sometimes I have a meeting early in the morning and need to drive there so we drive to school.

Ally is always looking on our walk and pointing things out in our urban landscape; a squirrel, a nest, a robin, a pigeon, a cute dog being walked, and lately it was the flower sprouts.

She was so excited one morning to see this:


I had to take a picture!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Eating the Egg


This is the egg that Ally found in the chicken coop at the Farm. A few days after her farm day we decided to cook the egg. It was Ally’s first time actually cooking on the stove!


Here is the egg – she asked me o take a bunch of pictures of the egg. I was just glad she did not ask to save the shell! Then she cracked it.


into the bowl. Stirred it up to scramble it


The she stirred it around in the pan on the stove. It was only her egg in the pan, no milk, no seasoning no additional egg.


Becky took the pan off the stove for Ally, and put the egg on her plate. It was breakfast for dinner night – pancake, syrup, strawberries and egg.

Ally said it was delicious.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

First Book

Last night Ally completed reading her first chapter book, ALL BY HERSELF!!!

She read Ivy + Bean, by Annie Barrows (book 1)


Ally was so excited and so proud of herself.  It was late – about 715pm when she finished – she had been reading for 45 (which is 30 more than her 15 minutes) she had gotten so engrossed in the book. At the end of the book there was a section called “Preview” which was an intro into the next book in the series. Ally was super excited to learn there were other books. Even though it was late, bedtime actually, I called our local bookstore to see if they had the next book, and  then Ally and I drove over to the store.


I don’t think I’ll forget the huge grin on her face when she saw that there 10 books in the series. Here she is holding book #2.


We also bought books 3 & 4. On the way home she started reading book 2. There was a chapter about a Gymnastics Club – and Ally thought it was so funny that they called Back Bends “Back Bend-Overs” She giggled, told me about it and kept on reading. She was quite tired by the time we got home – between finishing book 1 and starting book 2 she had read for over an hour. Straight to bed she went and was sound asleep quickly.


This morning she continued on with reading book 2. I’m starting to think I need to get the rest of the series ASAP. She is reading up a storm.

Becky and I are so proud of her.

The Ivy + Bean books are about two 7 year old girls, who are opposites. Bean is scraggly and adventurous, and has an older sister Nancy she does not like very much, and Ivy is studious and neat and an only child. They never thought they would be friends, but they are.

We’ve tried a couple of different series and types of books for Ally. She loves the National Geographic early reader series, but they are non-fiction, and we tried My Little Pony books, and The Magic Tree House (which Becky is reading to her – they are on book 19 of that). None of those seemed to be the right level or interest for Ally. But this Ivy + Bean did the trick. Its so fun to see her so engaged in reading.

I decided I should read the books too, so far I am about half thru book 1. They are pretty interesting. And the author wrote one of my favorite books The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society: A Novel.