Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Summer Vacation Week 7

August 2-8

The weeks seem so slow but then I write this blog and see that Summer is 7 weeks over and I can’t believe how fast time is going by. 

We did get some official school news this week. Ally will remote learning for at least the first few months of school. The district will evaluate things and maybe have students come back to school part time later in the school year.

Becky’s district has not yet made any final decisions. It looks like she will be remote as well, but they may require teachers to work in the building. That is TBD.

So here is the week in pictures.

Sunday morning Becky and Beth took Cloey for a “hike” we call it that because it’s mostly a walk in the woods. But they had fun.

While they were hiking this was happening. Daisy sitting on Ally’s face while she sleeps.

Becky finished a puzzle:

The teen was strong in this girl this week. 

But always a smile for a photo with Daisy.

Monday night Becky had a Zoom drinks with her co-teachers, so Ally and I watched a movie. Another Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson entertaining action flick, Skyscraper. 

Tuesday Becky and I started clearing things out to make room for Ally’s new remote learning center. The rug was due here on Wednesday and the desk this week too. Which meant we had to clear things out and get rid of the old desk and rug and a dresser we had up on the 3rd floor.

I made chocolate chip cookies Tuesday because I read it was National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. 

She’s always so happy with her pets. I went to a friend’s house for drinks on Tuesday. When I got home Ally was pretty sad and down in the dumps. It took a while to help her feel better and so it was a late might for us. 

But Wednesday morning we met up with Daniela and her mom and sisters at a local Sculpture garden, the DeCordova. We had never been and it was really neat. Hot and the park regulations required masks but we had fun.

Daniela caught a toad.

Handstands still.


Selfie. The bronze cast in the heart sculpture was so interesting. There were shoes, weapons, trash very textural.

Ally’s chair arrived. 

Wednesday night Ally went over to Daniela’s and the two of them had dinner on the roof deck of Daniela’s apartment building. 

Ally’s art this week.

Thursday we had thought to take it easy during the day but then Olive’s mom texted to say they were going to the beach and so was Maya’s family, did we want to meet them there? To our surprise Ally was all in. So we quickly packed up and headed to the beach.

Olive, Ally and Maya

They buried Olive. Sofia, Maya’s little sister was there too.

Becky enjoyed the shade of our new umbrella.

Ally has decided to go to an informal running club some of the boy’s in her class had started. Well it’s actually some boy-parents, but Ally wanted to go. And she got Olive and Maya to go too. So after the beach it was off to a local park for the running practice. 

They played soccer after running. Ally said it was a good time, but the boys wouldn’t pass to the girls. And she wants to go again next week.

Thursday night snuggles with Cloey.

Friday Becky made an eggplant Parmesan casserole and took it over to Beth’s house. They enjoyed that and a fun game night together. Ally and I stayed home, Ally binge watched Outer Banks. 

Saturday morning the desk came!!! Ally loves it.

Becky and I went to the fabric store to look for some fabric to make a slipcover for the futon. Ally really dislikes the current cover. It came like that from the consignment shop we bought it from, we don’t love it. And after finding some really nice bargain fabric for a cover we went to Home Depot for supplies for the curtain. 

Ally likes her new space so much that we found her like this Saturday afternoon.

Saturday night Becky installed hooks in the ceiling and  altered some curtains I bought to create a privacy curtain for Ally’s new remote learning area. 
A rug came...but it was the wrong rug. A new one is scheduled to arrive this week. And we got a new smaller bookcase to swap out the black one for a white one. 

Curtain looks great! And Ally and Becky played Minecraft on Saturday night. The colored lights are from a new gadget called a star projector. 

And one last beach picture of Ally:

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Summer Vacation Week 6

July 26 - August 1

It was my birthday week!

Ally was exhausted and super itchy from her beach day 14 mosquito bites which turned into golf ball size welts. So she spent the day in bed.

Our friend Kim brought me corn for my birthday. Which we are with BBQ chicken and sweet potato wedges from our local cafe. 

Cloey hoped for some chicken. She was denied. 

This year I decided on ice cream sundaes rather than ice cream cake.

My cards and gifts. It was so nice to have Beth join us.

After Beth left Becky set up our projector in our bedroom and Ally and I watched Geo Storm on the wall over our bed. 

Pretty fun way to end my birthday. 

And the absolute best gift was the card from Ally. Becky told me she did it all on her own, unprompted from Becky. 

That note just really makes it all worth it.

This week Ally got some new Nike sneakers. We are trying to get ready for the start of school, even if we don’t know how school will start. 

She loves them.

We got a kiddie pool for Cloey. (And Becky’s feet.)

Cloey was not impressed with the pool and it was challenging to get her in.

These past few months Becky and Ally have been teaching Cloey to “kiss”. Cloey is quite good at it now. Here is a picture of her in action.

And shake!

Later in the week Daniela came over for lunch. Daisy cries terribly when Ally is outside, so Ally got herald brought her out. Daisy did not like the pool.

Ally had an appointment for blood tests (a follow up from February) and she got dressed to go.

Looking so grown up.

Afterwards a frozen strawberry lemonade and a cookie perked her back up.

An example of Ally’s art work this week.

And in other news Ally became a “brand ambassador” for a jewelry company. Basically she wears the bracelets and posts pictures of herself wearing them to social media and hashtags the company. No money to be made, but they gave her a discount.

Thursday Becky went to Beth’s for dinner and Ally and I ordered PF Chang’s. 

Friday we went kayaking again. 

We saw a few heron.

Cloey jumped from Ally’s boat into Becky’s.

When we got home, another pair of Nikes was there.

Her first pair of Jordans.

Ally loves them.

Becky and I are feeling another shortage in supplies coming on so we are sticking up.

Friday night we hung out at the park with a bunch of Ally’s school friends. Sophocles’ mom organized it. Ally, Olive, Catalina and 8 boys.

I even played ping pong with Olive’s parents.

Note masks above are on them, but not up bc the boys were all eating pizza.

The kids were good about wearing masks. They hung out, played basketball and ping pong. Seemed relatively normal and was so good for them.
And for most of us parents. Outside gatherings with masks feel worth the risk.

Saturday Ally got her hair cut. Above is before.

And after.

Ally was so happy. 

And that was another week done. Becky and I are pretty stressed about the return to school. It just doesn’t seem safe. Ally just wants to be in school so she can spend time with kids her age as much as possible. We are all trying to keep our worries at bay and be patient. 

But we started planning for a study at home area for Ally this week. Some new furnishings on the 3rd floor to create a dedicated place for remote learning. We talked with her about how she will be at home at least 3 days a week. Those days she will need to get up, get dressed and go to the remote learning area in our home for school. So we want it to be a place she can learn and study in. Some desk space, some comfy seating, interesting artwork on the walls. Stuff she wants around her. She is actually excited about it and understands that in the Fall it will be different than the Spring. She will have more support from school and seems ok about things. She will be very sad if it’s all remote all year. But we will continue to do our best to create social opportunities for her.