Sunday, December 14, 2014

Columbus Trip Day 1

Ally and I flew to Comumbus OH on Friday night. We left at Ally's usual bedtime, departure was 745pm but it was a nonstop to Columbus and we arrived 40 minutes early.
Ally was as usual a fantastic travel partner. She carried her backpack full of 14 special things and a variety of other treasures she wanted to bring and wheeled her suitcase thru both airports with out complaining or asking me for any help.
She fell asleep on the plane 10 minutes before landing. We got to Kurt and Christine's house around 1030pm and after a bowl of cereal she went right to sleep.
Asleep on the plane.

Then in the morning we woke up and found out Jackson had been sick all night. So we got dressed quickly and Ally and I headed out to meet my cousin Katy, her daughter cousin Amelia and Aunt Martha at a local mall to meet Santa Claus!

It was a 65 minute wait but Ally and Amelia were great sports about waiting.

Ally looked picture perfect. After the shot I reminded her to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas. 
She reports she asked him for the AG doll Isabelle (her last name is Palmer) and she is a ballet dancer. And she asked for the Lego High School building kit. It was dicey there for a while since for weeks Ally has said she is unsure about what she wants and right up to the minute wouldn't tell us. 

Amelia was not impressed with Santa.
She calmed down for a cousin picture with Ally.

After Santa pictures Katy took Amelia home for a nap. Aunt Martha, Ally and I went to the American Girl Doll store. Ally refused to get her picture taken with the life size Isabelle but Martha was more than willing.

We then headed over to Katy's house. On the way in the car we saw Santa driving a car on the highway next to us! At least it was someone dressed up like Santa. Aunt Martha waved at him and pointed and he waved back.

Amelia was napping when we arrived but after she woke up Ally enjoyed fun okay time and even got to feed her!

We went back to my brother Kurt's house and Ally played with Kaitlin and Meredith for a while. Then we got bundled up and headed to the zoo for Zoo Lights!

They brought a wagon bc Jackson was so tired from being sick. We 3 adults took turns pulling it.

The lights were spectacular.

Most animals were sleep in but we did see reindeer, 2 bears asleep, an arctic fox, a wolf and swans.

The girls liked lining up to see which bear they were the same size of.

This is Ally and me!
Back at home Ally was thrilled to have a sleep over in Kaitlin's room. 

She made it there all night! Woke up this morning so proud and happy for her accomplishment. She's never wanted to sleep away from us.

Fun day ahead today for Amelia'a first birthday and baptism party.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Fun

I am way behind in blogging.

I will catch up by Christmas. But for now I am going to post current and then go back and post date as needed.

We had a very busy and not so busy weekend.

Ally is loving her Penguinopoly Game and she asks for Becky to play with her ALL THE TIME. I think they played 4 hours this weekend, starting Friday after school thru Sunday. Ally continues to win – by a lot each game.

Ballet was at 1130

We raced off to the Pet store for pet pictures with Santa at 1pm. Lunch was a Happy Meal in the car for Ally and granola bars for Becky and I because then at

2pm we attended a local dance company’s Nutcracker. Ally loved it.

4pm – as soon as the ballet ended we headed to some friends’ house for their annual holiday and ornament making party.

6pm home – we were tired!


We arrived a little early and had to wait for Santa to get dressed. We had fun picking out some toys for Cloey, Halloween costumes for her for next year were on sale for $0.50 – so we bought 2. And Becky tried valiantly to get Cloey to try on coats, but Cloey did not cooperate. Later Ally said she and Cloey had that in common – they both don’t like to try on clothes. I laughed so hard at that.

We were quite the spectacle at the pet store, the beautiful little girl and her pug in matching sweater-dresses


AWESOME – I was so glad to have done it. Ally loved it.


Then off to the ballet – it was so cold and rainy and we walked a few blocks to the theater. Ally was awed by the giant statue of the ballerina in front of the theater.


Not the most flattering pictures – but I wanted one of the 3 of us, and I tried to capture the delight in Ally’s face when she looked at me and said “I can't believe I’m going to get to see real ballerinas” She was pretty stunned when we told her later that many of the dancers were professional, that their job was to dance. I don’t think she ever thought of that as a career option.


No pictures from the party – but we had fun as usual. This year the ornaments were more difficult and it was an adult craft – we still managed to bring a few home.

Sunday was quieter – Church, opening her advent calendar, more games, cleaning and decorating the house, and playing in her room.


2 gold coins in the advent calendar today. (Thanks mom).

After church this week we brought lunch to the Outdoor Church in the park across the street from our church. Once a month the children of the church pack lunches for the Outdoor Church (for the homeless) and a family volunteers to bring the sack lunches over to the park. It was freezing cold but we did it.

During Church Ally brought 2 of her birthday presents to the donation project for children and families in need. They asked for new un-opened toys, and we had talked about how she received so many toys at her party she needed to pick one to give away. She agreed to give 2 away and I was very proud of her.

We are working on filling up Ally’s Sparkle Box (gifts for Jesus) by Christmas Day.


Ally picked out the doll above – her name is Phoebe – with some money she got for her birthday. First, she giggles all the time because she thought the doll’s name was Pho-bee, which is what I thought that name was for years. But we told her it was Phee-bee and so just laughs and laughs about it. But Phoebe has long hair and she set her up in the AG hairstyle chair, and McKenna in the pedicure hair and she played for a while in her doll Beauty Shop. She kept calling me in to see what she was working on. I was so excited for her that she braided Phoebe’s hair. Ally has been trying to braid for months now – and she did it!

Such a fun weekend.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Very Sick Little Girl

November 20, 2014

Ally had the highest fever of her life – only 103 but very high for her.

I had been to the doctor with Becky, who has been very sick this Fall with a persistent and at times debilitating cough, and we went to grab lunch after the appointment. My cell phone rang and it was the school nurse.

Ally was in her office, crying, her head hurt and she doesn’t look very good, no fever, but I should probably come pick her up. This was at 2:12pm. School gets dismissed at 2:55 – I said I would be right there, and we left to go get her.  By the time I arrived at school 15 minutes later her fever had spiked to 102. I bundled her up and we headed home. I had planned to walk, but Ally was too feverish so I carried her the 4 blocks on my shoulders with her shivering the whole time. We got home and I took her temp again and it was 103. I called her pediatrician and they said to bring her in – I got an appointment for 5pm. Ally slept and thrashed and was burning up. I did give her Motrin and that helped after a while. Strep had been going around at school.  And her annual school choral concert was the next day, and she had a SOLO. But with a fever that high she could not go to school. At the doctor, the strep test was negative. Probably just a virus, keep her hydrated, lots of rest and keep up with the Motrin. If the fever rose over 104 call back and if it lasted for 4-5 days call back.

Ally was sick. I stayed home with her on Friday and Monday, then Becky on Tuesday, who took her back to the doctor, still just a virus, but by Tuesday Ally’s eyes were bloodshot, so we got a prescription for eye cream and were advised to keep her out of school since Thanksgiving was coming, it was a short week and she clearly was not back in good health.

It was a rough time for all of us. Ally was a trooper. She watched lots of TV – Spy Kids movies, and I watched Parent Trap with her – one of my favorite movies as a child, which she now loves. She had very little focus, but every day she did some reading and some math work. Her teacher said she should concentrate on getting better and refused to send homework home.

We left Wednesday (in a snow storm) for my parents’ house for Thanksgiving and she seemed better. But still not 100%.

I didn’t take many pictures during this period, but here are a few.


Working on math at the white board. I would make up problems for her to solve. We also opened up some of her birthday gifts and had fun – like with the 3-D pad of paper.


Happy as a clam snuggling with her Cloey on the couch.


Some old friends of ours from London came to Cambridge for a visit. Ally was to sick to join us for brunch, but we managed to get a picture of us moms in attendance – Lauren (London) in the back next to Becky, me, Hanh, Summer and Jenn.


I had been trying to pick out clothes for Ally for our big family photo shoot. The 3 of us were scheduled to have our picture taken on Sunday – right in the midst of Ally’s illness so we canceled that and I came up with plan B for our Holiday cards, which I got printed, address and returned addressed and arrived at our house 2 days before Thanksgiving! But – one morning Ally humored me for a bit a tried on clothes – I rigged up a pretend dressing room in her room.


In the end she wore something else – but it was fun for me for the 6 minutes she tried on clothes.

IMG_1618 IMG_1613

More couch time with Cloey, and for days Ally and I worked on the picture above in her coloring book, after 5 days we finally finished it!

Ally went back to school on Dec 1 – she missed 4 days of school and was out of commission for over a week.

The good news is she is all better now.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Penguin Party Prep

This year Ally had 2 (well 4) birthday parties! One with the Guat Girls at home on the 15th. One with mommy and mama in the morning on the 16th, one with friends at Jump On In on the 17th and one at school on the 18th! She was so thrilled.

This is the penguin party prep. Aunt Beth came to visit again this year and help celebrate for the 8th year in a row! Thanks Aunt Beth.


Aunt Beth went with the theme, and got Ally a cute penguin pad of paper and Penguin-0poly. (it’s a penguin themed monopoly game). Ally was pretty thrilled and they started in on a game right away while I decorated the cake.



Ally decided where to put the ice bergs, and Becky used her pasta machine to flatten out blue starburt0like candy for water/ice on the cake.


I frosted – 3 tiers, and the ice bergs. Lots of white buttercream.


Then it was time to place the penguins and the ice on the cake.


Ally was pretty excited about the finished cake. And I was proud of my handiwork.


Ally fell asleep with her puppy – and in the morning while Cloey and Becker were at Obedience School, Beth and Ally and I decorated the house for the party.


Ally had a vision for streamers across the opening, and she wanted to make fish for the “pin the fish on the penguin’s beak game”


Aunt Beth braided Ally’s hair before ballet – it was an amazing braid bun creation!


Beth loves Cloey too! While Ally had ballet, I picked up the balloons from the party store – 12 in colors Ally picked the week before.


Before the party I noticed the note Ally wrote on her new penguin pad. “I love penguins most.” That is a true statement. For snacks we had “penguin popcorn” which was popcorn with m-n-ms and gold fish.


The decorated house!


I printed out pictures of penguins off the internet and we hung them all over the house. Ally has her favorites in her room.  It looked neat.