Sunday, August 21, 2016

Summer Fun

One Saturday morning Ally and I made a supply run to Petco, with Cloey.
The dog groomer was in so Cloey got her nails trimmed.

And she got a new outfit!

It's a gymnastics filled summer. When not in Camp Ally goes to practice 3 days a week for 3 house each session. And with the Olympics coming up we got her a shirt to support her sport and team!
One day Ally had 4 pony tail elastics in her hair and a headband. I was impressed.

A tired girl and her dog.
A very excited and thrilled girl.
A tired girl.
And excited dog with a big stick.
Reading with Cloey.
Adorable puppy!

My birthday came and went on July 26. It was a practice night for Ally and she was beat. It's been a brutally hot July with temps in the 90s and her gym isn't air conditioned so she is so hot and tired after practice, that on my birthday we skipped presents and cake. 
A few nights later we celebrated. We were waiting for our table and Ally could not stop doing gymnastics. 

Finally my ice cream cake!

I got some very nice gifts and the one thing I asked for was a Fitbit for me and for Ally!

Summer fun!

My favorite picture so far this Summer!

Aquarium Camp

This year Ally did not attend the same art based camp she had for the past 3 years. She told back in January  when we had to make camp plans that she didn't want to go. She asked to go to camp and "help people" and literally made me google volunteer camps. But they don't have camps like that for 9 year olds. Instead we signed her up for 1 week of Aquarium camp, 2 weeks of farm camp and 1 week of Mama Camp (where mama would do volunteer based things with her each day).

Week one of camps was at the aquarium.

Ally spent the last night of camp at the Aquarium. She had a sleepover there! She slept in her sleeping bag right near the jellyfish and turtle rescue area! 

One day she saw her classmate Daniela from school and her sister Nina at the Aquarium!
Making toys for the seals.
Learning about how the seals are cared for and what they eat.

It was a behind the scenes tour where the campers really hot a sense of how the inner workings of the aquarium smell!

But they also got to meet a seal!

And one day they took a whale watch.

Ally is above in the chair on the left and below in the pink hat and blue long sleeve shirt.

They saw 13 whales!!!

It was a great experience for Ally and we look forward to having her attend again next year. 

Red Sox with Rosa

PLEASE NOTE: I am now catching up on July blogging. Sorry for the delay. It's been a busy time. Check back and be sure to scroll as I will be changing the dates to be accurate. 

In June I learned about a special Boston Red Sox game night in collaboration with American Girl. I emailed the Guatemala Girls group, but only Rosa ad her mom Julie could join us. It was a blast!!!
We sprung for VIP tickets, which got us in to a pre-game event with a doll hair salon, doll Tshirt, and buffet dinner. It was a blast.

Ally and Rosa with their dolls outside our house. We were waiting for our Uber to pick us up and take us to Fenway park.

Walking down Landsdowne Street.

Outside the green monster!

Inside at the VIP special event photo booth.

At the game. It was a bit embarrassing to me that Ally knew nothing about baseball. I grew up watching baseball, so I was explaining it to her. 
But soon she lost interest and she and Rosa started taking Selfies:

Our seats were pretty good. But it was a hot night, and the girls fizzled after 4 innings so we headed into a craft event at the VIP room.

Becky and imposed with a team mascot, Wally, made out of balloons. 

Ally discovered a mister fan to cool off in, just as we left the park.

It was a super fun time with great friends.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Super Fun Sunday

It was a late night last night, Ally and Becky were visiting Grandma Debbie and Poppy and their return trip flight was delayed by 3 hours. But that didn't stop us from having a fantastic Sunday.

Alice and Cheryl came over for a play date. 

Ally's classmate and our neighbor Sophocles invited Ally over to see that his hamsters had a baby! Ally cared for them for a week when he went on vacation. Alice remembers Sopho from when she went to their school, so later she and Ally went over to see the baby. The 3 of them ended up playing Minecraft and then walking to another classmate's house a block away, Catalina, she just got a puppy, so they went to meet Chica!

Our puppy waited patiently at home for the girls to return.

After lunch I had told the girls I'd put blue streaks in their hair. Ally asked me secretly if they could have a whole spa day experience. So I wipped up some home made face scrub (equal parts brown sugar, oatmeal and olive oil) and set up a nail station for nail tech Cheryl to run. 

That is Cheryl our nail technician posing with the JBA Spa mascot dog. That is Spa Jah-Bah, the words rhyme.

The girls applied the face scrub.

Alice said it didn't tast very good, but made her skin really soft.

Ally said they needed time to relax at the spa. Spa Assistant Becky made them lemon water and They laid down with hot washcloths on their faces and listened to steel drum guitar Hawaiian music.

I colored hair while Cheryl did nails, Becky cleaned up and helped with supplies as needed. 

Cheryl and Becky each asked for a streak as well.

The girls were delighted.

So were the moms.

And below in the sunshine you can see the streaks a bit better.

And to top off the great day, USA gymnastics are on tv tonight, and Ally's favorite, Aly made the individual finals next week. Team USA did a great job.

And my gymnast spent the commercials working on her handstand and doing drills to help her with her front walk over. 

And doing weightlifting by lifting Carl!