Sunday, January 25, 2015

2nd Place!!!

Today Ally competed in her very first gymnastics meet. And she placed 2nd in her age group – (there were 11 girls in her age group). She did AMAZING!!!!

The meet was 90 minutes away and the start time was 9:00 AM and it snowed here yesterday so we left early at 6:45 to make sure we would get there in time. We got to the town about 8:15 which gave us time to have Ally get changed into her leotard and warm up suit and put barrettes in her hair before the meet. Ally was excited!


Ally was competing at level 2 which is a USAG (United States Association of Gymnastics) classification of levels. Girls around the country do the same routines in competition. Her coaches told me ahead of time they expected her to do well on the floor and beam – and that she was more like level 3 on those events, but her bars and vault were lower and in gymnastics at this level you compete all in the same level.

Ally had been sick this week – she missed school 2 days and was sick for 4 – one day she had a 102 fever and she missed practice this week. So she was a bit nervous about the meet. We just told her to have fun. She had a private lesson with her coach Kate on Thursday to run thru the routines and that helped her confidence. She was calm and excited and very patient.


It was the first time the girls had worn their long sleeve (competition leotards). Ally was up first on the vault.


They perform the same vault twice. Ally scored a 8.5


Then was the bars. Ally was pretty nervous about this one, she doesn’t have one of the skills – the mill wheel (one leg straddling the bar) mastered yet. But she did great!


She landed her dismount and scored a 7.7!


Next up was beam. Ally and Hannah waited a long time – like 30 minutes for another team to get thru their beam routines. Ally had told me last night she was worried she would fall off the beam – and we talked about how she would need to just get back on.


She didn’t fall – she didn’t even really falter at all.


You can see her huge smile – she knew it went well and she scored a 9.15!!


Floor was the final event. Ally did great on this too – she got a little confused towards end but she stuck with it and scored a 8.80. Her coaches were thrilled with her score and her performance.


After the competition was the awards. Each girl was called up and given her scores and event ribbons in an envelope, and stood at the top of the podium for pictures. Then they announced the winners in each age group. Ally was in the 7-8 year olds and she tied for 2nd place! Her teammate placed 1st.  They were both super excited.


Coaches Jessi and Kate, Ally and her teammate Hannah.


2nd place on the floor and the beam, 5th place on the bars and “I did my best”.

We are super proud of Ally. She had fun – which is what we told her we wanted her to do. She did her best. And she is thrilled with the whole experience.

And the huge hug she gave me after the event was worth every minute.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Guatemala Girls January

This month we gathered at Gabi's house for a Saturday afternoon play date.

Some snack!

The moms had fun chatting in the living room while all 5 girls played in the family room. The boys, Gabi's brother Ben and Roxie's brother Charlie were playing video games in there but the girls were engrossed in Barbies for a long time.

And of course the group shot on the stairs!

Top row left to right: Gabi & Alice
Bottom row left to right: Roxie, Rosa & Alice

Such a fun time!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

First Sleepover

A few weeks ago I was out to dinner with Shannon, Stella’s mom and a few other women and Shannon mentioned that Stella was dying for a sleepover. I said that Ally would love to host but is worried about going to someone’s house. And there it was – the set up.

So we talked to the girls and they were thrilled and excited. It was scheduled for December 29.  The day before Ally asked if she could look up on the ipad things to do at a sleepover and she compiled a list of things. Ally asked if they could have pancakes for dinner  - of course we said yes.

  • Watch a movie
  • Do our hair
  • Manicures
  • Play AG dolls
  • Play Spy Games
  • Eat ice cream
  • Eat popcorn
  • Bake brownies
  • Make a craft
  • Stay up late  - until 10pm
  • Tell stories

Well it was a success:


The girls played spy games before dinner – the highlight was putting the motion sensor outside the door into Ally’s room and then Cloey would stand there and set it off and run away and the back and set it off again. Finally we made them put it inside the door.

Stella is afraid of dogs, Cloey included and so Cloey stayed on a leash inside the house and was not allowed in any room Stella was in. Ally declared the living room “DOG FREE ! No dogs allowed in the Spa and TV room” I was quite proud of her for being so sensitive to her friend that she put Stella above Cloey.

Dinner was scrambles eggs, chocolate chip pancakes, strawberries and Trax Punch (relatives should know that is Hawaiian Punch and ginger ale with rainbow sherbet). The girls ate by candlelight.


After dinner I made them masques to put on their faces as part of the spa experience. They worked on comfy positions to relax on the couch while I whipped up banana-honey-yogurt masques. The girls dubbed them “smoothie masques” because it smelled so good they tasted it and said it was like a smoothie. Above – Stella was brave to try it – and Ally was a little hesitant.


But it was yummy!



Then it was time to apply the masques. I was the spa technician last night. Stella was first for the facial – Can you tell it was so much fun?


They laid there and relaxed for a few minutes and then went to wipe off the masque with warm washcloths.


I love the picture on the left when they see themselves for the first time in the mirror.


After they cleaned up their faces it was time for nail polish. First I massaged their hands with lavender lotion. Ally was so relaxed when it was Stella’s turn we joked she would fall asleep.


It was tricky manicures – they each chose two colors and wanted them alternating. Blue and Purple for Ally with butterfly stickers on her thumbs and flowers on her pinkies. Stella was green and pink with butterfly stickers on her thumbs, flowers on 6 fingers and a heart on the remaining 2. Phew – lots of work.



I didn’t get a shot of the completed manicures– but I think you can get the idea.


It movie time. We made them sit for a bit to dry their nails, and then when our photographer / spa assistant / chef / cleaner (AKA Becky) deemed their nails dry they had popcorn with candy. They each got a small box of jelly belly jelly beans and some m-n-ms to add in to their popcorn. Ally kept her candy and popcorn separate. And as it turns out neither girl liked the “buttered popcorn” bean – so Becky ate those afterwards – not a bad tip!


They chose to watch the latest M.y L.ittle Pony E_questria Girl movies, Rainbow Rocks – it’s a cartoon musical that they have both watched before. They sang along and giggled and had fun.


After the movie – at 830 – it was time for hair. Ally did Stella’s hair, and then Stella did Ally’s.



Stella has some skills with hair – I swear Ally’s do was prom-worthy!


These two – have been friends for 5+years now – and it was a pleasure for Becky and I to host and watch them have so much fun. After their hairstyling session they put on a show for us.

I should say that while they did hair, Ally cam running out and asked me if I could get the soundtrack to the movie on the iPhone for them to listen to. They then proceeded to listen and sing with gusto!


Last event of the evening was a dance show to a few of the songs.

We had lights out at 10pm – and Ally said they stayed up until about 11pm talking – she slept on her bottom bunk and Stella on the top. They both slept all night and were up this morning around 615AM.

They watched the DVD of their summer camp performance, ate cereal, got dressed and Stella was picked up at 830.

This was the first time EVER in her whole life that Stella had spent away from her parents. She did great.