Friday, September 19, 2014

Outstanding Ally

Caution: This post is a full on brag about my daughter.


This year at school there is a new behavior program. There are 7 levels – every day each student starts at green “ready to learn” and thru out the day they get moved up or down the chart based on behavior. Ally has earned 6 Outstanding (the highest level) in 7 days of English class.  After 5 Outstanding a student gets a coupon to turn in for a prize. Ally was thrilled to show me the journal she picked out at as her prize.

Last night at the Open House for parents we learned that the English teacher is emphasizing listening skills, paying attention, following directions, the ability to keep out of sticky situations, all the basic behaviors that come really easily to Ally. We’ve talked about it several days, because at first she couldn’t really explain why she got “up clipped” to a higher level, and finally she realized that its because most of the things are things she does any way and it requires not a lot of effort for her. But her competitive spirit is kicking in and now she is working even harder at it.

In Spanish she is doing well too, its only been 1 week of class and she was out sick for 1 day. It will be more of challenge in Spanish class as that teacher is putting more emphasis on class participation that just behavior. But I know Ally will do her best.

The other interesting thing at the Open House is that Becky and I got to see Ally’s writing journal. She had told us about a list they made in class. I just had to photograph it. I am so thrilled she has Guatemala on her “Things I like list” and it is so Ally not to have anything to list in the “don’t’ like” column. She is such a positive person.  But I admit I am surprised she didn’t write “eating” in that column! We also looked in her book folder and she had 5 books on animals, so typically Ally.


And yes we do still need to work on spelling. But it’s a pretty neat list and we are thrilled she is enjoying second grade.

Monday, September 15, 2014

A sign of things to come?

A few weeks ago Ally asked about putting a streak of color in her hair “sometime”. I think this is an “American.G.irl” doll inspiration / influence. But I said sure. I saw some wash out color crayons for hair marketed for kids at our local drug store.

Then on Saturday she asked about it again saying to us “do you remember when you said…?” Becky answered first and said we’d have to think about it. But before Ally could even protest I explained that I already said yes she could, and asked if Ally wanted to do it soon. She said YES. So on the way home we stopped and got the special crayons.

Sunday morning she wanted me to put it in her hair – so she could wear it to church and then to Alice’s party. So I did. The blue looked really neat, the pink was really hard to see.


A streak of blue and a streak of pink in the back, and small piece of blue in the front. Ally LOVED it. She asked me to put the blue in again for school on Monday. So we did. And yes it washed out easily, she had fun looking at the colored water in the shower as it all washed out. Sometimes its simple things like this.

It is a bit curious to me that she was so excited about the color, and not at all self conscious, but doing her hair in braids or 2 pig tails makes her self conscious. But she was so excited and kept saying “its so pretty”.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Alice's Birthday Party

In August Alice and her parents moved about 45 minutes away. Alice invited school friends from her old school to her party.

Ally and the card she made.

Alice has a new hamster. She was showing the girls.
They all piled on top of Alice in a chair.
They did a neat clay craft. 
Ally chose to make a penguin.

Olive, Ally and Alice.
Cake time
Actually it was make your own trifle.

They opened presents and headed outside for the piñata.

All the guests making silly faces.

Hanging the piñata is always a challenge for parents. But collecting the loot is such fun!

When we got home Becky and Ally tried the balloon kit. Old school fun.

Ally said it right "that was a fun party and I really likes their yard".

Happy 8th Birthday Alice.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

1st Ballet Class


She had on clothes over her leotard and tights, shoes and skirt in her backpack. She was so excited. I will confess putting her hair in a bun resulted in a few tears when I poked too hard with the giant bobby pins. But I will get better.

She loved it.

A few days later when we were walking Cloey she told me “mommy, I wish ballet was 2 days a week, the class is too short” Its only and hour and while skill wise she seems on par with the other girls who have clearly been taking for a while, she is more focused than some. I told her we would see, but that if she really liked it, we could talk about 2 days a week in the Spring.

It was so fun to see her all excited and nervous and loving it.

Friday, September 12, 2014




While walking Cloey one day we came across this beautiful hibiscus bush. We are so excited about our trip to Hawaii in February that anytime we come across something that reminds us of it we stop to talk about it. 

A curious thing about Cloey is that when she is scared or sleeping her tail un-curls and lies flat down her butt, like in the picture on the right. It is so adorable. Then when she is comfortable the tail curls right back up again.


Carl and Nali are still best buds and spend most of the day on our bed cuddled together. Nali hisses anytime Cloey gets near him, but Carl is intrigued.


We let Ally try sleeping with Cloey in her bed. It was ok. The 1st night it took them a long time to get to sleep. Cloey finally passed out after about 30 minutes, but Ally was so delighted that it took her about an hour more. But the cuteness factor was almost too much. We agreed they could try on weekend nights. We’ve had mixed results.


School is back in session which means we’re back to Ally and mommy adventures on the weekend so Becky can do school work. One afternoon Ally requested a “Really big fort” so we constructed one using sheets and blankets and chairs and her mat. It was so big inside we were able to sit up and play Trouble.


She was pretty happy about it.


In Spanish class one day their homework was to play Chutes and Ladders, and they had to count out and say the numbers in Spanish. It was a teacher-made board numbered with numbers over 100 so the students practiced large numbers. Ally and I played a lot – like 5 games. I admit it I lost every time.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sick Day

Ally stayed home from school sick on day 7 of school! Hopefully she will stay healthy the rest of the year. But she had a cold and a fever, so no school.


We made cookies and she said she was “so excited to eat them” but then took a tiny bite and asked to “save it for later” later never came. She never asked for the rest of the cookie or any other cookies and a week later we threw them away. Its amazing to me. And the cookies were delicious, I know, since I ate some and brought some to work.


I had explained to Ally that she would need to do her reading for the day and that she had to try and nap. A sick day wasn’t just for fun it was a day to rest and try and feel better. Here she is above reading. Soon after this she feel asleep and took a two hour nap!


After nap she watched some TV. I offered a movie, but as she often decides when she is tired or not feeling right, she chose TV shows instead. She is amazingly self aware, and when she can’t focus or knows her attention span won’t last she picks TV over a movie. I let her watch 3 shows and  then she played on her Leap.ster for  while. She was delighted to have Cloey snuggled in with her on the couch.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day of 2nd Grade

Ally woke up in a great mood.

Some chocolate milk, Cheerios and one tv show later and Ally got dressed in a new dress and a paw necklace from Aunt Martha, new sneakers and she was ready to go. When we got Cloey we agreed Ally and mommy had to walk her before school. 

After our walk it was a quick stop back home to put Cloey in her crate and grab Ally's backpack.

Obligatory first day pictures.

Then we walked to school. Ally told me she had butterflies in her tummy. I said me too. Then she told me she felt like there were 10 butterflies in her tummy. 

We went to school early as usual and MissbPat (who runs before school) and Sra. Garcia, the art teacher who helps out, were both on the cafeteria it was as if they had been waiting for us. They have both Ally and I big hugs. 

Then I left. Ally ate breakfast, colored and went up to her classroom when the bell rang am hour later.

She said she had great first day of school.