Saturday, January 20, 2018

10 Years then and now!

The last time we were in Tucson was November 2007.
Ally was a good sport and recreated some pictures from then.

Posing in front of the fireplace! Hard to believe how little Ally was and how big she is now!

Aunt Suzie and Ally looked at all the pictures from back then.

 Gruncle loves to do the bumble bee! And as a baby Ally loved it but now she is scared he’ll poke her belly! 

And the 3 of them today. We went to see the UCLA vs University of Arizona gymnastics meet.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Week in Pictures

Just a few cute pictures from the week.

On Sunday Becky was the liturgist at Church. She looked really pretty, and her scarf from Guatemala was the perfect finishing touch.

Ally had a fun morning cuddling Cloey.

And her final Christmas present arrived! Grandma Debbie and Poppy gave her a gift card to Athleta and Ally picked out a navy blue shirt and a coordinating bra.

Ally loves the color (amazing since it's not black) and the cut out on the back, which honestly isn't visible with her down.

And of course it has thumb holes in the cuffs. 
Ally also had her hair cut this week, its about 3" shorter, with new layers all cut in. She admitted afterwards how much better her hair feels, lighter and not so "poofy". But the idea of cutting her long hair makes her not want to get her hair cut. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Always when she is ready

Ever since she was a baby Ally has met all development milestones on her own schedule. In her own time, when she was ready and not a day or minute before she was ready. Crawling, eating, talking, walking, new skills at gymnastics, sleep overs, riding a bike. Everything. Well walking home from school without a parent was no different.

We have been talking about it all Fall and I finally asked her if she’d like to do it and she said yes and we agreed to do it the first Monday after winter break. Mondays are the only day Ally comes homes after school. Every other day it’s practice or an appointment. 

We invited her friend Cata to walk home with her and I met them at home. But it was a success.

And some silly selfies she took with my phone later that night:

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Snow Day!

Blizzard conditions Thursday. Schools closed, snow emergency declared and we closed my company too.

After some morning time watching tv and playing Minecraft with mama. We invited Ally’s friend Cata over to play. They’ve had a blast.

They asked to go outside. So they bundled up and headed out. After a few minutes in our yard they asked to go to the park a block away. I bit my lip and said yes. Away they went. By themselves to play in the snow at the park. 

Becky and I gave them 45 minutes alone and then she bundled up to go check on them. They were totally fine and having a blast.

Jumping off the structure!

But ready to come in after an hour of play.

Becky made them hot cocoa and I baked some easy cookies.

Warm and dry again! 

Now they are watching a movie. It’s so fun to have friends so close by. 
And for sure Ally is growing up and getting more and more independent. I’m so proud of her. It’s on her terms and her timeline. Just like everything else in her life. 

They just announced another snow day for Friday. They are so excited:

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Evening Stroll

Monday night, New Year’s day Ally wanted to do something with me before bed. We colored for a little bit but she was getting restless. So I kiddingly suggested a walk outside. It was about 10 degrees outside and I figured no way she would agree.

I was wrong.

So we bundled ourselves and Cloey up and headed outside. 

You can take the gymnast out of the gym but give her a bar and she will do tricks. Can’t resist. Even in freezing cold weather with snow on the ground, globes and snow pants on. 


Oops lost grip!
Landed on her butt!

But so happy. So much fun.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Guatemala Girls- Roxie's birthday.

Roxie's actual birthday was December 6 but we were unable to schedule a get together until December 30. It was a blast for the girls and the moms I'm afraid Julie and I stayed long past when we should have left, but Rosa and Ally and Roxie were texting and sharing pictures and videos on their devices and we had fun talking.

Roxie blowing out her birthday candle.

Alice and Gabi

Ally and Rosa

Even though it was freezing the girls bundled up and went out to play in the snow. They humored me for a group picture. 

And then individual photos of each girl. The light was perfect outside for these. I texted this one to a Cheryl and said I thought Alice looked mysterious and gorgeous in this one.


Ally in a real actual smile not her posed one. 



Roxie made snow angels.

They had a snow fight. The snow was just powder so no snow balls. But still fun to fling at each other. 

And they are still not too old to use the slide. 

Gabi and Alice left and then there were 3:

I think it's so funny that I couldn't get all 3 of them looking at the camera at once.

They texted each other later that evening and all morning the next day. So fun.