Thursday, April 19, 2018

London 2018 Day 6

Today we had tickets to see the museum inside Kensington Palace. And then reservations for afternoon tea. We started with an Uber to the palace, a quick 5 minute car ride brought us to the nearest entrance to Kensington Gardens. Our driver pointed across the park and told us the palace was that way. We had to walk the rest of the way because cars were not permitted. Ok we can walk in 80 degree heat it doesn’t look that far! 
Well we went the wrong way and ended up walking along the outside of the park down “embassy row” to the opposite end of the park. There we asked a policeman how to get to the palace and he said we had to go back into the park and walk back the way we came to the Palace. Below is a screen shot of the walk. The pink X is where we started and the black X where we ended. Truth be told it was fine. A lovely shaded walk most of the time. But it did sap a lot of energy and walking stamina. 

Finally we came to the castle and made our way inside. It was just a few rooms open, the state rooms of King George and Queen Caroline from the 1680s and a nice history of Queen Victoria. 
Ally and I got ice cream for the walk back outside the park where we hailed a cab to take us to tea. 

Then back at our hotel room an hour later she ate her cupcake:

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

London 2018 Days 4 & 5

Yesterday, day 4 we had a very quiet day. We hung out in our hotel all morning, even had a late check out at 11:30am. I'd like to say it was relaxing but that isn't quite accurate. Packing up the suitcases and getting all 3 of us showered, hair dried, breakfasted and out the door is tough. Especially when Ally sleeps until 930!!! But it was nice.
We headed out to go shopping, one of Ally's standard requests when we are traveling. We walked to a major shopping area. Probably walked too far early in the day, but it was fine.
Ally got some putty at the famous Hamley's toy store, and some clothes. We had lunch from a local chain of stores. We headed back to pick up our bags and relocate to our second hotel around 300.

For this second half of our trip we are staying at the same hotel we did last year in Kensington. We didn't get the same room as last year but we it is a great room nonetheless.
Ally loves having her own alcove with her very own bed.
She has discovered the original Full House tv show on British Netflix and is loving them.

We met up with her friend from the Pain clinic Isobel Andy her mom and sister. We had dinner at a local pizza chain and then back to our hotel. Ally is delighted that I brought microwave popcorn for evening snack here.

Today Day 5 we headed out to the Tube station near our hotel and met up with a tour group at Picadilly Circus.

Becky at Picadilly.

We booked a tour to see the changing of the guard. Along the way we learned some interesting London history.

The Anthenaeum, Gentleman's Club.

The Duke of York statue, this Duke of York was well loved by the military and they donated the money for the statue. Typically the title Duke of York is given to the 2nd born son.

After waiting and waiting we found out that the usual ceremony wasn't going to take place. There is a huge Commonwealth Summit government meetingin London right now so they did what they call a "wet change" we did get to see the marking soldiers and soldiers on horses. Since we don't know what we missed it was fine, and we are glad we did it. This was one thing Ally asked to do.

After the tour ended we walked thru Green Park to Picadilly again, stopping to do some more shopping. Then it was Tube back to the hotel for Becky and Ally and I stopped for some summer clothes for Ally. It was 75 here today and slated to be 80 tomorrow!!! It is crazy hot. I then took the bus back to the hotel. After a restful afternoon we headed up to South Kensington High Street which is a pretty nice area. A little more shopping, at a store Isobel recommended and then dinner at an Italian restaurant where I had sticky toffee pudding for dessert. 

Then back to the hotel, a bath for Ally and some cuddling up and watching more Full House with mommy.

Another great day in London.