Sunday, September 12, 2021

September 5-11, 2021

Beth’s birthday, Labor Day, the start of school and the anniversary of 9/11 it’s been an emotional week. 

These are frequent sites;
Cloey waiting for Becky to drop  food.

Ally squeezing Daisy tight 

With back to school and Delta here we decided we should stock up on supplies. A rather large delivery arrived Monday morning and Becky and I put that away.

Ally and I did a puzzle.

Beth came over so we could celebrate her birthday. 

They played Splendor.

Lobster rolls, homemade slaw for dinner.

Ally took a break instead of eating dinner with us. 

But came down to play uno after dinner. We had so much fun. 

Peach pie ala mode for dessert. 

We sang with Debbie and Dave on Facetime with us.

That’s Debbie!

Aunt and niece photo!

Later that night we watched a GI Joe movie. 

Tuesday, the night before school started Becky and Ally had some special treats; school themed cookies and a 

A gift bag of miniature school supplies for Ally.

Wednesday was the first day of High School for Ally.

I sent her a snap chat to check in and she actually wrote me back! School lunch is provided and she had French fries, corn and grapes for lunch. We are really working on eating. It’s not going great. But it was only the first week of school.

2 thumbs up from Ally as to how the 1st day was.

Thursday was Becky’s first day teaching. This is her all dressed up for work.

Friday! TGIF. Ally had plans to attend an evening school event after practice which would have meant she was gone from 8am until 930pm. I asked for this picture so I could remember what she looked like. That was a long time to be away! 

Ultimately she texted and asked me to come pick her up after practice, and not attend the social function. She was tired. 

And she was, I found her asleep 20 minutes after she got home. I woke her up soon after and she got ready for bed. At 7pm she got ready for bed. 
She had some dinner and went to sleep early.  She was texting with school friends and in really good spirits. 

Saturday morning we finished our puzzle.

And it was a relaxed day at home. Until the evening, when Ally headed back to school for a movie night. She got home around 11pm.

Fun week. Lots of change and adjusting to do.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

First Day of High School

9th grade. Freshman Year. High School.
Private school.
Wow, these are some big changes. 
Today is Ally’s first day. It feels so big and important. She was so calm and relaxed about it. In the car ride to school, it’s about 25 minutes, she told me she thought going to our public high school wouldn’t have been good for her mental health. My heart just about burst. It’s true. It wouldn’t have been good for her. 2000 students, poor support, high stress environment. 

Never would I have thought I’d send our daughter to private school. But this school. We have so much hope and optimism. Small class sizes, true differentiated learning, lots of academic support as well as social and emotional support. Tons of executive function coaching. A competitive but small and accessible sports program. Arts classes. And some diversity. It’s just the ideal situation to set Ally up for a successful 4 years. I am incredibly grateful for the ability to send her to this school. And to all of the support we’ve had so far so she understands and is excited about this school and this opportunity. 

So much love for this smart, strong, beautiful girl. 

All summer she wore her “strength” charm necklace we got her after the pain clinic, and a butterfly necklace from Grandma and Poppy (silver). But last night she decided she wanted to wear her A initial necklace layered with something else. Gold jewelry she decided was what she wanted for the first day. 

She looks like herself. She was at ease getting ready, no nerves at all. She ate a good breakfast, which was wonderful.

One last smile for me as she got out of the car.

She promptly met up with one of her new friends and walked in. 

It’s a long day. 
Orientation today 830-300 and then volleyball practice 330-530. I’m going to miss her today but am so excited for her. 

Saturday, September 4, 2021

August 29-September 4, 2021

It’s the last week of Summer. We are ready for September 8 and the start of school.

Sunday we attended a new family event at Ally’s high school. Ally made some new friends pretty quickly. These photos are from the schools Instagram page. 

But she was super happy to get home and hug Daisy. I think missing Daisy will be the hardest part of school. Being away from her cat for 10 hours a day is going to be hard.

Another week, another puzzle interrupted by Daisy.

Best text of the week.

Tuesday Ally had a follow up with her orthopedist and  her ankles are all better and she has no more pain.

We also played Uno, 11 games, Ally won 10. 

Ally loves it when both of her pets snuggle with her. 

We watched a movie one night. Re-watched Godzilla.

Ally got her haircut on Wednesday.

After the haircut we went to the pet store and Staples. We left with some Halloween costumes for Cloey (peacock) and Daisy (Hocus Pocus T shirt)

Ally got all the school supplies she wanted, came home and set up her school backpack.

Ally had physical therapy Thursday morning, her last session! And then came home and took the concussion test for school. 

Daisy of course is never far away.

We got a new full length mirror for our 3rd floor. It’s behind the barn door.

Friday we all got pedicures and Ally got a manicure.

Another puzzle

And PS5 playing COD

Ally did some art in the evening while watching TV.

Saturday morning Beth and Becky and Cloey went for a long walk at park on the water.

Back at home Ally organized lots on the 3rd floor, finished her final book for summer reading and we did a puzzle. 

The puzzle glows in the dark.

I think the hardest part of school next week for Ally will be being away from Daisy almost 12 hours a day. 
They are inseparable.