Sunday, January 31, 2016

Delayed Christmas Gift

Today Ally and I headed to Target after ballet for her to use her gift card from Christmas.
Ally picked out a book and a toy pet dog.
A dog that you feed and it poops.
A HUGE thank you to Gruncle and Aunt Suzie for gifting Ally the ability to buy such a lovely new toy. She has named it Cutie Pie.

Ally was so excited about her new book she started reading in the car.

Proof it poops.

My cutie pie with her Cutie Pie. 

Today Ally went to ballet and danced! The past 2 weeks she has done barre work and then sat and watched but today we talked about it and with her teacher and she participated in the whole class! No leaps or jumps but glides and steps and movement across the floor. 
I was so proud of her. And she was smiling the entire time. (The room has mirror walls so I know she was smiling because I could see the reflection.)

We also all got our hair cut today and Ally  looks so grown up. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Formal Day at School

Yesterday was Formal Day (aka Dress Up Day) at Ally's school. 
Ally was pretty excited to wear some fancy clothes.

Ally wore her dolphin necklace and a silver bracelet, with her teal tulle dress that we have had for 2 years from Olive's mom's shop and a soft and fuzzy purple sweater. 

Its hard to chose formal shoes that fit over her ankle brace, but her new Uggs seemed to work, and were appropriate for school. Ally's old Uggs have been trashed by her ankle boot. The boot ripped them apart and the sticking is actually coming apart! 

Outside in her dressy coat. Ally commented that she was glad it wasn't too cold, because this coat isn't very warm!

Such a happy girl. It was a fun way to end another difficult appointment-filled week. 

Ally is working hard and has so much more work to do. 

Olive turns 9!

We think Ally has been at all of Olive's birthday parties and this year was no exception.
Olive had a swimming sleepover party at a local hotel. Her parents reserved a suite of rooms for 1 night. The girls swam, watched movies, had dinner and breakfast and swam some more.

Walking to the rooms with her friend Maya and mama.

All excited by the suite of rooms!

Ally with Olive, Maya and Alma. Ally couldn't wait for us to leave.

The rooms had an interior balcony that looked over the hotel. We took these pictures from the elevator.

Pizza dinner.

The party guests: Olive's cousins Marley and Seger, Olive, Ally, Daniela, Maya, Alma and Ellie in the front row. 

Watching the movie Minions!

Olive's parents had rainbow swirl bagels shipped in from a place in NYC! and Olive's mom made cream cheese with sprinkles. 

Ally had a great time. There was as is typical a little girl drama at bed time, with tears from most of the girls, but all in all, fun. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Guatemala Girls January 2016

Gabi hosted a fun sledding winter get together.




Rosa and Alice

Alice requested the annual picture of them on the stairs.

Life is moving along

Some delfines of me and Cloey. She loves to sit on head while I watch TV.

Ally's new mattress arrived!,,

She loves it!

Ally started physical therapy at Children's hospital. 

One night Ally did her homework on her iPad. They were supposed to draw a picture dictionary for spelling words. 

Swimming is really good for her physical therapy. 

Aunt Beth came for dinner with her friend Ryan. Beth brought Ally a new bracelet.

They played a serious game of Sorry.

Life seems to be moving along pretty well. Ally still hurts a lot but we are lining up new therapists and trying to ignore the pain and still have fun!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weekend Recap

Well it was an odd weekend for us.
Friday Ally was complaining that her wrist hurt. It was swollen and hurt to move it. She iced it off and on at school and couldn't write. By the time I called the doctor Friday evening we had to take a Saturday appointment.

A friend gave us a foot bath for Ally's feet. She tried that out on Friday night. 

Becky went to a game night at a friend's house and Ally and I watched "say yes to the dress" for a while before bed.

Saturday we went to the pediatrician. It was a long wait, as weekend appointment usually are, the doctor had her wrist X-rayed, there was no fracture she asked that if it still hurt on Monday we call our regular pediatrician and go see the orthopedist.
We texted this picture of us waiting for X-ray to Becky.

We were home about 2 hours after we left home.
About 90 minutes after we got home, ally started crying that it hurt so much. She said the pain was a 10, she couldn't focus and was hysterical. So Becky and I took her to our local emergency room. 
At the ER they rechecked her X-ray. Our pediatrician office is in the same building as the hospital so it's the same radiology. The ER doc confirmed it wasn't broken but he put her wrist in a splint and told us to keep her medicated with ibuprofen and acetaminophen. She said the paid was about an 8. They said we have to keep the splint on until we see an orthopedist.
The Sports Medicine Clinic at Children's where Ally's orthopedist is opens at 7am so I will call then and try to get an appointment tomorrow.
It made for a difficult Saturday.
Today I had a mamogram. While I got that done Ally and Becky made a movie with the dolls.

The set.

Becky was an amazing cinematographer shooting around cat Carl, and so patient with director Ally.

Then the 3 of us went to the mall, ran a few errands and visited the American Girl Store.

Ally got a new doll, meet Amanda! She looks just like Ally, and Ally picked out her name. This is a selfie Ally took of them in her room and texted it to me. 
I almost cried when she showed us Amanda's balance beam routine that Ally made up. She even elevated the beam. 

The incredible Ally. She is in so much pain but still has her sunny disposition and is always ready with a smile for my camera.