Friday, September 16, 2016

San Diego Day 3

We gave Ally the choice of going to the San Diego Zoo or going kayaking. She chose kayaking. Becky and I were quite glad! We love to kayak and after 2 days of walking around looking at animals we were ready for something different. We booked a 2 hour guided tour of the bay, leaving from Coronado Island.

The view from our hotel room. I was up early every morning and would sit on our balcony drinking ,y Diet Coke and reading with this view in front of me. I was pretty happy. 

I kept my phone in a ziplock bag tucked in my shirt and I would pull it out for pictures! I paddled my own kayak and Ally and Becky were together.
Selfie with the skyline!
That is the USS Midway 

A group shot!
Me and my kayak, that is the Coronado bridge behind and above me and Becky below.

It was a fun time. I was pretty tired after all that paddling, but Ally not so much. Several people commented on her skill and stamina. All that gymnastics really pays off in other ways.

We had lunch after kayaking, then headed to our hotel to change and pack up for the beach!

Ally did gymnastics the whole time we were there. 

The best part was that Ally told me, "I really want to do a back hand spring" I told her to do go ahead and try. So she did. And did it right there on the sandy beach. She was so excited, she could not stop tumbling. It was a huge break through from her to do one outside the gym. 
After all her issues this year it was truly magical to watch her joy at doing gymnastics on the beach. 

Becky went in the ocean.
Ally waded in and said it was too cold

I enjoyed my beach chair.

We were right by the famous hotel.

Family selfie!!! 
It was such a fantastic vacation we are already planning on going again next year. 
Many thanks to Gruncle and Suzie. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

2 Girls and a pug

Alice came over today for a while. She went with me to pick Ally up from practice and was a very fun conversation partner in the car on the way to the gym. 

I always have Ally tell me 3 things that were fun at practice. Today she said:
1) That Alice was waiting for me after practice.
2) We did floor work.
3) Conditioning. Alice asked what that was and Ally explained it was sit ups, push ups things like that.
  Today Ally got a special treat (a Starburst) for doing a "pike up" 3 X for 10 seconds each.

She demonstrated the pike up for us at home. Note that her arms are holding her body off the ground. Her butt is not touching the floor!


On the way home we picked up Cloey for a quick trip to the dog park.

They kept posing. The picture below they set up and asked me for a photo.

Fun times!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

1st day of 4th Grade

Today Ally started 4th grade. WOW.

I thought it might be a good time for a retrospective:
 2009 Her 1st day at Preschool. She was in the Purple Fish classroom.
 2010 1st day in her 2nd year of preschool - she was a Blue Otter that year.
 2011 1st day of Jr. Kindergarten (at public school) - it was a cold rainy day.
 2012 1st day of kindergarten.
 2013 1st day of 1st grade
 2014 1st day of 2nd grade
2015 1st day of 3rd grade
Lots of blue clothes - and sneakers on the 1st day always. Ally always wants to be prepared in case its a gym day on the 1st day and always insists on sneakers - maybe because on her 1st day of preschool in 2009 she was doing this:
If we only knew then that that bar would like to a gymnastics filled life.  

But today there was a more grown up Ally. She set her alarm and got her self up and dressed, did her hair all by herself, and was in a great mood for the 1st day of school. She told Becky yesterday "I'm glad there is more than one day this first week, because I have pretty nervous excited about the first day and I am looking forward to day #2 so I can enjoy it more and be less nervous." This is so Ally to be thinking ahead like this.
It was a chilly and rainy morning - so no pictures in the front yard - this is from the porch.
Walking into school!

 "Why do you keep taking pictures?"

It isn't possible to explain all the reasons why. So my short answer was "to text mama because she is at her 1st day today too." and I got a great smile.
We were the 1st students at school today - Ally went to before school this morning, like she will every other morning again this year. She was a bit bummed because none of her usual morning pals were starting today. But I said we needed to start and get our routine down right away. She never complained and was smiles and happiness.
I am so excited to hear about her day after school.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Sea World Day 2

We went back to Sea World on our 2nd day in San Diego.

At Ally's request we started with the Dolphin exhibit and education presentation again. 

While we were waiting for the show to start Ally got a close up look at them

And a Becky's luck continued! She got soaked before the show even started. The young dolphins some times make an errant tail splash. She was not pleased. Ally and I thought it was hilarious. We did bring spare clothes for both her and Ally today. 

The Dolphins were not interested in being touched today but it was a fun presentation and just to be clear about how wet Becky got here is another picture:

Absolutely soaked. So the fantastic mama she is, she asked Ally if she wanted to sit in the Spash zone for the dolphin show. 

There they are in the front row!!!

I sat much farther up with our stuff you can see them down at the bottom left in the above picture.

Can you see Becky? She was getting absolutely drenched.

The pilot whales were beautiful.
After the dolphin show we went directly to the sea lion show. They were wet but happy!

After the show Becky and Ally changed into dry clothes (that we had brought with us) and headed to the arcade. Ally loves arcades and had specifically asked to go there today.

I lost.

Ally's favorite game was this wheel thing to win tickets.

She was thrilled to win the 250!!!
After a bit we went to the pet show.
It was pretty cute, dogs and cats performing a live show. But it was hot and no shade so after the show we headed to the Arctic exhibit.

Beluga whales, walruses and polar bears!

There was even a wall of ice!

Then it was back to the arcade. Ally tried to climb the ladder.
But even she couldn't do it in 3 tries. It's a wobbly rope ladder.
Back to the wheel spinner. See her intense concentration.

And thrill of waiting.
Glee at a good number!
Back to the ball toss.
And hoops!
Another spinner.
Finally, our money spent, Ally cashed in her tickets. 
Yes that is right, she earned 981 tickets!!!

She used the tickets to "buy" a bunch of stuff. I was pleased she bought a few things to give to her friend Daniela when we got home. 

All in all a fun day! As we walked out to the car thru the parking lot Ally said to me "I really want to do a cart wheel" I told her to go ahead and she did! Right there on the asphalt. Such a happy girl.