Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Ballet Recital 2017

Ballet Recital weekends are always a bit hectic - this weekend like last year it was the same day as her year end gymnastics show. Since the times were the same - ballet own this year and Ally did not participate in the gymnastics show.

It was also graduation weekend and the morning before Ally's recital we went to Gwei's graduation party.

we left the party early to go home and get Ally ready. AS we went to leave I noticed her costume was ripping in the back. Aunt Beth to the rescue! She sewed it right up while Ally waited - Ally was NOT pleased at me taking pictures.

Ally also wasn't feeling well all weekend - she was fighting a cold. Her performance was amazing - the theme was Circus and each class was a circus act - her group were acrobats.

At intermission she came out to join us.

you can see she was in a much better mood by then! We decided to leave at intermission, since Ally wasn't feeling great still and Beth and Becky had to host the Youth Group BBQ soon.

enjoying some gatorade and watching TV with Aunt Beth after the recital.

and then later that day while Beth and Becky were out, Ally lost another tooth.
She actually lost one last week as well - that is 4 teeth out since April 19!!! CRAZY

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

5th grade year end showcase

Today was the 5th grade breakfast and student showcase.

The students had done research projects on an animal in science class, and then produced a video all in Spanish where they read aloud their report.
Here is me listening to Ally - it was a 3 minute oral presentation with sound effects of wolves in nature and pictures of wolves in their natural habitat. Lobo - wolf in Spanish.

It was pretty neat to listen to Ally speak that much Spanish. I had one of the parents who is fluent in Spanish listen to it and he said it was amazing. The accent is correct and sounded so natural.

Ally pretty much ditched me for the whole breakfast. It was fine - but I was a bit out of my element in the Spanish class room, not only was their the video, but also a project about an egg drop. All in Spanish. Thankfully another parent explained that one to me.

In the English room I finally tracked her down and forced her to pose for a picture with her colony pamphlet. She chose Pennsylvania, because that is where Grandma Debbie & Poppy live!

In small groups they researched an explorer and then did a poster as a group presentation about that explorer. Ally's group did Samuel de Champlain.

I especially liked the section on his death that said "When he died he remained in his coffin for a couple of years, in a church while a stand alone chapel was built to hold the remains." Classic 5th grade paraphrasing!

The students met up with their choral music teacher in the cafeteria and sang 3 songs for us. It was really great, especially since they only see this teacher every 3 weeks - with instrumental music this year it cuts back on chorus.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

5th grade Orchestra Concert

This year Ally played the violin. She had lessons in school two times a week. She almost never practiced at home! But she pays attention well in class and has some musical talent and was able to get thru the year with flying colors in class. The year end concert was last week. In our town, there are 12 elementary schools - so they divided them up and 4 schools played together for a concert and they held 3 concerts.

Sophocles (who lives next door to us) and his mom went with us to the concert and back - it was at our High School auditorium.  They both played violin this year.

Friday, June 8, 2018

American Young_Voices

Ally's music teacher signed up the 5th graders to participate in American Young Voices. AYV as its known is am international music program where students from around the world learn songs and perform them in a concert with students from other schools.

Our local event was in Lowell, a small city about an hour away. About 25 of her classmates left school on Monday afternoon at 1pm and traveled by bus to Lowell they rehearsed with the group and the concert was at 7pm.

It was a full fledged concert with professional musicians. Pretty amazing experience for all the kids. Ally had a blast. We then picked her up at school at 1030pm Monday night. And yes she went to school on Tuesday at her usual 7:30AM drop off.

 We spotted Ally in the stands among her classmates - but there were about 3000 students from all over Massachusetts there. Can you see Ally?

 She is to the right of her friend Ellie - Ellie is wearing a turquoise sweatshirt.

Becky took a couple of really neat panoramic pictures. 

At one point the conductor had the audience get up and salsa dance in the stands. With the Amigos parents that was a huge hit. 

I took it as an opportunity to take more pictures and zoom in on Ally while singing. From our seats she was blocked by the conductor so we couldn't actually see her.

There was a trio of beat boxers who performed as well as a solo singer. It was quite a concert.

Ally likes the picture above because her friend Cathal (seated on the other side of her has his arms up cheering) She was also seated around Cata, Ale, Boden, Clemens, Erik & Theo.

Becky and I thought the best part was watching the kids have fun together. It was a great experience for them. Ally's school is the only k-8 in our district so she and her fellow 5th graders stay in our building and start middle school together as a cohort, just the 44 of them. It really is a nice group of kids and families.

we are all pretty tired though! If you want the video links just email me and I will send them to you.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend 2018

We tried pretty hard Memorial Day weekend to rest and relax. The next few weeks are even busier than usual with year end performances and event and birthday parties.

There was slime making as promised - some new slime made with clay. Ally loves it!

I threw away the slime we made a week ago - it never formed up correctly and was too liquidy.

Lots of time on the couch - even using Cloey as a pillow.

Or surrounding Cloey with pillows!

Guatemala Girls on Monday to celebrate Gabi's 11th birthday.

Then it was back to school on Tuesday - looking like the fashion plate tween that she is. I even curled her hair. She was thrilled!

Our cat Carl.