Friday, July 18, 2014

World Cup Fever

Ally has been very in to the World Cup soccer tournament this year. It started with the first USA vs. Ghana game. Becky let Ally stay up late to watch – I was out with friends, and Ally loved it! Becky said at one point Ally was screaming “United States…United States” Becky said she explained that most of the time people cheer USA for our country. Since that first game we have watched each game together. Several times we recorded the game and watched it together in the evening after work and camp. Lots of fun.

Becky and Ally have been playing soccer in the yard.


We hosted Alice and her mom for the final game.


Ally was really rooting for Argentina and she was sad that they lost, but we are looking forward to the women’s tournament in 2 years and the next men’s tournament in 4 years, maybe Guatemala will qualify then!

After the game we went for a walk with Cloey:


The girls had fun at one of our neighborhood parks on the spinning equipment.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Puppy Update

I'm working on 3-4 hours of sleep each night since we brought Cloey home. She is up every two hours and then cries for at first 45-60 minutes and now 5-20 minutes when I put her back in her crib. 
Weight start letting her sleep in Ally's room next week and see if that is any better.
But here are some pictures:

Olive came over to meet Cloey.

Taking Cloey for a walk.

Reading books before bed in the living room to be near Cloey.

Cloey likes to sleep on Becky's belly.

I bought a dog bed for Cloey to sleep in in Ally's room. Our plan has always been that once she is house trained Cloey would sleep in Ally's room.

Cloey received a care package from Aunt  Martha.

Can you tell Ally loved her puppy?

Monday, July 7, 2014

New Addition!

Today we added to our family. A pug puppy named Cloey. (Rhymes with Snowi, Ally's flashlight pal penguin. More commonly spelled Chloe.) She was born May 7, 2014 and is exactly 2 months old today.
Last week we went to the breeder's house about 30 minutes away and picked her out. She has a sister and 3 brothers. We also met her parents. Her mom is named Minnie.

Pictures above are from last week.

Today I picked her up and brought her home. She barked and squeaked the whole drive home. She was really scared and unhappy to be in a carrier in the car. And she soiled the carrier. When we got home I took her out, put her harness on and we explored the front yard and the living room until Ally and Becky got home.

 Carl our cat was waiting for us when we came inside. He didn't flinch or hiss and Cloey didn't bark either.

Finally Ally and Becky came home.

Ally introduced Chloey to Pug, ally's stuffed animal pug. They were about the same size!

Cloey was so tired she fell asleep.

But after a while she woke up, went outside to the bathroom and ate some dinner. 
My favorite shot of the day:

A girl and her puppy.

Wish us luck with house training and sleeping thru the night!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Longest Saturday Ever

Yesterday was the “longest Saturday ever”.

We left our house at 9:00am. Stopped at the bagel store for breakfast and drove to an animal shelter. We have been thinking about adding a dog to our family for a long time now. A shelter about 45 minutes away had just received a large group of puppies from the South 50 puppies! We had looked online and Ally really liked an older dog.

We got to the shelter at 945 – it opened at 10am and there were already 40 people or so in line! Ugh thought Becky and I. But we waited, and Ally picked out this older dog, he was small, only 13 pounds, 8 years old. We had to wait 90 minutes to meet him. We waited and Ally was so patient. She kept going back to stand in front of his cage. It was finally our turn, and we met him, he was nice at first, very mellow no barking. But Ally went to pick him up again (yes we had all picked him up and held him in our laps) but he growled and nipped at Ally. She was fine – but scared. That was it – no dog for us. We made it out of the shelter before the tears started.

In the car we talked about how he was not the one for our family. We had talked at length before we visited the shelter that we probably would not get a dog – but maybe we might. Ally and I really want a pug dog. But we all agreed we should see if we could find a good dog for our family at a shelter before we looked for a pug. So Ally understood that this dog was not the right one for us. We told her that now we would get a pug. Becky and I had talked the night before and decided if there was no dog at the shelter that day we would begin the breeder search.

But oh it was a long drive back towards our house. Ally was so sad. She knew we couldn’t take the dog, but she was sad that he had to stay the shelter where he was so sad and scared and unhappy. Oh my heart ached for my empathetic daughter. It can be so hard to understand something but still not like it. She fell asleep holding my hand in the car. As  we drove towards home, Becky  and I agreed we needed to do something to brighten the day.

We stopped for lunch at a burger place and then visited Lego Land.

IMG_8371 IMG_8373

When we told Ally the day before that we were planning a trip to the animal shelter she was super excited. And had all kinds of questions. Through out the afternoon and evening she would say “I have a question….” right before bed she picked out her clothes to get dressed in the morning. She didn’t want us leaving late. She was so adorable and so patient. It made the whole experience even more heart breaking for Becky and I. But we do feel it was a good experience, and we feel we tried hard at a shelter dog (this is our 2nd attempt at a rescue dog – we had one for a few weeks before we had Ally and had to give him back when he bit Becky.) So we feel its time for a puppy from someplace where we know what the puppy’s life has been before us.

IMG_3011 - CopyIMG_3012 - CopyIMG_8379IMG_3016 - Copy

The giant giraffe outside was cool and the Fenway park replica made out of Legos!


We watched a 4-D Lego movie, Ally made a pressed penny as a souvenir.


We posed for pictures in front of neat Lego figurines.


Becky and I were not thrilled with the place, but it was a great thing for us to do to turn our day around and make new fun memories of the Saturday.

We got home at 630pm and spent the next hour before bed with Ally looking at pug pictures and making some inquiries about a puppy. If anyone who reads this knows of any pug puppies please let us know.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Becky’s Birthday

It was Ally’s last day of school so kind of a double celebration!


Opening Presents


Then out to dinner for seafood.


After dinner we went home for dessert. I had made Ally her very own un-frosted cake, since she does not like the brown sugar frosting that is Becky’s favorite.


Ally put the candles on the cake.


Then we sang and Becky made her wish.

Fun day and what a fun start to summer vacation.