Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New York City!!!!

A few weeks ago we decided to spend a weekend in NYC. I found a dog friendly hotel and booked 2 nights parking and breakfast included. We drove down Friday night after Ally's camp and drove back on Sunday. 

Cloey was pretty good in the car. She sat in the back with Ally for the long 5 hour drive there.

After we checked in we ordered room service for dinner. YUM. Then we walked a few blocks to The Gap for some warmer clothes for Ally. She was freezing in the hotel room so we got her some cozy warm pajamas with a matching sweatshirt. She then slept super soundly all cuddled up with Cloey.

In the morning I was awake much earlier than Becky and Ally so I took Cloey for walk in Central Park.

We made Ally attempt a handstand in Central Park. She was super embarrassed.

It was very hot, but we did walk the whole mile and a half to the American Museum of Natural History.

There was an exhibit showing weavers in Latin America using a back strap loom like we saw used in Guatemala.

The Dum Dum statue featured in the Night at the Museum movies. 

There was a Huge dinosaur skeleton it took up two rooms!

And I thought the shadow of its spine was really neat.

So many dinosaurs.

After a morning at the museum we did some shopping at Lush where we each picked out a bath bomb to use later in the large bathtub in our room which has its own TV! Then we walked to Dylan's Candy store and had lunch at Serendipity Cafe. 

All thought the candy store was a blast. She picked out some good stuff.

Then at Serendipity I got a frozen hot chocolate and Ally had a frozen strawberry drink. After some fear that we might need to leave because we couldn't find anything on the menu we ordered the half of fried chicken that took 30 minutes for them to cook. They told us that when we ordered it, and Ally said she wanted to wait. So we enjoyed our drinks and waited on the chicken and a sandwich. The chicken was AMAZING. Ally said it was so delicious. 

Ally relaxing after her bath. And then sleeping again with Cloey.

 We had room service breakfast and again, Ally enjoyed cuddles with Cloey.

In the morning we took a cab to the Empire State Building.

There was a huge line for the elevator so we took the stairs. 

Well we took the stairs up 10 flights. Here we are at the last one to climb. Ally said she would have liked to climb up all the stairs. 

We had fun on the observation deck.

Checking out the Statue of Liberty.

Then back at the hotel I packed up our stuff and Becky and Ally took Cloey for a walk in Central Park.

Cloey on the elevator was fun.

I took these pictures from our hotel room window. 

Ally was pumped for the ride back to Cambridge. Her dog, her sale pillow from Dylan's Candy bar, a giant pack of Smartees.

But then she and Cloey both passed out and slept for about half the ride home. 

Such a fun trip. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017


This summer we photograhed Ally doing handstands all over:

Pacaya Volcano

Ruins at Icimche

The shores of Lake Atitlan

Our hotel in New York City

The entrance to Hershey Park

At Becky's Alma mater Union College

And this past week she started out her level 4 USAG season with 4 practices in a row, Thursday 415-6(she left 2 hours early to get some sleep) Friday 330-715, Saturday 11:45-230, and a special floor routine practice today Sunday 8-10am. She is loving it still, and so excited for practice.