Saturday, October 15, 2016

Gorgeous afternoon at the park

Meeting a Gold Medalist

The Ally's new gym is much bigger and much better organized than her old gym. Last week they had a event to meet Nastia Luiken. Nastia was the gold medal all around champion at the 2008 Bejing Olympics. She lives in Boston now and came to the gym to promote a gymnastics app she is piloting. She gave a short motivational speech and then answered questions. At the end there was a photo and autograph opportunity.

Ally read on the car ride to the gym.

It was pretty cool to be there. She talked about her gymnastics career and inspirational times in her life. She told the girls she won 5 medals in Bejing:
1 Gold Individual All Around
2 Silver Team 
3 Silver Uneven Bars 
4 Silver Balance Beam
5 Bronze Floor 

Some words of wisdom I wrote down: 
"You can't quit on a bad day. Have to wait for a good day." Nastia said her mom would tell her that whenever she wanted to quit. 

Your life is more than gymnastics. Your whole life should be good and awesome not just gymnastics.

Ally asked Nastia "what do you like to do in your free time" 
The answer was "spend time with family and friends. Journaling and being outdoors because I'm inside the gym so much."
I was so proud of Ally for asking a question. 

We learned Vault was Nastia's least favorite event! The running, the handspring all of it!!! And then she talked about how she liked beam and bars the best. Ally was pretty thrilled to hear this because vault is her least favorite too. 

It was a fun hour and well worth the drive to the gym on a non-practice day. 

Always moving.

Ally is having a great time at her new gym. She has practice 3 days a week for 10 hours total. That's gymnastics in Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. 
On Fridays she does conditioning in her room:

On Thursdays it's ballet class for 90 minutes. It was parent watch day last week.


It was fun to watch. 

Ally seriously is always doing handstands or cartwheels or back walkovers or something. Today at practice she did a round off followed by 3 back handsprings! She was really excited to tell me. 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Alice turns 10!

Alice invite the Guatemala Girls and some other friends to a kid's salon for a spa themed birthday party.

Recently Alice broke her wrist, so she was in a cast.

Rosa got the first facial!

Then Alice.

Alice got her nails done.

And then relaxed with a facial.

Rosa, Ally and Roxie.

It was a fun party. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Blessing of the Animals

Sunday was Blessing of the Animals at our church. They asked that we submit photographs of animals we wanted blessed and prayed for, and we were welcome to bring in pets as well. 

I submitted photos of the cats and Penguin the hamster:

And Cloey joined us at Church:

There were 3 other pugs there, including a pug puppy named Waffles.

The dog blessing.

A family picture after the service.

Later after church Becky and Ally had fun playing Just Dance on the Kinect. Their moves were very impressive:

Life Lately

Tomorrow is the last day of September. I'm still trying to get caught up from July blogging. Maybe this weekend....
In the meantime here are some September catch ups:

Beth, Debbie and Dave came to visit early in the month. Above Ally is showing them a video she edited that she made at D&D's house in August. Making videos is one of Ally's favorite hobbies. She makes short videos 3-10 minute long. Some are about every gymnastics, some are American Girl, some are just silly. Ally and Becky took a class in August at our local Apple Store and learned how to edit videos and Ally is pretty good at it.

After church.

One of my co-workers got Ally an autographed picture of her favorite gymnast, Aly Raisman. This was her thank you text to him. 

One day we collected all of the hair elastics (pony tail holders) we could find and Ally counted them up. It was over 100. Then she tired to put them all in her hair at once.
After about 5" and 15 elastics she gave up on that. 

Before school. I love this outfit!

After school. Playing games with mama. 

Then one Saturday night Ally hurt her foot doing gymnastics in the house. It was pretty bad, she whacked her foot against a wall corner so hard she broke the skin. She was in a lot of pain. 
We missed apple picking with Guatemala Girls because she couldn't walk very well and the doctor said she should rest. Alice and Cheryl came to spend time with us, and Gabi and Rosa went apple picking. Roxie was sick. 

Later that week I had dental work done. 4 cavities filled at the same time. It was pretty bad. 

Then Ally got sick. She had a high fever and I brought her to the doctor, and she tested positive for strep and she had an ear infection. After 2 doses of her antibiotics she got an itchy rash. So back to the doctor we went. The doctor isn't sure why the rash, but changed the prescription and told me to give Ally Benadryl. Ally was feeling pretty miserable for a few days, and missed 2 days of school and 2 gymnastics practices. Good News is that her foot healed, and the antibiotics are working and now a week later she is feeling great. We have a few more days of medicine. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

San Diego Day 3

We gave Ally the choice of going to the San Diego Zoo or going kayaking. She chose kayaking. Becky and I were quite glad! We love to kayak and after 2 days of walking around looking at animals we were ready for something different. We booked a 2 hour guided tour of the bay, leaving from Coronado Island.

The view from our hotel room. I was up early every morning and would sit on our balcony drinking ,y Diet Coke and reading with this view in front of me. I was pretty happy. 

I kept my phone in a ziplock bag tucked in my shirt and I would pull it out for pictures! I paddled my own kayak and Ally and Becky were together.
Selfie with the skyline!
That is the USS Midway 

A group shot!
Me and my kayak, that is the Coronado bridge behind and above me and Becky below.

It was a fun time. I was pretty tired after all that paddling, but Ally not so much. Several people commented on her skill and stamina. All that gymnastics really pays off in other ways.

We had lunch after kayaking, then headed to our hotel to change and pack up for the beach!

Ally did gymnastics the whole time we were there. 

The best part was that Ally told me, "I really want to do a back hand spring" I told her to do go ahead and try. So she did. And did it right there on the sandy beach. She was so excited, she could not stop tumbling. It was a huge break through from her to do one outside the gym. 
After all her issues this year it was truly magical to watch her joy at doing gymnastics on the beach. 

Becky went in the ocean.
Ally waded in and said it was too cold

I enjoyed my beach chair.

We were right by the famous hotel.

Family selfie!!! 
It was such a fantastic vacation we are already planning on going again next year. 
Many thanks to Gruncle and Suzie.