Wednesday, January 18, 2017

First Place!!!!

Well as it turns out there was an error on Ally's score card from the meet and she really scored a 9.05 on the beam!!! That makes her overall score a 36.9 which means she scored the highest. We know this because her teammate was awarded first place and her teammate's AA score was 36.55.

Ally and we are a bit bummed by the whole thing. We found out Monday night when her coach handed out the score cards the judges fill out. We immediately noticed her beam score was a full point higher than was posted at the meet. Turns out someone entered her score wrong in the computer. The computer displays the score on the score board and then tallies up the total. A person then enters the total from the computer on the card.

We added up the card and it was higher than shown.

We emailed Ally's coach and she apologized, and said it does happen sometimes that someone makes a mistake. She apologized and said she would make an announcement at practice so Ally would get some recognition from her peers, and the host gym of the meet is sending Ally a 1st place trophy.

Ally is seems pleased with the outcome, but still bummed that it happened. Alice's mom said it well to me today "These life lessons are so hard.  How to be gracious about the mistake but also fight for recognition" and accept the mistake. Ally is really mostly happy to have scored so well. A 36.9 is an amazing score.

But then, she is an amazing kid who this evening spent an hour on her mats and practice beam in our living room.


Playing a game with Becky before practice on Monday. (It was a school Holiday.) Ally is wearing the leotard she received at the meet. All the girls on the team wore them.

Movie star gymnast on the way to practice. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

First Gymnastics Meet 2017!!!!

Ally competed in her first meet of the season today. The first meet that she competed in all events since May 2015. 
Ally placed 4th place in her age group of about 18 girls!!! 
Meet 1/15/17 4th All Around
Floor 9.4 2nd place
Vault 9.65 3rd place
Bars 8.8 5th place 
Beam 8.050 

Ally has been excited and a little bit nervous all week. We slicked back her hair this morning and I used about 12 hair elastics to get it up and staying up in a bun.

Leaving for the meet. She did let us take the pictures!

Alice and Cheryl came to watch too. They don't live too far from the meet location and it was fun for all of us to have friends there. Alice gets HUGE friend points for sitting thru the meet and the awards. Such a good friend.

Some floor routine pictures 

Beam. This is usually one of Ally's best events. It was the last one today and she went 2nd to last. She said she was really nervous. 

Still beautiful.

3rd place Vault

2nd place floor


5th place bars

4th place all around. HUGE Smile on her face.

Ally is registered at USA Gymnastics with her legal name so in competition she is listed as Alejandra. Parents on her team saw the roster and thought there was a new girl! And the announcer couldn't pronounce her name. But Ally said it was fine. She knew it was her. Even if she was called Allessandra. 


But even more exciting to Ally and her #1 most fun thing was that her team placed 1st!

It was great to see all the girls so excited about it. And so happy. The banner goes back to their gym and will be on display there. At meets the athletes typically get something fun to take home; a stuffed animal, a beach towel and this meet gave away leotards. Ally and her teammates plan to wear them to practice tomorrow.

At the awards Alice was so excited for Ally. She clapped loudly and exclaimed to Becky and I. "I'm so proud of Ally" and my favorite "You are so lucky she is your daughter". Truer words were never said.  Ally was excited to see Alice and her mom and it was very special to have them there with us. And to see Ally succeed after this past year.

Ally is definitely one of the older girls at this level. That can't be helped after missing a whole year due to her pain condition. But she made a fantastic return to competition. Her new gym is a great place for her. And she is happy which is what matters most.

We went out for lunch with Alice and Cheryl after the meet. Ally crashed at the end of the meal, you could
see her melt into exhaustion, well behaved and in good spirits the whole time, just so tired. So we parted way after lunch and came home. Ally said all she wanted to do was lay on the couch. So after changing and letting her hair down she did just that.


With a doodle pad and her dog Cloey. Binge watching her current favorite tv show W.izards of Waverly Place. Great Day!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas in NY

Ally and I drove to visit my parents and celebrate Christmas with them. Becky is home sick with a cold.

It was a late night drive over after practice, we got here at 1045pm. Ally spent the day in her pajamas. We watched a movie, baked cookies and played games. It snowed all day so before dinner Ally went outside to play in it.

Since the super snowy winter of 2014 Ally says she doesn't like snow. But when it snows she loves to play in it. And eat it.

She told me that pice must have a lot of snowflakes in it. Yum! She said and ate a big bite. Freshly fallen clean white snow is tasty. 

Of course there was gymnastics in the snow.

And we made a snowman!

Selfie with the snowman!!!!

Ally before bed with my mom and dad!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We decorated the tree one Tuesday after school. Tuesday and Friday are Ally's only free days after school. And weekends can get busy.

Ally and Becky did most of the actual decorating. I was shopping on my iPad.

But I did provide my shoulders for Ally to sit on to reach the top of the tree. 

After church one Sunday we took Ally to visit Santa. Becky told her she looked like a model all perfect and posed on Santa's knee. It's a far cry from when she was a baby. Every year we frame her picture with Santa, and all 10 of them are displayed as part of our Christmas decorations. 

The annual un-pageant at church, we were running late and knew we wouldn't get costumes, so Becky made this halo for Ally to wear. 

Ally asked for new matching pajamas with Cloey, and I sprung for Santa hats too. Ally loves it!

Ally wrapped all of the gifts she is giving. She worked hard to make most gifts, and others she picked out.

Wrapping with a pug.

Ally got a new chair for her room. One that anyone can sit in, not just her! And it's fur. She loves it.

Posing in front of the tree.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Ballet - mid year showcase

Ally is dancing at a new ballet studio this year. We had to look for a new place, because all of the class times at her old studio conflicted with her new gym's gymnastic practice times. The new place has a larger class of 12 girls which is nice, and its pretty traditional and specific. Ally doesn't seem to love ballet, but she likes it and she knows it helps with gymnastics and she is good at it so that all makes it fun and worth it.
This studio doesn't allow parents to watch most classes - there were 2 parent watch days during the semester and at the last class of the term, there was a 30 minute showcase (performance) where parents were invited to come and watch the girls dance. It was very enjoyable.
She is a wonderful dancer. After the show the teacher spoke with parents individually for a few minutes - she told us Ally is very talented and a joy to teach. It is always nice to hear such praise for your child. Ally isn't really smiling in these pictures - she has a cold (again) and confessed that she was concentrating hard on not sniffing up or sneezing or coughing. Always a diligent performer.

 First they showed us several barre exercises. Before each exercise or combination one of the students came forward, introduced herself and said the name of the combination and why she chose it for the showcase.

 Ally introduced the above combination - I do not know what it was but I remember she said she chose it because its really beautiful.

 leaping across the floor

I got one smile after the performance.
PS - I've been experiencing some blog technology difficulties this Fall which is why I haven't been blogging as much. I do hope that Santa (or Becky) will bring me some help with this in the new year and I can get back to regular blogging. I do continue to take pictures and feel that blogging is the best way to use those pictures.