Thursday, October 16, 2014

Good Morning!!

Does it get any cuter than Ally and Cloey on the couch? This is how they look every morning to watch cartoons. It really does make it hard not to have a smile on your face in the morning when you get to look at this every morning.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend in Review

Our Saturday and Sunday mornings have settled in to a usual routine. Ballet is at 1130 on Saturday and Church is at 11am on Sunday, so its usually quiet time at home, lots of crafting and games and playing with the dog. Then it’s a mad dash the last 30 minutes before we have to go to get ready!

IMG_0612 IMG_0398

Cloey got a coat! It was raining and so Becky put Cloey’s coat on her and they went for a walk in the rain. Its very nice, because it covers her whole body with room to grow, so now she wont get wet or cold on walks.  I took a forbidden picture of ballet class. Ally is on the left – her hair up in a bun. After ballet Ally and I went to see Dolphin Tale 2 – it was fantastic. The theater was neat too – the seats were all full recliners.


When we got home Ally was thrilled to see that a new issue of Nat’l Geo. Kids came and Penguins are the feature this month! Thanks Grandma Barbie.


For dinner Ally and I showed Becky how to make potato chip chicken. Becky was not as thrilled with it as Ally and I are, but oh well. 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. After dinner Ally and Becky played Moos in the House, and talked to Grandma Debbie on the phone. Of course Cloey was not far away.

Sunday we went to church and then picked up cousin Jesse and went apple picking. Ally, Becky and Jesse conquered the giant hedge maze, and picked out pumpkins while I waited in line for donuts. I waited for 90 minutes. Unbelievable. But true. They were yummy donuts.


Then it was on to apple picking. It was a beautiful day and so most of the low fruit was picked. But there was great picking up high from the ladders.


Jesse kept saying he was a monkey and would climb up and thru them down.



Ally was more into handing them down gently.


At the last set of trees, the Macoun apples (super yummy) you had to climb very high up. Jesse did it, while Becky and I held the ladder. Then at our last tree, Becky was brave and she climbed up. She had to reach so high that she’d bump some free and they would come crashing down on me holding the ladder. “look out below” she would call out. But what was I supposed to do? Let go of the ladder and risk her falling down or let the apple hit me so I could hold on. Lucky for her I held on. Ally thought the whole thing was hilarious. She guarded our apple bag and laughed. Jesse caught the ones she tossed down. It was a team effort.


Once back at their apartment we took a couple of group photos.

We are all excited to visit them in Hawaii in just 4 months.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Week in Review

It was a short school week. Ally had a school holiday on Monday so she and I went to my parents with Cloey for the weekend.
This the week since we got home. 

On Tuesday night we made 2 apple pies and lots of chili. We brought a pie and dinner to some sick friends.
Unbelievably Ally told me she wanted no crust and no topping in her piece! I was like unmmmm that is just apples!
It was fun to bake together

This week Cloey spent most nights in bed with Ally. They sleep well together.

Cloey loves Fall!
Cloey doesn't yet go down the stairs so we carry her. Ally is so good at it.
Cloey loves to walk carrying sticks. On Thursday she carried a stick bigger than her!
Thursday night was back to school night for Becky so Ally and I were solo. I let Ally eat dinner in bed, because she was "so tired" it was a rough evening but we got thru it. The shadows were so neat.

Then on Friday Ally went to her friend LouLou's house after swim class. LL just got a new kitten. Ally was loving on Oreo.

It was a nice week.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weekend at Grandma & Grandpa’s

My cousin and her two sons came to visit from Hawaii. Ally and Jesse are only 3 years apart in age and they always have fun together. They stayed with us for a few nights and then moved on to other friends’ houses. We met up again at my parents for a night as well.


They arrived on Thursday evening and Becky took Jesse and Ally to the park.


We  made rice krispie treats for dessert!


Its Birthday Party month for us – Ally had party #1 to attend last weekend. Next Saturday she was invited to 3 at the same time! But we can only attend 1. Maya’s party on Saturday was at a “paint your own pottery” place. Ally had lots of fun. And on a side note, Maya’s parents commented to Becky recently that Ally was well behaved, and helpful to other friends and a pleasure to have as a guest! Yes we are beaming with pride!


After the party Ally and I and Cloey headed out to NY. Yes that is Cloey asleep in her dog bed on the seat next to Ally.  About a mile from my parents’ house we were stopped by a train! It was pretty neat, and Ally counted over 200 hundred cars. It was very long, and not something that Ally had ever experienced before, getting stopped on a road for a train.


Sunday morning Ally curled up and watched TV on the ipad with Cloey.


On Sunday we tried bike riding – well learning to ride a bike on a balance bike. But Ally was in no mood at all.


Then she did chalk on the driveway and had a blast outside in the nice weather trying to reach leaves and running and jumping and cartwheels.


Monday morning she and Jesse took turns cuddling with Cloey, and then played Yahtzee! It was pretty fun.


The 2 cousins. It is pretty special for Ally to have them in her life, and I think its even more special that they all joined our family thru adoption, and yet look like so much alike. I think it makes these two feel pretty connected.