Friday, January 11, 2013

More homework


Homework from this week is above. I was so proud of Ally for writing it in Spanish too – nadar is Spanish for swimming.  The assignment was to draw (and write) something amazing about water  I think the idea was something from the book they read at school. Once again Ally did this all on her own.

The picture is Ally and me in the water, and Becky holding a kite on the beach. Those are our 3 beach chairs and umbrellas in the sand next to Becky. I love how Ally tries to actually distinguish each of us – my reddish brown big hair, Ally’s straight black hair, mama’s short blonde hair and blue eyes.



Some progress as well on her resolution to read better – Ally has been bringing books home from school and reading to Becky at night before bed. (Thanks Debbie for the cute pajamas Ally is wearing.)

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