Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Coming into her own

Last week Ally started her monthly class at a local nature habitat. It was raining and frankly not such a nice day. But she was so excited and happily put on her new rain boots, her waterproof shoes, her raincoat and traipsed with me over to the  gathering area. We got there, she said hi to one boy she knew who barely acknowledged her and looked at me and said good bye with a look in her eye that said "I got this...I am ok".

So I left.

My mom told me recently it sounds like Ally is getting independent. I guess she is. We left her at Parents' night out at church, where she had no friends she knew. She seems to have matured a lot and gained her groove and confidence back.



Ally had fun at the class – they saw a frog and hiked thru the woods. She reported it would have been more fun without the rain. But is already asking about next month.

Another sign of growing up – Ally has been volunteering in class. Every day there is a “Question of the Day” on the board at school and the students answer it on the board things like “Are you going to order pizza for lunch today?” No or “How old do you think teacher Jim is?” 100 or “Do you sometimes write in Spanish” Yes One of my favorites was “What fun thing did you do over the weekend” and Ally’s response that Monday was played with my babysitter”and she wrote the answer on the board!  More recently one of the questions was “Do you have something to share with the class about yourself” They are practicing talking about things without demonstrating or drawing. Ally answered yes on the page and every day the teacher chooses one or two students to share. Ally and I talked about what she would say, since she answered Yes I wondered what she would share. I suggested she could say she was born in Guatemala, or that she has 2 cats or that she likes gymnastics.

Ally told me she was picked to share and she told the class I am a Girl Scout and then talked a bit about what they do at girl scouts, crafts and learn things and she answered questions from a few fellow students. I am just so pleased. Ally has been known to be quite shy and hesitant when you talk to her or in situations where she is unsure and I am thrilled at how she is volunteering and speaking up.

Kindergarten so far has been great!

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