Saturday, November 17, 2012

Birthday Party #19–Ally’s

Birthday party #19 was Ally’s party. All morning she kept telling me “I am so happy I am 6”.


Ally was so excited to see all the balloons hanging up in the windows when she got up in the morning. Our hard work while she was sleeping paid off! After her 2 morning TV shows Ally got right to work on more of her new Lego sets. Aunt Beth helped her as needed while Becky and I got every thing ready for our guests to arrive.


Ally got flowers delivered just for her from her friend Stella who was unable to come to the party. Aunt Beth braided Ally’s hair.



Waiting for the girls to arrive we took family pictures.


The dining room all decorated!


The living room – Aunt Beth and Mama under the mural Ally painted.


When the girls arrived they all worked on a craft project making paper flowers. Mama made flower pancakes for the girls to eat. Becky is laughing here because at this point all the moms were gathered in the kitchen watching her – 4 moms lined up in a row in rapt attention. It was a funny site.


We also had fruit skewers that mama made. The girls sat a little table in the living room room and the grown ups ate in the dining room. There was lots of laughter and chatting in each location.


One of the kid’s plates – a flower pancake, syrup, fruit skewer and bacon – all of Ally’s friends loved the bacon – Roxie especially.


After lunch, Aunt Beth made each girl a flower head band.

Then it was time for musical chairs. They requested the song Call Me Maybe. Before the game started all 5 of them sang the song together.

I think it is possible we broke a sound record. Every time Becky took a chair away they all squealed/screeched.



Gabi won the first game and Alice was the winner the second game!


Gabi, Alice, Willow, Ally and Roxie.

Rosa was unable to come and we missed her and Julie her mom very much.


After the game it was time for cake. Ally blew out her 6 candles.


Ally ate all the cake in her piece and left most of the icing behind. But she loved it and was having a blast at her party. At right are the goody bags – I hand stamped the front and back of each gift bag, Ally helped a little last weekend. And next to the bag is the craft project; paper flowers and a foam vase. Inside the bags were the chocolate flower lollipops we made.


Then it was time to open presents. The girls surrounded Ally and her gifts like bees to honey. There was no personal space for Ally but she was a good sport and a gracious host. Ally was fortunate to receive lots of nice presents; arts and crafts supplies, a new Lego kit and a Tinkerbelle nightlight.

After presents the girls played for a while. Ally was getting pretty tired and ready for the party to be over, so I encouraged the girls to all color a picture (of flowers) and then it was time for everyone to go home.


The girls coloring, and Willow modeling her new flower headband.


After her friends left Ally finished her picture and started in on a new craft project.


After a bit Ally had some more lunch and watched the new Tinkerbelle movie.


Ally had so much fun at her party.

We all did – it went on and one – over 3 hours! The moms were enjoying themselves chatting and laughing that no one wanted to go home.

We are so fortunate to have this wonderful group of friends in our Guatemala Girls Group and Willow and her mom Kelly fit right in.

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Lauren Stoecker-Sylvia said...

This looked like so much fun!! happy Birthday Ally!