Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Craft–Advent Calendar

Becky and I decided it would be fun to do an Advent Calendar for Ally this year. We looked online for one but just could not justify the cost of something handmade, and we kind of hated the idea of a disposable one. So we went to the craft store and purchased the supplies to make one ourselves – at less than half the price of a ready made one.
Ally was a bit grumpy about going to the store on Sunday afternoon, but once there and we explained the project and she understood there would be a surprise for her to open every day she was so excited! Here she is with the before item – unwrapping the shrink wrap with passion and then taking out all of the little drawers so the tree was ready for her paint.
Ally painted the tree green and Becky cut out patterned paper to cover each drawer with. She then glued them on and applied a layer of modge podge over the paper to seal and protect it.
Ally still needs to paint the star gold and Becky and I need to come up with 25 treats or surprises to put in each drawer. If you have any ideas we’d love them- it can’t be more than 1 1/2 inches square! so tiny treats.
Ally keeps asking me if we have filled it with treat yet. I explain, not until December 1, (Saturday) and then it will be full for her.
I love starting new family traditions and I think this is a great one. And both Becky and I really like the way it came out.

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