Monday, December 17, 2018

Middle School Dance!

Ally went to her very first school dance Friday night. It’s been a big deal. What to wear. Boys. The usual middle school drama.
Ally’s friend Colette came over before the dance and they went together and then they walked home to our house after the dance with Willow and Cata. (Willow and Cata are on student council so they were at the dance early to set up.)

They ended up walking home with 13 boys going over to Sophocles’ house. Becky and I were laughing at the site the group must have been with 17 kids walking down the street. Very loud 11 and 12 year olds.

The girls said they had fun. They did not eat anything so we fed them pasta and carrot sticks and ice cream for dessert. And they had fun together. 
The girls didn’t go home until after 10pm and Ally woke up at 6am for her usual 4 hour practice Saturday morning.  

Ally requested waves in her hair. After some google research and the purchase of a wide barrel curling iron I was successful! She loved her hair.

What to wear was a challenge. But in the end Ally wore an acid washed black denim skirt. It was a faux wrap with an asymmetrical hem. Her top was rose gold  colored glitter smocked. She loved it. 
Paired with her sparkly silver high tops. It was age appropriate, comfy and she felt great.

I told her if it was over 40 degrees she didn’t have to wear tights or leggings. She got lucky it was 45.

Her peeps. Ally with Willow, Cata and Coco (aka Colette).

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