Wednesday, December 19, 2018

New pet!

Ally and I have been missing having a cat. Becky not so much.
Ally and I went to visit the animal shelters we got  Carl, Bryce and Nali from. At the first one the car we went to visit wasn’t for us. There was a kitten but I didn’t love it.

So then we went to the second shelter. The most adorable kitten was available. 

So adorable. Both the girl and kitten.
We texted Becky from the shelter. What could she say?

So home with us came the kitty. 
She was found at the dump and brought to the animal rescue league. They think she was about 8 weeks then the ARL cleaned her and her litter mates up, spayed her and microchipped. And warned us that she is “under socialized” which means she will need some extra patience and love. She tends to hide and is hesitations people. But once you get past her hissing she lets you pick her up and hold her. And if you pet her she purrs. 

Cloey isn’t allowed in Ally’s room for now. It’s the room the kitten lives in. Next week we will let her explore the house a little.

Willow met Daisy the kitten.

Every morning I take a picture of Ally bonding with Daisy.

Very happy girl.

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