Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chore Chart

Ally is loving girl scouts. This session the girls are working on earning their Daisy Flower badge - and each petal of the flower represents a part of the Girl Scout Law:

Last week she made a chore chart and in order to earn the ornage petal "responsible for what I say and do" she was supposed to perform each task each day and then we put a sticker on the day to illustrate that it was done. Then we brought the completed chore chart back the girl scouts the following week.

Girl Scouts meets on Mondays so our week started on Tuesday.

Tuesday's chore was to wash dishes:

Wednesday to do laundry:

First we sorted the clothes from the hamper in Ally's room and here she is putting her dirty clothes in the washing machine.

Learning how to fold the clean dry clothes and put them in the laundry basket.

Thursday's chore was to "go to school" Ally said one of leaders at Girl Scouts suggested that as a chore, since it is something they as children are responsible for doing.

Ally was quite brave and adventuresome playing afterschool.

swinging from a very high rope


Friday's chore was set the table.

We had friends over for dinner so Ally set the little table for her and Stella and Violet.

Saturday was clean your room:

Becky helped Ally empty and sort some containers that Ally stores things in. Ally's room is usually very neat - but that is because she stores things in baskets or bags. So there is not much clutter or mess visible but there is mess. I think Ally was relieved to have some help putting away things.

Taking craft supplies to her craft storage area.

Sunday's chore was sweep the floors.

Ally was so excited every day to accomplish her task.

Monday was feed the cats.

The completed chore chart - with a sticker for each day that she accomplished the task. I think its fair to say that she conquered the task for the week - which was to "do what I say I will do".

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Anonymous said...

Good job, Ally! Keep up the great work on doing your chores!
Grandma Debbie