Friday, December 7, 2012

Beauty Treatment


These are sock hands.

Ally does not like to wear mittens, and frankly on the playground it is not safe to wear mittens and climb on structures and hang like she does so I don’t fight it too much. I just make sure she always has a pair in her pockets if she gets cold.

But recently her hands have been getting really chapped. The red cracked and hurting kind of chapped. We tried lotion but it burned and she cried. So I suggested a “beauty trick, like mommy and mama do” and we slathered her hands in Vaseline and then covered them in socks right before bed. Then Ally sleeps with the socks on her hands and wakes up in the morning with soft hands. She has done this for several nights now, and loves the way it feels. She also likes that Vaseline is not cold like regular lotion and it does not hurt her chapped skin at all. It feels funny like glue she says, but good and the socks are comfy on her hands.

I was really channeling my Grandma Mimi who swore by Vaseline. She used to slather it on her face at night!

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