Friday, August 31, 2012

Arizona Day 1

We went to Flagstaff Arizona August 18-23.
Ally at the Phoenix airport waiting patiently for our flight to Flagstaff. As usual Ally was a very good traveler, and received compliments from our fellow travelers.
When we arrived Becky, and Gruncle put on their Life is Good T-shirts so thy could match Ally.
Gruncle and Aunt Suzie gave Ally her shirt 2 years ago when we visited.
Aunt Suzie had her Achilles tendon surgically repaired the day before we arrived so she was on the bed or on the couch with her foot up most of our visit. Ally didn't mind snuggling before bed in their bed!
In the morning Ally showed Gruncle how to play games on her leapster.
We went for a swim

Ally and Aunt Suzie watched Lion King together.
Becky took a nap
Gruncle colored with Ally
Aunt Suzie and Gruncle gave Ally a book of bible stories for children and read her one everyday. I think this day it was the story of Noah. Then everyday they would quiz Ally on all the stories. She did pretty well.
Ally was so good all week - happy - and fun to be with.
We went for a walk to the pond to go fishing
Look closely - that is Aunt Suzie waving down at us from her living room window.
Ally tried fishing, but this first day we did not have any live bait and it got boring really fast.
So Ally went exploring with Gruncle
On the way back Ally found some really big dandelion-like things. She thought it was awesome how huge they were. And they were easy to blow just like dandelions.
Gruncle, Ally and Becky playing Memory
Guess who won? Look closely - it was Ally -- her pile is a lot bigger.
Aunt Suzie read a bedtime story to Ally.

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