Friday, August 17, 2012

Guatemala Girls August

We hosted the August get together. We only had 4 girls attend (Gabi stayed home) but we did have 5 Guatemalans, because Roxie's brother Charlie came too!

 Charlie walked in our house and was a bit skeptical about coming to a play date full of girls. But as soon as we showed him all of our Lego's (pictured here are Becky's from when she was a kid) he was thrilled. Roxie, Rosa and Ally got in on the Lego fun too. The 4 of them played for about 30 minutes until Alice arrived.

 Then it was off to the park to frolic in the fountain

 first up was the monkey bars

 The fountain was a big hit as usual

 Ally was not so sure she wanted to get wet

 Even Rosa's mom Julie got in on the fun

 Julie (Rosa's mom), Cheryl, Mary Beth and Becky - getting some rays watching the kids

 Dumping a bucket of water on one's head seemed to be a favorite activity. Above is Alice and below is Rosa.

 Mary Beth helped her kids, Charlie and Roxie use the see-saw

 We took a break for a snack picnic
 Back at home Ally, Roxie and Rosa put on a performance.

 Alice watched and cuddled with her mom

 Just before time to leave everyone had a Popsicle

It was a fantastic play date!

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