Monday, August 6, 2012

Fun Sunday

Sunday we decided to spend the day at home. It was REALLY hot - but mid morning we turned the air conditioners on so it was nice and cool in our house. We tend to schedule and make plans and we had later afternoon plans to go to a concert and out to dinner, and we had talked about a beach trip or raspberry picking but in the end we were all in the mood for quiet time at home.
Becky is working on a quilt.
I finished my last Longmire book - the 8th in the series I have been reading voraciously this summer.
Ally crafted and played by herself for much of the morning.
She asked for some family time - all 3 of us together.

 She has been drawing pictures of our family this week - the one above she did at summer camp. It is hanging on our fridge.
 The one above is in her journal  she drew in our cat Nali but has not yet drawn Carl.
And she has been practicing for school She wrote out her long name Alejandra all by herself. We talked about how it would be good to know how to spell it and read it, since she was starting in a new class for kindergarten soon and somethings might have her long name on it and not just Ally.
As is pretty typical for Ally right now - she objected to my suggestion at the time - but then later she did it. I am learning she does this more often now than ever before, but its OK- I find if I give her sometime to adjust or accept the idea then she will do it.

 So happy to be working on a craft project.

 Lunch - Ally asked to try something new - so I made her a cheese quesadilla - she did not like it but at least she asked to try something and then did try it - she had about 4 bites. She did love her watermelon, blueberries with some powdered sugar which she LOVES and then some carrots and pasta were exchanged for the rejected quesadilla.

 After lunch (still in her pajamas) Ally had lemonade and popcorn and watched Aladdin. She was so excited because its not scary to her any more. She watched it with Lauren the day before and loved it.
I think Ally's favorite part of the day was staying in her pajamas until it was time to go to the concert. It was about 3:00PM when she finally got dressed.
I was pretty pleased though that earlier in the day she put lotion on all by herself when her skin started to feel itchy!
 Eating cracker jacks at the concert

 Singer E.liza.beth M.itchel and her daughter Storey performing. Ally loves that they perform as a family, Daniel the dad/husband play the guitar as well.

 But about 20 minutes into the 45 minute concert Ally snuggled in to me and actually fell asleep!
Becky and I were astonished. But it reinforced our decision not to attend large shows or performances with Ally. We sometimes think about a play or the circus but Ally tends not to like crowds or loud places and considering she fell asleep during her favorite singer it will be awhile before we do anything else!

Here we are - all 3 of us in our stripes! (Yes that was intentional and its about as matchy matchy dressed as we get.)
Ally was so tired we skipped dinner out at our favorite place and instead went home and put Ally straight to bed - she was asleep at 6:20 PM.

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