Monday, August 27, 2012

Making a kite

Before we went to Arizona, on the morning we were leaving Ally started a project. She actually said "I want to do a project" and proceeded to construct a kite.
All on her own without help from Becky or I.
She took two pieces of paper towel taped and then stapled them together to create the kite. Then Ally stapled a bunch of scrap pieces of paper together to create the tail.
That was done the morning we left.
The night we got back she asked about the kite and starting back in on it (5 days later).
That evening she put together the string - she cut a very long length of gimp and wound it around an empty paper towel tube.
 In the morning she she woke up she went right back to work on the kite - she stapled paper to the paper towels so she could decorate the kite itself with hearts, rainbow stripes and shiny stickers.

She was so pleased with the final result.
We flew it in the breeze of the fan in the living room.

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