Sunday, July 7, 2019

CA Road Trip Day 3: The Redwoods

Well first it was watching The World Cup. It was awesome to see the USA win.

Then it was goodbye to the hotel

And a very winding 90 minutes of driving to the Redwoods. 

First stop was the “Drive Thru Tree” 

Becky walked thru while Ally was in the car with me.

We made it thru!

Then on to the Humboldt State Forest.
We stopped at the visitors center and got some information on walks to take thru different groves of Redwoods.

It was stunning to drive the Avenue of the Giants.

Hollowed out with a diameter wider than Ally’s not quite 5’ height.

The widest tree in the park is below; 57’ in circumference:

But we tried to get a picture all the way to the top. It was impossible.

Ally had fun posing on the fallen trees:

We drove on to Founders Grove where we walked a short half mile loop and saw more amazing trees.


I put Ally on my shoulders to show how big the cavity was inside this tree.

But when she reached up she touched a spider web!!! And then wiped her hands in my hair!!! 

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