Tuesday, July 9, 2019

CA Road trip Day 4: Part 2 River Rafting

Hell’s Hole was rough:

The rafting place has a photographer stationed near this rapid taking pictures. Of course we bought the photo package. Once home we will upload more pictures. 

But we all fell in. Ally and I ended up under the boat, which our guide warned us could happen and we stayed calm and made our way out. It happens so fast. 
The pictures are hilarious and terrifying.

Here we are after we got back into the boat:

But Ally was still 2 thumbs up. 
I actually considered getting off the raft and walking back. It was 90+ degree heat but I was not happy. Or having any fun other than watching Ally have fun.

This is my face when I heard we had 3 more sets of Class 3 rapids to go thru.

That is Ally’s face.

These are what the rapids look like when you’re done

Finally we made it back.

Ally and our fabulous guide Molly:

We are exhausted and I don’t ever plan on Class 3 rapids again. The class 2 were fun. 3 was just terrifying.

We changed into dry clothes and hit the road, driving along the River we just paddled.

And my sleepy girl:

It really was an unforgettable experience. 

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