Monday, July 8, 2019

CA Road Trip Day 4: Rafting the Trinity River

This summer during their drive to camp Ally and Becky answer a couple of conversation cards each day. One day it was about method of transportation. And the subject of river rafting came up and they both said it was something they wanted to try.

Becky recapped this to me a couple weeks ago, so when I was trip planning last weekend, and came across a place that was on our road trip we talked about it as a family and decided to do it. 

We booked a full day trip leaving from Big Flat CA, population 28 people. It was a 90 minute drive from our hotel in Eureka and then we were with our guide for about 6 hours. On the water for about 5 hours.
The trip included lunch and time for cliff jumping, which we declined to do, and was billed as 

This trip is great for first timers or seasoned veterans, making it a customer favorite. Everyone grabs a paddle and working together we make our way through numerous class II and III rapids such as The Slot, Z- drop, Hell’s Hole, Pinball, and Fishtail.” 

Well it was hard. Fun. But hard. Ally loved it. More smiles today than any other day. But as soon as we got in the car afterwards she said “I’m tired” and when we drove another 90 minutes east to our hotel in Redding she said on arrival in our room “I’m burned out”. Needless to say we had takeout in our room and are resting. It should be an easier day tomorrow. Interstate driving and back to San Francisco for 4 more nights. And Beth joins us tomorrow!

Pictures from the day. 

Ally a little nervous in the van on the way to the “put in point”. 

Family selfie!

I think the helmets should have clued me in to how hard it was going to be.

All set to go.

It was a beautiful day on the river. 

We stopped for a break and to re-apply sunscreen. And I put on a long sleeve shirt for the rest of the day. No sunburn for me!

Ally and Becky searched for rocks to skip.

Ally loved it.

We play a game on the raft: stand on the front while the rest of us turned the boat in a circle. Ally fell forward in to the boat.

But not Becky

She feel right in.

Our first class 3 rapids were up next.

We made it thru and then stopped for lunch.

More rock skipping and of course a gymnastics pose.

They were really in their element.

I was really just there for the two of them.  I’d have been happier in the car reading all day. But we did it.

Her smile was plastered on her face all day.

Here we are ready to hit Hell’s Hole a tough class 3 rapid. 

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