Friday, May 26, 2023

School Fashion

This was Ally’s last week of classes. She is going on a school trip to Puerto Rico tomorrow for 5 nights. 
Then next Friday she has school to celebrate the end of 10th grade and the whole school comes together to present what they learned during their adventures. 

So last week of classes and Ally agreed to a photo a day to document fashion in 10th grade.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

First half of May 2023

We are finally getting some warmer weather and sun after weeks of rain. It’s a very unusual life rhythm for us lately. Since her concussion has Ally out of sports she has no after school commitments. For the first time ever. So I pick her up after school at 3 and most days she comes home, eats a snack and takes a nap. Then we watch some TV, have dinner and then she does homework for a couple of hours before bed. Everyday someone has a medical appointment. Therapy, nutrition counseling, OT, acupuncture, check up, dentist. It's crazy. But that is life right now. 

Our pets continue to be a huge source of joy and comfort to us. 

sometimes Daisy is a pain, like when Ally is trying to do her homework.

We played JackBox together on our Apple TV one Friday night. We used to do this during the COVID shut down 3 years ago. We had lots of fun.

Every day Ally comes home from school and naps. She loves having Cloey to snuggle with.

We got pedicures together one Sunday.

Snuggles with Daisy always get Ally to smile.

Our most recent puzzle. I sorted it all and then Ally helped me out it together.

It was a rough day. It was the all-school Prom and anxiety and stress were pretty high. Ally worked hard to take care of herself and stay calm. In the end she decided not to go to prom and stayed home and did homework.

It was a disappointment but she rallied and we are so proud of her for taking care of herself and talking with us about what she needed.

Becky and Beth went to the Arboretum for their “hike” and enjoyed the lilacs and other Spring flowers.

Cloey did too.

Weekend relaxing while listening to an audio book! Yes Ally decided on her own to download a book to her phone and listen. Another amazing example of self care.

Warmer weather means a return to distressed jeans and tank tops to school. And a rare appearance of Jordan’s for school. Sunny days with no rain in the forecast mean it’s safe for these sneakers to be out in public.

Breakfast in bed with pets.

Guatemala Girls meet up at the mall.

Mother’s Day brunch just us moms and our daughter.

And the pug.

It’s been a pretty good month. Now we’re counting down the last 10 days of school for Ally and trying to finish up our home improvement projects. 

Sunday, April 23, 2023

April 2023 (most of it)

This month was lots of rest from the concussion. Driving practice, getting ready for Easter and looking ahead to Prom.

Beth came over and we painted Easter decorations 

They came out so cute

School day fashion
This year Ally has been getting her nails done. It means a 90 minute appointment at the nail salon every 3 weeks. But she loves the results.

Before school fashion looks

We are making a concerted effort to get to school on time this semester and that means Ally has to put her makeup on in the car on the drive to school! That’s what’s in the black bag in her hand. 

Ally got a 3rd piercing in her ear lobes.

She is thrilled and smiled so big when she saw the results. 

Trying to fill out a volunteer application for the MSPCA. Daisy is camouflaged in the gray for blanket making it challenging.

Reading her English book Kindred with Cloey all snuggled up.

TV watching with Daisy. We finished Grey’s Anatomy so we started watching House this month. It was one of my mom’s favorite shows. Feels good to watch it with Ally. 

We just got her mid-semester report card. Even with her concussion she is killing it academically. All A’s. Her teachers continue to share how she is participating and working hard. From challenge essay questions in English, to working well with others on their ecology project, she is really succeeding. And I’m just so proud of her. 

She really wants a Summer job in retail, so that is our current goal. It’s not that easy to get one at 16 but she is trying. 

March 2023

Aunt Martha has been good and not nagged me to blog more. I guess it’s just been a normal Spring with not a lot to say or do. Life is pretty uneventful other than vacations or holidays. 

But here is March in pictures. 

It’s not March without a Shamrock Shake. 

Hanging out on the couch with pets.

Screen shot of Ally’s Instagram 

Bi-weekly Sunday dinner to our church shelter.

More driving practice.

First time out on the road!!!

Meant a nap later.

Another shamrock shake

Lots of snuggles with pets.

Driving home from volleyball practice.

Game night with our preschool family friends. We played Taboo and Catchphrase. It was lots of fun.

Organizing Becky’s dresser with help from Aunt Beth.

Then our month took a turn. Ally was planning to play softball on her school team this Spring. But her first day of practice she got a concussion.
Doctors visits, a day home from school, bad headaches it wasn’t great. She is still now 5 weeks later getting some headaches but not as bad. 

To occupy her time we organized my closet. 

Did some easy puzzles

Organized some more things. This is our travel toiletries.

Organized Becky’s jewelry box 

Did another puzzle. I sorted it into the 12 pictures so Ally had small chunks to do.

And lots of rest. 

A new hoodie for Cloey. 

And I took on another driving student! Sophocles needs to learn and his mom hasn’t had her license long enough to teach him so I offered. It’s been fun. We usually drive on Saturday mornings.