Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Ally’s 1st 5k

Ally’s gym organized a team for a local color run 5k.
Ally’s usual response to running is to say “I hate running.” Or “I don’t like to run”.
But her teammate Stella wanted to run and no one else could or wanted to. So Ally agreed to do it. I brought her to Stella’s house and and picked her up there afterwards. The run was actually at Gillette Stadium (where the Patriots play and we saw Taylor Swift last year).

Handstands at Gillette 

The gym team!

Waiting to run.
Ally said they ran and walked. She and Stella stuck together. 

Ally had so much fun.

I’m so proud of her. 

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Grandparents Visit

First we celebrated Dave’s birthday. We had cookies not cake so he held a jar candle and blew that out.

Saturday morning the gang went to a new Escape Room

They had a blast.
Lots of games playing and conversation. The new house has plenty of room for us all to spread out.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Gymnastics Show & Update

Ally was able to perform in her annual gymnastics show this year. It was the same day as her ballet recital so Grandma and Poppy came for the weekend and were able to see Ally do both.

It was a 1980s theme. They performed to Rhythm is Gonna Get You by Miami Sound Machine. 
Ally has such a blast.

Then this past week she finally decided on floor music for her routine next year and met with the choreographer and they made up her new floor routine. Ally was so exited and so very very happy afterwards.

The music is by Lindsey Sterling an excerpt from Spontaneous Me. She loves it! 

Last night was the end of year Gymnastics Banquet. The girls get all dressed up.

Ally has 2 more weeks of practice and then its gymnastics summer camp.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Final Ballet Performance

Sunday was Ally’s final ballet performance. She has decided to focus completely on gymnastics and will not continue ballet. This is entirely Ally’s decision and Becky and I are supportive of it.
While I am sad to see her stop dancing, it has been too much and Ally will practice 5 days a week for 18.5 hours in the fall.  

Some flashback pictures:

First day of ballet 5 years ago and last day of class last week.

From 2015 when Grandma Debbie came to visit to see Ally’s first recital




And 2019:

Look how much taller she is!!!

And so much more grown up. 

This year I dropped her off outside the venue and she went in all by herself with her costume and stuff. 

In 5 months she will be a teenager. Where does the time go?

Saturday, June 1, 2019

May 2019 in Review

Cloey turned 5 years old!

Playing on her phone after school.

Taking selfies and editing them!

Cuddling Daisy

See Daisy even sleeps with Ally!

Sometimes Ally looks so grown up it kills me. 
This was one morning before school.

These are from after school, we were just about the leave for practice and she was humoring me by posing. 

Ally decided to apply to a youth explorers program with our local police department. Above she is writing her application essay. Fingers crossed she gets in!

I really was not kidding about her cat!

It’s been a very long month. We are all glad that school summer vacation will start in less than 3 weeks!