Sunday, November 22, 2020

November 15-21, 2020

Ally’s birthday week! COVID continues and the pandemic is getting worse which brings more stress to our lives. 

Orthodontist appointment on Wednesday. Long 1 hour appointment with X-rays and molds. The orthodontist has been working not to pull a tooth but it looks like it needs to be done. We will hear the verdict this week. Other than that the doctor is thrilled with the progress and thinks Ally’s braces will be off by the start of her freshman year; so another 9 months but not too bad.

Ally got happy birthday flowers from her friend Maya a day late.

Thursday was delivery day.

A new fleece jacket from Grandpa Frank. She loves the color and says it’s cozy.

Ally asked for an off the shoulder top for her birthday. This gray sweatshirt one is perfect for her.

We put a galaxy light in Ally’s room and it is amazing.

Lunch break.

TGIF: school with Daisy.

Cupcakes made and ready for delivery to Ally’s 2nd birthday party. 

Before the party Ally had to write a few thank you notes. And she took a short break with Cloey on the couch. 
We did not coach her on what to write and this is her note for Grandpa Frank. So sweet.

Ally asked us if she could do something with her teammates for her birthday. Our outdoor space is not large enough to host them all. And we don’t have a garage or any other space. So I looked at places that might be appropriate and COVID safe for a teen party. One of the other gym moms had been raving about ArcheryBoston. 

I checked with all the team parents, and everyone was ok with this. It was indoor in a large warehouse type place. The girls wore their own masks inside of a large enclosed safety mask while playing. Ally above was learning how to shoot the bow and arrow.

The girls drew straws for teams. Above the is blue team and below the red team. 

It was kind of like dodge ball with bow and arrows. 

They had lots of fun and played for over an hour.

Then cupcakes (and seated away from each other).
We had the party before practice and then drove all the girls to the gym for their Saturday afternoon practice. 

After practice back at home posing with her gifts.

Teammate collage! And some other fun things. 

Next up is Thanksgiving! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Ally’s 14th Birthday

I can hardly believe Ally is 14 years old. It just seems so old and grown up. It’s been a pretty unbelievable past year from all her mental health battles, a 7 month break from gymnastics, COVID, remote school, changing friendships and navigating boyfriends and break ups. 

But yesterday was her birthday and we celebrated with her favorite food for dinner; chocolate chip pancakes, fresh berries and scrambled eggs. Ally did not even want dessert, just the candle in the pancakes. Beth came over to celebrate and we had a fun time.

Ally humored me with a photo during her snack break from school. 

Her current favorite lunch: homemade chicken and rice soup, Ritz crackers, apple, homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and lemonade.

Ally was dying to open presents but had agreed to wait until after practice to open them when Aunt Beth was here too. But she begged to open at least a card before practice. She chose the one from Grandma and Poppy.

Mama got new glasses! 

Home from practice and ready for gifts!

She was delighted with cash in cards and so thankful for extended family who send cards with or without cash. Ally read every card and smiled with humor and delight.

She is reading her note from Poppy. She hadn’t realized earlier that there were 2 notes in the card, one on the white paper from Grandma Debbie and the orange paper from Poppy.

Aunt Beth gave her a really pretty ring and an eye shadow palette.

Ally kept telling us she was scared to open the big gift. But when she did was was happy.

It was a mini fridge. She plans to keep makeup and beauty products in it on the 3rd floor.

We wrapped gifts and stocked the fridge with some of her requested beauty items.

Ally has been obsessed with the electric shampoo scalp massager. It vibrates. 

Some blue light glasses to protect her eyes with so much screen time. (And a cool filter background on the photos for fun)

Ally was a little scared of the sparkler candles! 

I really am so very proud of her and even more happy for her the young adult she’s become and how hard she works. So much love. 

Saturday, November 14, 2020

November 8-14, 2020

Corona cases are on the rise but so are our spirits. This week marked the start of Ally’s birthday celebrations. She will be 14 years old on the 16th. None of us can believe it. 

Sunday we went on a “car tour” at a private high school we are considering for Ally for next year.  Surprisingly Ally is open to it, after some talking about it and we are going to move forward with the application process. 

I made lots of Ally’s favorite chicken soup on Monday 

And Becky fell asleep on the couch watching TV with met. 

In the morning I bring Ally breakfast in bed and then I sit in her room and we chat. It’s a pretty nice way to start the day/

On Wednesday Ally and I got our hair cut. Above is before.

And after.

On our way to the eye doctor. Thankfully Ally’s eyes are the same as last year so she does not need new glasses or contacts! 

In the morning Becky eats breakfast with her UV light on.

Cuddling with her pets in the morning.

A fun birthdays present for he cousins.

Saturday we met up with our photographer at a Boston park.

Afterwards Ally spent the early afternoon lounging on her couch. Then she had practice. 

Birthday cupcakes I made.

While Beth and Becky decorate the back porch for Ally’s birthday party.

The decorations were a hit. 

Ally loves them, and today we hung up the ALLY in her room.

Hanging out with friends. Outside.


Olive and Daniela.

Cupcake time??!

Ally, Maya and Olive

After the girls left Ally opened presents after being a good sport and posing for picture with Aunt Beth and a balloon.

Face masks and chocolate and fuzzy socks from Maya.
Art supplies from Daniela.

A giant squishy ball from Olive 

And the most adorable and hilarious cat hat for Daisy. Also from Olive.

It was a fun party. Low key but fun.