Monday, August 24, 2015

More fun in Flagstaff

We started the day off with a hike.
We chose the 2 mile loop which in retrospect was probably not the best for Ally in the hot sun. But it was fun.
And beautiful scenery.

The walk has stations set up with different exercises. Ally was a master at them.

She has perfect form with her squats.
But she fell on the balance beam one at the end of the walk and that was it for her. She was hot and tired and hurt.

But when we got home we had special things greeting us! That is Coconut on the left, who Ally has had for 4 years now. Gruncle bought it for her on our visit  4 years ago. This year Ally brought him Bananas, the monkey in the middle and Grapes the purple one on the end for Aunt Suzie. 

It rained today so we had a quiet afternoon at home. We watched the DVD of Ally's ballet show, and played lots of games.

But the sun came out and we made a trip to the pool.

Ally held a butterfly!

It was Sunday night so we all went to church and stayed afterwards at Ally's request to watch the children's performance.

Then we went out for dinner at a Mecixan place.

Of course there was more game playing before bed.

Happy Ally because she won!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Flagstaff Thunder

We arrived in Flagstaff yesterday afternoon. Today Uncle Phil read about an airplane festival, so we went to check it out. It advertised free plane rides for kids and Ally said she wanted to do it. 

There was a shave ice stand so of course we got Ally one, and she chose the rainbow flavor! Memories of Hawaii.

Checking out the planes with mama and Gruncle.

The Chick-fil-a cow seems to be a common figure at all Flagstaff festivals. Ally walked away when Gruncle asked her to pose with him. But she agreed to do it with Aunt Suzie.

Waiting for her airplane ride. We signed Ally up for a kids ride, and she waited patiently for her turn.

Posing in front of her plane, a Cessna 182. She went up with 2 Boy Scouts.

All buckled in and ready for takeoff.

She waved to us.

As they drove away.

Her plane in the air! It was about a 20 minutes flight.

Landing and taxi-ing to us.

Exiting the plane. Always graceful, even getting out of a plane in a maxi dress!

She loved it!

Posing with the pilot.

Her certificate.

We heard a speech about the Tuskegee airmen, and afterwards we asked for a picture with one. He was very gracious. He is 90 years old and is one of the original pilots who flew in WWII.

Walking with Aunt Suzie in search of shade.

What is Ally watching in the sky?

The sport planes flying in formation. It was amazing.

Then it was back to The Ranch, lunch and some rest and reading time. We'll head over to the pool later. It's so much fun to be here. Tomorrow we are going hiking and then on Monday we are riding the Grand Canyon railway! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Loch Lyme the end of the week

 The forecast for the our last full day was sunny and mid 80s. Another fantastic day at the lake.

Selfie with mommy.


The girls agreed to empty their bucket of caught fish after one jumped out!

Fisher-Moms. Our biggest catches all week.

Sunny family picture.

It was hot by 10am and Ally was in the lake.

I love this picture!

Taking a snack break with Cloey.

But then Ally got her second wind and went paddle boarding! She loved it.

At Ally's request we swam out to the dock with her.

And our friend Beth took a series of pictures of us jumping in to the lake together. 

Kind of embarrassing but fun.

Becky was a bit late in the timing. 

But there we are all under water. 

Beautiful sunset that night.

Ally twisted her ankle on an evening walk and iced it for a bit.

But managed to sleep fine. With Cloey under the covers so you can't see her.

Our final morning and departure day was amazing.

Even Cloey was on the dock! Ally at the start of the most amazing catching streak.
She caught 18 fish! In about an hour.

As the sun came out she stripped down to her swimsuit but was having so much fun she kept casting out again and again. Hilariously Becky and I caught just a few we did not have Ally's luck. 

There was a dead minnow near the dock, so Ally went in and snatched it up and then tossed it away in the weeds.

 We kept taking pictures of #15-18 this was the best one.

Cloey was fascinated with the fish.

Once we ran out of worms Ally was ready to take out the paddle board again.

She was such a pro.

Becky and Cloey joined Ally on the lake in a kayak.

Cloey looked like she would jump kayak for the paddle board!

But they all came back.

It truly was an amazing relaxing vacation.