Friday, February 28, 2014

Art Night at School

Last night the Art teacher at Ally’s school hosted an Art Night. Families were invited to come back to school for dinner and a painting party. The students worked on their own re-creation of Starry Night


Earlier in the day Ally finished one of her color by number masterpieces!


At Art Night Ally worked next to her friend Olive.


So intent and focused! Ally did a great jojb layering on the paint and blending colors.


Clemens and his mom were there, and lots of other friends too.


Our family!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Florida 2013–Great Trip!



Reading books to Grandma. Walking down to the beach.


Digging a giant hole at the beach. Yes she is hamming up for the camera, not afraid she fell in!


After the beach it was pool time. We had beautiful weather and swam every day. We went to the beach most days, but not every day.




Ally requested that we rent a stroller again this year so we could go on morning walks. We do this every year – for 7 years now! I told her this was the last year. But it did get me out to exercise and walk every day. She also collected shells.


One afternoon we went out to the pool and this was the site! It was so comical I had to take a picture. My dad is the one waving with no noodle.



Every year we eat at an outdoor restaurant that has lots of birds around. Ally calls it the “bird place” it did not disappoint – I think we saw 9 different birds.  Becky even did an impression of a pelican:


It was so funny!


That night we walked down to the beach for the sunset, another tradition for us.


Ally is getting so grown up. She even started wearing her hair in braids on this trip.


Playing Leapster with Grandma. Eating cereal at the pool.


Becky, all covered up at the pool. A couple of days we were watered and sunned out and so the three of us went shopping. We found a neat bookstore and had dinner out just the 3 of us.


I was pretty proud of the pedicure I gave Ally before we left for Florida – complete with sparkly flower stickers.


Every day Ally watched a movie – and the same movie all week. My Friend One afternoon we went into town and had mini-donuts. Yes it looks like we got ice cream, but that is not what we actually did. There is a little stand that sells fresh made mini-donuts so we did that, and just had to take pictures with the giant ice cream cone. Then we shopped a little at a fun gift shop.




On our last day Ally had a play date with her friend Carly. Carly and her mom were in Sarasota to visit her grandma too. The girls had fun swimming and playing on the beach.



Thank you to Carly’s mom for these fantastic pictures!

On our last day in Florida we said good bye to Grandma and Grandpa and went to see Wi.nter the star of the movie Dolphin Tale.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Valentine’s Day 2014

Aunt Beth came for one night on February 13 on her way to her two week trip to South East Asia. We made Valentine cookies, opened some gifts and were just happy to see her.


Rolling out the dough and decorating with sprinkles never gets old.


We gave Aunt Beth some travel goodies, EmergenC, power bars stuff like that for her trip. She gave Ally a really cute seed starting kit.


Then on Valentine’s Day after school Ally got her bangs trimmed (and long hair braided in a fancy way) and we opened out family gifts. Becky and I got homemade cards and chocolate.


Ally was thrilled with her card, a new stuffed animal and a book.


She also got a watch! Ally has been really into telling time lately. She loves telling us exactly what time it is…9:45, now its 9:46, now its 9:47 AHHH it gets to be a little annoying. But she can also tell time on an analog clock, so we got her an analog watch.


But what Ally was most thrilled with was $5.00 bills from her grandparents. Ally used the money to buy some fun stuff in Florida; a Frozen sticker book and a dolphin necklace.