Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mother and Daughter Fun

It seems recently we’ve been splitting up with Ally. I have been really busy with work, so sometimes at night I have to do some work, and then on weekends, Ally and I hang out so Becky can get her grading and planning done.
Ally has been getting tired of eating the same things and asked to try some new things. We suggested Ants on a Log – you know the peanut butter on celery with raisins on top. Turns out Ally did not like that, but she did like another creation “Ants on a Table” it’s a slice of carrot, with a dollop of peanut butter topped with a raisin. Who can figure out this palette?

We made cupcakes the day after our 2 birthday parties last month, because none of stayed long enough to get dessert at our parties!
I think its clear Ally loves sprinkles.
I have been trying to get back to the gym and reintroduce exercise into my regular routine. I find its hard to find time. So Ally and I have started going swimming together after school one day a week. It was brutally cold our first day, and Ally complained about going in the car ride there. But I explained about how mommy (and Ally) need exercise and so we should go and do it together. I think she really got the point and then stopped complaining and had a blast. We swam for an hour. The picture on the right is a paper Ally brought home from school. It says in Spanish “I go sledding with my mama” Becky was so touched, and pleased. And that is something Becky and Ally do together.
Ally and I saw the D.isney movie Frozen one Sunday – it was lots of fun, and yes Ally brought her special penguin with us – Snowi is a favorite right now.

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