Tuesday, October 4, 2022

September 27-October 6, 2022

The Jewish Holidays of Rosh Hoshana and Yom Kippur mean short weeks at school for Ally, only 4 days and then this weekend she has a 4 day weekend for Indigenous People’s Day and parent teacher conferences. 

Sometimes I text Ally pictures of her pets. This week Daisy posed.

Sunset on the drive back to school to pick her up after a game. Her team is still undefeated.

Before school picture.

After school opening a really generous back to school gift from Great Aung Martha and Uncle Phil.

Cloey had a milk goatee and she could not figure out how to get it off. Her tongue only goes up not down. She was a bad dog and drank up the leftover milk from Ally’s cereal bowl. But she looked so ridiculous we couldn’t be mad.

Saturday the whole 10th grade class went on to a local indoor Amusement/Fun park, bowling, laser tag and some arcade tag. Ally is on the right watching the air hockey game. This picture was courtesy of the school social media.

Sunday on our way to Guatemala Girls. She’s holding a very pretty red fall leaf.

Gabi, Ally & Roxie. We’ve been meeting up at a local mall, the girls shop and the moms lunch. It’s hard to schedule monthly get togethers any more but it’s still so nice to see each other when we can. 

Ally was in such a good mood she posed again!

Walking to class on Monday morning.


Lazy day off from school morning snuggled with pets watching tv in bed.

Cloey is so needy lately. She really misses Becky and Ally while they are at school. This is from today. Ally had a late start to school and was about to do a Telehealth appointment in her room and Cloey snuggled right in. 

Fall 2022. This really captures Ally to me. Her smile/smirk, cropped sweater from Flagstaff, Nike Blazers on her feet, loose fit jeans (took a while to find some that weren’t too big and we had to size down to a 000 in some), and loose wavy hair.  It is a gorgeous day here today and she was looking forward to getting to school. 

Monday, September 26, 2022

September 19-26, 2022

Life. It just never stops and seems like we can’t ever catch a break.

This week Ally developed an infection in her big toe, looks like an ingrown toe nail. It hurt a lot, we soaked it, she went to school but the 2nd day her toe was swollen, hot to the touch and looked clearly infected. The pain woke her up at 430am. So she woke me up. 
We were able to get her into the doctor and she got a prescription for antibiotics.

But she missed most of a day of school. 

On a positive note her volleyball team continues to win. But on Friday one the girls took a bad fall and they had to end the game and she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Ally was really freaked out by the entire experience. Thankfully it was Friday night and she could take it easy over the weekend. Her teammate is going to be ok. 

We had some family time getting our nails done on Saturday and Sunday I watched football while the rest of my family napped. Then Becky and Ally played PS5 for a while. 

Pretty typical after school look. On the couch, with her cat. 

I went to her volleyball on Wednesday. Ally is the 3rd player in on the left side. (Coach is in the pink shirt.)

At the end of the game the players on the bench all huddle together to cheer for match point. 

Friday morning. I laughed at Ally being so flexible she put her foot up on the back of the couch to tie her shoe!

It felt like Fall. Ally even brought a coat to school.

Saturday, Cloey was cuddling, hugging her lamby.

So happy to see us when we got home from the nail salon.

Sunday naps

We got our pottery back.

Ally had today off for Rosh Hoshana. Her pets were very happy.

Monday, September 19, 2022

September 12-18, 2022

Not much to report. And not many pictures. 

Ally has school 8-3 every day. Practice is after school. Varsity Volleyball practices 430-600 on Monday & Tuesday, 315-445 on Wednesday & Thursday and 400-530 on Friday. BUT when they have a game it’s a different schedule that day. So basically the schedule changes weekly. Last week they had 2 games and this week they have 3. Ally has not had much playing time but she said it’s ok. She’d rather be on the bench with varsity then play a lot on JV. She feels her skills are improving and the other players are much more serious. They won their first 2 games and last year on JV they did not win a single game all season. 

Ally met with a new nutritionist that she liked, also had an appointment with her eating coach and of course weekly therapy and one other medical appointment. If you’re counting that is 4 appointments last week! This week it’s back to 2 and we hope to keep it at 2 most weeks. 

Cloey is struggling with Becky and Ally gone all day. So she gets lots of love when they are home.

Becky got her 2nd COVID booster and her flu shot on Monday and had a pretty bad reaction. She was sick for 2 days. Ally and I decided to just get our booster on Saturday and other than a sore arm we were ok. We will get flu shots in a few weeks. 

An Ipsy package came.

Ally was so excited we got a load of her favorite bread at Panera. She ate 3 slices with dinner every night.

Friday casual look in sweatpants. She had an away game after school and wasn’t going to get picked up until 7pm. She was glad to have sweats and not jeans.

Cat and dog sharing space to be near Ally. It never gets old.

Cloey really wanted some of Ally’s pasta.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

First week of 10th grade!

Wow. Ally is a sophomore in high school. The first week has gone well. There are lots of new kids in her grade and Ally is thrilled about that and feels pretty good about making some new friends. 

But the very best news is that she made the varsity volleyball team. This is a goal she set for herself last Spring. She joined a club team, went to camps the summer and it paid off. We are so proud of her.

Tuesday was the first day of school. The day started with 90 minute volleyball practice so Ally went to school in her practice clothes. She changed after practice and met up with me for “registration” which was kind of crazy, lots of parents and kids getting some information about school programs, Ally got her picture taken for her school ID, and best of all she got a locker! We are so happy. Now she doesn’t need to carry her shoes to and from school each day for practice. 

Wednesday morning. It’s hard to get up with Cloey so cuddled in.

Becky’s first day outfit.

Wednesday was “orientation day” lots of get to know each other games and a 10th grade service project. 

Thursday was the first day of classes. I posted this to Facebook and Ally’s kindergarten teacher commented that she has the same smile as when he taught her.

So I looked it up and check it out! She does have the same smile and head tilt. 

Friday her volleyball team had a scrimmage after school. Ally came home and collapsed. Her pets want to be near her always.

Saturday Ally had 2 volleyball practices, 9-11 and 1-3 with lunch and a break at school between them. 
She came home, napped and showered and then we went over to Andy’s house to meet up with some friends for dinner.

I went inside to tell the teenagers it was time for dessert and found 4 of them like this. Erik playing piano, Andy accompanying Erik on the trumpet, Sophocles playing Minecraft and Ally on the floor playing on her phone. 

Ally, Violet & Stella.

We’ve been friends for a long time. 12 years now. So good to get together.

It was a fun, and exhausting week. 

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Happy Birthday Aunt Beth

Beth’s birthday was the first day of school. Not ideal for celebrating with us. So Beth agreed to come over for brunch the day before her birthday (Labor Day) to celebrate.

They had mimosas 

Becky made waffles and there was fruit and whipped cream too!

After our meal they played Ticket to Ride.

Cloey wanted to play too.

Cupcakes and singing.

And a birthday photo!