Tuesday, May 31, 2022

May 23-30, 2022 The Last Week of Classes

Ally was a really good sport and humored me this week and let me take a picture of her every day to commemorate the last week of classes. She does have to go to school until June 2 but the last 4 days are a an out of classroom experience. 



Tuesday I brought Cloey to pick Ally up at school. 

Ally walked her around the block when we got home

And was excited to open a Fab Fit Fun box.

Wednesday we took the picture in the car!

Becky wired Ally’s neon lights together.

Thursday saying goodbye to Cloey before school.

But Thursday we got delayed a little by Harvard graduation on the way to school. Graduates lining up as far as we could see and marching across the river and into Harvard Yard.


Last day of school took a lot out of her and she took a nap again after school. 

Cloey snuggled up right next her happy to have human to nap with.

We spent a lot of time relaxing and sprucing up our house over the weekend. Some clients/friends came over for dinner and games Monday night and we all had fun. It was a nice way to end out the weekend.

May 16-22, 2022

It was a very long week. Ally was not feeling well at all. She came home from school sick on Tuesday and did not go back to school until Friday. Luckily she was able to keep up with her academic work, and my flexible schedule meant I could be home to help support her. 

Monday morning snuggles with pets before school.

After school Monday taking pictures for her final Digital Photography project. 

Becky on the porch with her lap desk. AKA Cloey.

Ally fast asleep when she came home sick on Tuesday.

By Thursday she was feeling better and ate a really good lunch and colored and watched TV with me.

Thursday night, all ready for bed. 

Friday she came home after school and was asleep within minutes.

But after a nap she was rejuvenated and headed out to babysit for our neighbor.

Saturday was rough at 1am Ally was woken up by her cat trying to catch a GIANT bug that was crawling around her headboard.  Yikes! She was so creeped out she slept in our bed the rest of the night. These are pictures from the morning of Daisy (who was also freaked out) sleeping as close to Ally as possible. 

I did kill the bug. 

Sunday Ally met up with some new friends she made via Snap Chat at a local lake and went swimming.

Friday, May 20, 2022

May 14/15 Volleyball Tournament

Ally had her final volleyball tournament of the season. Becky took her both days.

Saturday before leaving (light blue shirts on Saturday dark blue on Sunday).

They lost all 6 games. Rough. But it’s been a fun team and great experience for Ally. She’s excited about 4 weeks of volleyball camp this summer.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

May 1-13, 2022

May is the last month of school for Ally. Technically her last day is June 3 but the final week is not regular classes. Hard to believe she is finishing up her freshman year of high school.

Sunday May 1 Ally had a volleyball tournament about 45 minutes away.  Becky took her. This is the only picture. I took it as they walked to the car.

Back home and pretty tired after the tournament 

Before school. 

After school, opening Ipsy and a special nail kit to do at home dip manicures.

Some TV watching

Ally’s photography class. This is such a great photo!

Ally decided not to go to her school prom this year. So instead we went to see the Bruins play in the NHL playoffs and we asked Olive to come with us. 

It was a blast. Afterwards Ally told me “this was way better than prom”

Saturday morning chat. 

Mother’s Day 2022. Ally and I worked on a puzzle.

And did her nails with the new kit.

We had waffles for dinner with Becky. But I don’t have any good pictures of that. 

After school snack and homework in the kitchen. Daisy always wants to be near Ally.

Then a nap before volleyball practice. Cloey is staring at the door waiting for Becky to come home.

After tennis tv and dinner with the pets. 

Friday was the first warm day of the year. And it brought lots of allergens. Poor Ally was beat. Her eyes were puffy and swollen and all red. She took her contacts out and used eye drops at school. She came home and we did more drops, some Benadryl a cool cloth and a nap. 

Finally some relief from the allergies.