Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wonderful Grandmas Part 2

My mom kind of asked me not to post this on the blog. I think she felt it was just for Ally and not really to be shared with the world. Its a letter she wrote to Ally after she was here taking care of Ally before preschool started. It is dated 9/21/09. But I told her the letter was so sweet and wonderful, and the main reason I blog is to document memories. I am afraid I might misplace the letter, so posting a scanned copy of it on the blog and it stays alive forever. It means a lot to me that Ally is creating such fun memories with her grandmas. My 2 grandmas were very special to me and it means so much that Ally have a similar experience.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wonderful Grandmas Part 1

This weekend Ally got special things from each of her Grandmas. This post is about Mr Kazoogi from Grandma Debbie. Grandma Debbie thought Ally might like a special something to hang from her backpack (or in Ally's case her lunchbox) that goes to school with her each day.

Grandma made a beautiful card with a spectactular hand-drawn picture of Ally on it (click on the picture to see it enlarged). Ally was very excited.

Posing with the card and wrapped gift

Opening up the present

So excited - Ally claps like this when she is so excited. She laughed at the the "ugly dolls" name Mr Kazoogie and said "that's silly"

She asked me what the ring was for and before I could answer she said it was so Mr Kazoogie could swing from her finger. I just love the creative thinking!
Of course she had to go show run to her room to introduce her other toys to Mr. Kazoogie.

I also want to draw attention to her new shoes. Ally's feet have finally grown a size. Her shoes were too small and she told me this weekend her "legs hurt" and kept tripping. So off to the mall we went for new shoes and yes her feet had grown an entire size - in about 2 weeks! All evening she talked about how her old shoes were "too small" and her feet were big now.

And for those of you who think I am the only parent slightly clothes-crazed for Ally I want you to know that Becky picked out the cool shirt Ally is sporting.

A smile for Grandma Debbie and Poppy.

Special Note - After reading this I think I may have slighted Poppy. Poppy Dave, if you helped shopped for and create the card then I am sorry to assume this was all Debbie's handi-work.

Monday, September 28, 2009

One more

"Its tricky" this is said when something is difficult. Like yesterday when Becky could not get the cup holder off the stroller. Ally said "its tricky" I'll go get mommy. I was laughing out loud it was so funny!

Friday, September 25, 2009

The things she says

Lately Becky and I just shake with silent laughter at some of the things Ally says.

Some examples:

"I fall up and get a booby." Yes you read that right, no it was not a typo. Ally was actually talking about the time she fell down on the sidewalk and got an owie/booboo on her knee.

"I love chips" followed 5 minutes later with "no chips today" We had burgers and salad with potato chips for dinner, and since it was a warm evening at Ally's request we ate out on the porch. Ally wanted cereal, no surprise, since frosted mini-wheats is what she eats at most meals lately. She saw us eating chips and asked for some. We told her she had to eat the bowl of cereal she had before chips. She dawdled around and the shredded wheat got all soggy in the bowl so she said "I don't like this" so I gave her dry pieces to eat - the same quantity as was left in the bowl. She agreed to eat it before chips. She ate 4 of the 5 then asked for chips. We told her no - she had to eat all of the pieces. So she got up, went to the door and said "no chips today"

Its also quite amusing to have your 3 year ask for "shredded wheat" and say "shredded wheat is my favorite" on a regular basis. Ally calls frosted mini-wheats, "shredded wheat"

"I don't want to" this just started this week, so I think its something one of the other children at preschool says. I've started telling her that sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do. Its part of growing up and getting to be a big girl. She seems to accept my reasoning and I hope I can help her to understand the concept. I know she'll still rebel and refuse, but Ally just seems to deal better with reasons for things, rather than none.

"That's silly" Whenever something funny happens.


"okay, I'll do that" is said after many requests we make of her. Not after all requests - she is 2, people!

"Ally Pumpkin Pie Stuff" when we ask her for her name. Julie was trying to get Ally to learn her last name, and would say to her "You're my Ally Pumpkin Pie (Last Name)!" Ally thought this was funny, and came up with "Pumpkin Pie Stuff!" and thinks it is hilarious.

"Mama! Smell my stinky feet!" followed by two sweaty feet pushing into your nose during a diaper change. All I can say is thanks Grandma Debbie.

This is a picture from Saturday. She looks so serious coloring. Right now she won't color for very long at a time. Becky thinks (and I agree) its because Ally wants to draw pictures and write and color things in, and just does not yet have that ability and so she gets quickly tired (frustrated) of coloring. Here she was drawing a picture on a birthday card.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mommy and Ally

With Becky back at work Ally and I have been spending a lot of time together, just the two of us. Its strange not to do everything as a family, a threesome. But Becky has to spend several hours each weekend on planning and prep work for the week ahead at school. So Ally and I run errands (shop) go on play dates or to a birthday party. Ally has quite the social calendar.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Like mother, like daughter

Becky's mom, Grandma Debbie, made this chef's hat and apron for Ally (I think it was for her birthday last year - that was 10 months ago) Ally has only recently decided its a great thing to play in. The other night she demanded that mama help her put it all on and then proceeded to cook us dinner. We get this grin a lot lately.

The title of the post "like mother, like daughter" is because every time I see the chef's hat and apron I am reminded of how much alike Becky and her mom are. And how they have the crafty sewing skills. Becky learned from her mom, and I hope Ally learns from Becky. What a wonderful skill to pass on.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Swim Lessons!!!

Last week Ally started swim lessons. This week I brought my camera and took some pictures!

I am so happy Becky is willing to get in the water with her.

Ally's friend Alice is in the same swim class with her dada.

Blowing bubbles

On another note, today was the first full day of preschool. It was a lot of walking for me, its about 30 minutes each way and I made the walk there in the morning with Ally and her babysitter to drop her off and then again this afternoon to pick her up. Phew, I am tired after 2 hours of walking and a full day of work. But today is the only day I had to do that much walking. Ally is tired too - she did not sleep at preschool today. Maybe tomorrow. She had lots of fun and we are so glad she is at this school. Then sent us an email this afternoon with a summary of the day and pictures too. It was great to get that in our email box before we even picked her up!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Grandma Barbie leaves tomorrow. Ally has been saying all week " Grandma Barbie is fun" today she told me "I'm going to miss Grandma Barbie". Becky and I will miss her too. Here are some pictures of the fun they had this week. Thanks mom for coming and helping us out.

Everyday they walked to the park. Grandma really likes the big girl swings.

So does Ally. They would swing and Ally would climb the ladder and together they would play restaurant.

One day they made hats for each of us.

Don't we look stylish - its an Ally Custom Creation. Let me know if you want one and I'm sure we can commission one for you too.

One night we tried to get a good family portrait.

After about 15 shots this was the best one.

On the 2nd day of preschool. Its important to note that Grandma Barbie named the 4 Mickey Mouses on her sweatshirt; Ally Mouse, Mama Mouse, Mommy Mouse & Grandma Barbie Mouse.

Tonight we went to out to our favorite seafood restaurant for a wonderful meal.

Now they are reading books in the other room. Every night Ally has Grandma read books in the living room before bed. I think my mom has read Monsters Inc about 30 times this week. Seriously 4 -5 times a day Ally makes her read it. What a good sport.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Today was the first day of preschool! It was an orientation day - 3 hours and the parents were able to stay the whole time. We go back on Friday for another "try-out" day and then Monday is half day 830-1230 and Tuesday starts 830-300. It was a blast! I have not edited any pictures - sorry for the red eye and such. Ally was so excited to start school today but did not want her picture taken!

I told her we needed a few pictures to show mama so then she started to cooperate!

Grandma Barbie went to preschool with us today!

Mommy and Ally

Walking down the steps to the car carrying her lunchbox!

climbing into the car

That is Iggy the class lizard in the cage.


Snack time

Outside in the play area.

Playing baseball with the teacher! Yes Ally learned how to swing the bat and hit the ball 3 times today! It was great! She and one of her classmates played together for a while.

Future softball star?

Maybe a gymnast? Please note that Ally climbed around the equipment and got to the bar all by herself. It was amazing.

Singing at the "gathering area" with Grandma Barbie. When asked what she wanted to sing Ally said Pio. It is her mama's favorite song off the E. Mitchell Little Bird album the correct title is Los Pollitos (The Little Chicks). I can't remember the spanish lyrics, but I helped her with the English version and Ally sang it loud and clear:
All the little chicks sing pio pio pio
When they are hungry
When they are cold
Mama chicken looks for some corn and some wheat
That will given them dinner
That will give them heat
Under her wing the chicks she'll keep
Until the morning
the little chickies sleep
Becky would have cried. It was so sweet to hear her sing for her class.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of a New Era

Today was the first day that both mommy (me) and mama (Becky) went to work. The first day in over 2 years (27 months to be exact) that someone other than Becky or I cared for Ally for the whole day. Of course it was harder on me than Ally and Becky is so busy at work with her class schedule I don't think it phased her. Our new babysitter Tara seems really great. Ally had a blast with her today and is looking forward to seeing her on a regular basis. They went to the grocery store, the park, played at home and Ally even took a 2 hour nap! Preschool does not start full-time for another week and half, but Ally seems fine with both of her moms working and talks about preschool starting soon. Her teachers come to the house on Friday for a home-visit. I am looking forward to meeting them.

In case you did not know Ally loves tire swings. Becky drew the picture above for her months ago.

On their last day together last week Becky took Ally to a park with a tire swing and Ally finally got to ride on one.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Visiting Gruncle and Aunt Suzie

Ally and I got back last night from 5 days in Arizona visiting my mom's brother, my Uncle Phil (aka Gruncle) and his wife, my Aunt Suzie. They live in Flagstaff and we had a wonderful trip and visit with them. This will be the first of a couple posts from our trip - I took a lot of pictures and we did lots of fun things that I want to record. My favorite part of the trip was how Ally became friendly with them as she got to know them. When we got back last night she told Becky "Gruncle is silly". That is true and she had lots of fun.
We went to the library and picked out some books to read. It was a great thing to do and I got books that I thought Ally would like, but we don't have at our house so they would be different. Aunt Suzie and Gruncle would read the books to Ally each night. This first night (above) Ally would not get close to Gruncle - she sat in a different chair several feet away.

Then the 2nd day she would stand next to them as they read books.

3rd night she asked Gruncle to sit on the couch with us.

4th day she allowed them to push her stroller - a big step!

Walking alongside Aunt Suzie to look for the fish in the pond. (the pond is actually the water trap in the golf course!)

Finally our last night there Ally shared a chair with Aunt Suzie!

And sat with Gruncle on the couch without me!

It made my heart swell. I love Ally so very much and one of my greatest joys as her mom is to share her with people that I love and that love me (and her too). It is something I just never thought about before becoming a mom and maybe all parents feel that way, but for me its the best thing.

The silly trio!
Thank-you Aunt Suzie and Uncle Phil. Ally and I had a wonderful time with you and really appreciate your hospitality and generosity.