Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Like mother, like daughter

Becky's mom, Grandma Debbie, made this chef's hat and apron for Ally (I think it was for her birthday last year - that was 10 months ago) Ally has only recently decided its a great thing to play in. The other night she demanded that mama help her put it all on and then proceeded to cook us dinner. We get this grin a lot lately.

The title of the post "like mother, like daughter" is because every time I see the chef's hat and apron I am reminded of how much alike Becky and her mom are. And how they have the crafty sewing skills. Becky learned from her mom, and I hope Ally learns from Becky. What a wonderful skill to pass on.

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Mama Bear said...

SOOOO cute, just love it. Wish my mom had passed on those skills to me, not so, SIGH............. LOL