Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Party

Friday night we went to a Spooktacular Halloween party at Gabi’s house. It was to celebrate her brother and sister’s birthdays which are 2 weeks apart at this time of the year. Rosa and her mom were there as well, and we had a spooky spectacular party.


Becky and I decided to wear our dinosaur costumes from 2 years ago. When Ally saw them she asked for her Buddy costume and – look it still fit! She did not want to wear it to the party, but was so pleased and tickled to have it and try it on.


This is Ally before the party – in her “under costume clothes” I told her she looked so grown up – like a 5th grader. In her leggings, ballet flats, short denim skirt and black shirt. It was a bit of a battle to wear the denim skirt (“I don’t like jeans…”) but I told her no one would see, and it was just under her costume.


When we go there we almost did not recognize our friends – Gabi (on left) was Cat Woman and Rosa was a scary witch.


The highlight of the party for us was watching the kids do the donut eating game. It was hilarious – especially the boy next to Ally who was headless in his costume.



Gabi (in red) and Rosa played too. Each kid got tickets for playing games and doing crafts. Parents ran the games and crafts and then kids turned in their tickets for prizes. Julie, in the skeleton costume ran the bowling game for a while, and Becky spent 2 hours at the rainbow loom craft table. I pretty much  handed out tickets and kept track of the girls and pitched in where ever needed.


This was the Zombie game –the kids had to try not to laugh or smile while Gabi’s mom Kim tried to distract them. Rosa was a master at the Zombie stare – she and Gabi and Ally won!


We lent them our giant jack o lantern for a bean bag toss game.


There was an eye ball relay race, and if your eyeball fell off the spoon you had to yell “Oh my Eyeball”. It was hilarious.


Ally and Rosa were like bosom buddies – they stuck together all night. Here they are making “magic goop” with the good witch.


They loved getting all sticky and ooey gooey. We took a break inside with Gabi to warm up and eat monster rick krispie treats.


The final game of the evening was “mummy wrap” Ally and Rosa were supposed to wrap up Gabi like a mummy. It was a disaster – epic fail. We decided it was a little young for our girls, especially when we saw 3 8 year old girls do it perfectly! But our 3 had so much fun and were giggling and squealing the whole time.


Rosa and Ally were incredibly particular about picking their prizes – it took them forever  to chose what to “buy” with their tickets.


Its hard to see Becky’s stegosaurus costume, but us moms had fun too.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oh my–another party!



I took this picture a few weeks ago at swimming lessons – its Erik and Ally –they were too cute in their stripes.

Erik turned 7 on Sunday and had his birthday at the jumping place.


It was lots of fun. Jumping, sliding, air hockey, nerf guns, spending time with friends, for both Ally and I.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Birthday Party #4 of 4

The final 4th party of the party weekend was for Stella.




Stella’s party had bobbing for apples! Ally was successful – I guess that is one great thing about still having all of your teeth.



Then at home is was more white  board fun, and decorating for Halloween – those are bats – I’ve cut out about 60 of them.


It was a party filled weekend and its always fun to spend time with Ally and her friends.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Rosa turns 7!

Guat Girls October get together was to celebrate Rosa’s 7th birthday. We missed Roxie but the rest of us had a blast at the Zebra themed party.



After crafts, lunch, cupcakes and opening presents we headed outside of the piƱata and leaf jumping! Rosa’s mom Julie created a giant pile of leaves and set up a mini trampoline for the girls to jump in to it from.



Ally took a picture of the 4 moms! And Alice was soon airborne jumping into leaves.


Ally and Gabi ran and jumped for so long – Ally was in her glory.


A group shot in the leaf pile – Gabi, Rosa, Alice and Ally.


Ally and I stayed for a bit longer and Ally and Rosa played “pin the cookie on the donkey’s mouth”