Sunday, March 21, 2021

March 14-20, 2021

I said March was a long month and this week sure felt slow. It was a low picture week too.
Ally is unfortunately still feeling sick. Today marks day 21 of her low grade fever and she is feeling really crummy and “sick”.
Becky and I feel terrible for her, she’s had such a rough year and is working so hard on her mental health that to have her physical health be failing just seems so unfair.
Saturday night was a rough one with a repeat of numb and tingling in her legs which then merited a lazy Sunday at home for Ally. 

Monday, remote school but Ally was feeling really sick and then didn’t go to practice. I spoke with her pediatrician about the fever and how crummy Ally felt and she told me we had to go see the rheumatologist. So I started that process.

Tuesday, another remote day of school. Becky and I had a follow up IEP meeting with the 8th grade team and ordered Ally’s favorite chicken Lo Mein for dinner.

On Wednesday Ally had a cavity filled at the dentist which was not fun.

But getting mail from Aunt Martha was fun.

An adorable congrats on your new school card!

Shortly thereafter Ally fell asleep and missed practice again. We were all relieved to get an appointment on Friday to see a rheumatologist. Not Ally’s usual doctor, she is on vacation, but someone else.

Thursday all bundled up for school.

Friday, a quick snuggle with Cloey before school.

And she humored me with another picture.

Beth spent the day at our house on Friday so I could have my car for a meeting. Since COVID started Beth has had my car. We so rarely need it and it sitting for weeks on need not being driven. But school is starting up again full time soon so I’ll need my car back. But for the day it was fun to have Beth around! Cloey was so happy to see her and cuddle.

Friday Ally had an appointment with a rheumatologist at Children’s hospital. It did not go as planned and after waiting 90 minutes we left. Her usual doctor is on vacation and we rescheduled for when she is back. New appointment is April 5. 

On the way home we got milkshakes and fries from McDonald’s. We brought Becky some too.
Turns out Cloey likes to eat French fries.

Saturday lunch. UCLA gymnastics had their conference meet so Ally was sure to support them.

She got a “good luck with your new school” gift from Alice. 

Pens, Pencils, a heart stone and a wonderful scented candle.

The message on the candle lid.
So appreciated and appropriate.

Friday, March 12, 2021

March 7-13, 2021

March is never a fun month to me. It’s cold and rainy and sometimes we get a huge snow storm. There are no holidays or vacation and it can drag on and on. Which makes finding some joy and fun all that more important.

Sunday Becky went for a walk with Beth and Cloey as usual. I met up with a friend and we went for a 6 mile walk. In 90 minutes! I was toast after that. 

Lazy day for Ally. 

Monday I made Ally a sampler lunch

She got back into bullet journaling.

And enjoyed gaming this week.

Ally has been feeling ill the past couple of weeks. She’s had a low grade fever since March 1 which has her feeling crummy a lot. We contacted her pediatrician on Monday and made an appointment for her to go in on Wednesday.

Grandma Debbie got her 1st vaccine shot! 

Tuesday Ally got the news she was accepted to CHCH for high school. She was and is still very excited!

On Tuesday she also had an orthodontist appointment and found out her teeth are very cooperative. The orthodontist called me to say he thinks she will be ready for braces off in June! 
That is months earlier than we had hoped. That called for a fro yo celebration, especially since her favorite shop just reopened. 

Late night email congrats from her new high school.

Wednesday was the doctors appointment. Strep test and blood test. After the doctor it was time to open the Fab Fit Fun box.

Such a fun package.

Becky relaxed with Cloey.

Thursday poppy had surgery, which went really well and since the weather was so nice Beth came over and she and Becky went for a walk.

Friday morning Ally woke up feeling really crummy with a bad headache. She stayed home from school. 
Which always makes her pets happy to have her around more.

Since she was home, Ally and I worked on a puzzle.

Actually we completed the puzzle in about 90 minutes. It was fun. 

Cloey sacked out.

And snuggled with Ally while she played PS5.

Friday night Becky went to Beth’s for dinner and Ally and I hung out and watched a movie. When Becky got home she and Ally played some PS5 before bed. 

We also heard from the doctor. Good news is Ally does not have strep or mono. And her blood tests looked pretty normal. Bad news is they don’t know what is causing her low grade fever. We are going to wait a few days and hope Ally feels better and if not we will reach out to our pediatrician again and they will run some more tests. 

On Saturday Ally went to a doggie play date with her teammates. 

7 girls and 7 dogs:

Mia+Piper, Stella+Pippi, Eli+Churro, Dahlia+Zadie, Autumn+Talulah, Mari+Delilah and Ally+Cloey

Tululah and Delilah are both Autumn’s dogs but since Mari only has a pet bunny she posed with black lab puppy Delilah. 

Becky and Ally both said it was a fun get together.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021


We have been impatiently waiting for March 10 when we would hear whether Ally was accepted to private high school for next year. 

Well it’s March 9 but a package arrived.

Ally is at home doing remote school today. Becky is teaching in person at her own school. But I texted them to let them know a package arrived. Showing amazing restraint Ally waited until her class was over and then came downstairs.

She said she was nervous. 

But not for long as she started to read the acceptance letter.

Sheer excitement. 
And a huge relief.  

It’s a nice welcome package with school branded items; a pennant, pencil, cell phone card holder, chocolate bar, hand sanitizer and lip balm! Which Ally opened and tried out in the photo below.

Ally is so happy. 

She did not read the 2nd letter enclosed which states we did not receive any financial aid. Which is a disappointment to Becky and I but not entirely unexpected. It will make the next four years pretty challenging financially and then college after that. But we truly believe this is the very best place for Ally to learn and grow. That this school will prepare her for college and support and encourage her so she can build her academic self confidence as well as her self esteem as a student. 

Soon the break between classes was over and she had to log in to ELA but not before hanging up the pennant in her work space. 

We love her so much. 

Saturday, March 6, 2021

February 28 - March 6, 2021

Big happenings here this week:
President Biden said vaccinating teachers should be a National priority, so CVS opened up appointments to teachers and Becky got her first shot! The state is not vaccinating teachers until March 11.

Ally got sick. Fever and it seems she has a slight cold. It’s not COVID because she got tested on Monday and again at school on Thursday. Negative both times. 

Ally returned to school. For the first time since March 13, 2020. She was happy to be in school and said it was better than remote, but it was freezing cold. To be COVID safe the classroom windows are wide open and it was very cold here this week.

My dad got out of the hospital and is at home with round the clock at home care.

The final two gymnastics meets of the regular season took place and Ally decided not to compete. It’s been a full year since she last competed and after so many months off she just didn’t feel ready. We supported her decision, and talked about how ever since she was a baby there was no prodding, encouraging or bribing her to do something until she was ready. Eating, walking, talking, putting her hair up in pony tails, raising her hand in class, demonstrating a new skill at gymnastics, spending the night away from us. It’s all on her schedule in her own time. When she is ready. She is and always has been her own person. And we love her just the way she is. It takes a lot of confidence to hold off until you are ready to do something. 
Ally has decided to stay at her gym but change teams/cohort next month after the state meet. That way she will finish out the season with her teammates, but it’s time to move to a different group, it’s with older girls and has less practice time each week which will be better for Ally. 

Lots of PS5 playing this week, one afternoon Ally played online with strangers by herself! I was a little freaked out but she and Becky told me it was safe. And we reviewed internet stranger safety. 

Sunday dressed and ready to head to the gym for meet #1 of the week. She was signed up to run camera for 2 meet sessions.

But before she left she had some snuggles with Cloey.

Her team won! Yes there are lots of girls at her level.

On Monday I started riding the Peloton. My goal is 31 rides this month which is one ride a day. I’m happy to report I made it 5/6 days and will double up next week to stay on track. 

Ally loves having breakfast in bed with her pets. It was a nice way to start the school week.

Monday the start of a new school schedule, new class cohort of only 11 other students.

Ally sent me the selfie above. Sometimes Daisy likes to go after Ally. It was a good morning of remote school, but at lunch Ally told me she wasn’t feeling well. She was burning up, she had a fever! So after some rest and movie watching we went and got COVID tested. She felt so crummy. 

Tuesday Ally and Becky had sick days. No school for either of them. Becky took the day off because with Ally having a 100+ fever it was safer for her students that she stay home until we got the COVID results. Ally and I watched the movie Togo and then she played Minecraft with Becky for 4 hours!! 

Thursday, first day back in person at school.

Ally met up with Olive and Maya and walked to school.

Due to COVID they keep the classroom windows open and run an air filter machine to improve air quality, but it means the room is cold. Really cold. Especially when it’s less than 20 degrees outside. So Ally came home with her teeth chattering. She was freezing.

So I made her some soup and hot cocoa.

And Ally shared her soup with Cloey!

How was the first day back? 2 thumbs up Ally said.

Friday she dressed as warm as reasonable. Fleece lined sweatpants, warm socks, 3 layers on top, her winter coat and a hat.She wore it all and came home so cold again.  I even sent her with hot cocoa in a water bottle to drink during the day to try and stay warm. 

So she changed her clothes again and ate soup again.

Hanging out with Daisy. 
But honestly, she was still not feeling her best. She battled a low grade fever all week. And the cold classroom did not help.

Becky got her shot!!

And Aunt Polly sent us the ad for the vaccine above, looks like Becky. But it’s not. 

But we had to stage a photo shoot to prove it.

Saturday after the gymnastics meet Ally had her annual Shamrock Shake. 

And when we got home she had an Ipsy order to open.

And then it was game time. Cloey and Daisy hung out on one side of the room.

While Ally and Becky played on the other side.

It’s really nice for them to have a joint activity. And it’s something I have no interest in. I’m so glad we got the gaming system. It’s been really great and fun for them.