Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just an ordinary day

One day Ally took all the pillows off her bed and made Becky lie down. I think they were on a train ride, but I can't remember. Ally has been kind of obsessed with headphones lately and wants to plug them into things - this time they were plugged into the door latch - I had to step over them (and Becky) to get in and out of Ally's room.
One night Ally decided she wanted to paint with brushes. She was so serious.

And so colorful!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Motivation or maturity?

Its no secret that the potty training thing has been a struggle for us. It seems that training Ally to do anything is a struggle for us. You'd think that after almost 3 years we would get it - Ally will do things, achieve milestones, develop etc on her terms in her own time when she is ready - not when we are ready or when a child development book or when the doctor or a child behavior specialist says but when Ally decides she is ready. It was that way with eating solid food, with rolling over, with crawling, with walking its still that way with drinking milk out of a vessel other than a bottle (no bottles in 14 months means no regular milk consumed) so its no surprise that potty training has been this way. On her 3rd birthday her preschool teachers told us she was ready for "big girl panties" and suggested we send her to school in them. We were skeptical - she'd been battling us on using the potty for some time, but they said she was dry almost all day. So we did - she has only had 3 accidents total since she started wearing panties - which was when she was ready, not when we were ready for her to. It was like she has to prove to herself she could stay dry and then she would wear them.
So that was peeing on the potty. Poop is a different story. I know this might be too much information for some of you, but I try to blog to remember stuff, all the stuff and so I want to get this documented, even if its weird and goofy. Ally has always been a once a day (or every 2 days) kind of girl - and it always happens at night. So as you know for the past few months she goes in her diaper in her crib before she goes to sleep. Well in the last week she has gone on the potty as many times as in her diaper. Its like she is finally deciding that she is ready. No amount of bribery, motivation, encouragement nothing has really worked to encourage this, its like she has finally decided "I can do this - I am a big girl now" I totally expect set backs and battles and such, but the other evening she calmly told Becky "I need to poop" then went right over to the potty, did her business and called for us to come see and clap and cheer with her. It was amazing and a big reminder of "Ally-time - its when Ally is ready, not mommy and not mama and not anyone but Ally" I hope that I can keep this in mind as she continues to grow up.
She does get a treat - ice cream with mini m-n-ms (we were out of chocolate chips).
Last night she went on the potty with her babysitter here.
Tonight again - all on her own and she did not even ask for a treat afterwards. I thought Becky was going to cry she was so proud of Ally! This growing up thing is rough on moms sometimes.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crafty Mama Strikes Again

I just have to brag and gloat and say how proud I am of Becky's latest creation. She copied the pillowcase dress we got Ally for Christmas and made this one for Valentine's Day. Its pink with cupcakes and hearts on it and the bottom fabric is a very tiny white polka dot on brown. I know I'll get better pictures and probably show it off again, but I'm just so thrilled with how it came out, and Ally thinks its really neat that mama made her a dress with cupcakes on it.

It makes me think that Dolores would be tickled pink. I like to think she is.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is it Ally or a beaver?

Its hard to believe that this face and these teeth.

Can do this to a crib.

But she has been. Its pretty remarkable actually. When we found splinters of wood on the floor next to her crib we decided we needed to take action. The new rule in our house is that if Ally chews on her crib the crib will get taken away. Its been a week or so now and so far that has worked - no more beaver-like behavior.
The cutest thing lately has been that when we talk with Ally about our plans, for the day or for tomorrow or the weekend - but something in the future she asks "this day" instead of saying "today?". Sometimes she asks "next day?" but mostly its "this day" to figure out if its today or tomorrow or what day. It makes me smile every time.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Reptile Party

We attended a birthday party for one of Ally's neighborhood friends, Olive turned 3! We had lots of sun playing with a parachute, eating cheese puffs and birthday cake and experiencing the live animal show!

The turtle was very cute.

Ally was very well behaved -and she touched everything, but refused to have anything sit on her lap or shoulder. Becky let all the lizards perch on her knee for Ally and I to see up close and pet. Ally was so gentle, I was super proud of her.

The baby alligator was a little creepy. The animal guy said when they get too big he trades them for a baby one with a friend of his who works at G.ator Land in Florida!

The finale was a large snake - we can't remember what type, maybe a boa of some sort. This is when Ally got a little freaked out - she kept saying" no mommy... take it off mommy". So I did!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Play date with Alice

Alice came over for a play date last weekend. Lots and lots of fun was had by all. We missed Alice's parents but we had fun hosting Alice, and it is really neat to see how the girls have developed a friendship and can play together.

First there was dancing - it was "a dance party"

After the dance party we made cookie pizzas - first we had to pat out the dough in to a pizza shape and then it was time decorate!

Alice really liked the decorating - she kept smelling the m-n-ms and marshmallows. Both of them loved to taste the toppings.

Of course Ally had to have sprinkles - and oops Becky and I were so busy taking pictures and trying to get the one above with that great Alice smile that we let Ally get a bit carried away with the pink sprinkles - can you tell she got a lot!

Lots of pink all around.

While the cookie pizzas were baking the girls decorated this box. I think it was for Ernie's birthday - but for a while they were packing to go on an airplane to visit Grandma Debbie in Philadelphia.

Soon they tired of the plane game and so Alice showed Ally how to climb in to the crib. Thankfully Ally knows this is not allowed at our house and has not repeated this trick.
Jumping in the crib together has long been a favorite activity for these 2 - and I never manage to get a good picture of it. This time I failed as well - but they were so goofy swinging their hair and hiding their faces from the camera.

They even played sleep and made us turn off the lights for a while.

When they "woke up" it was time to make the actual pizzas. They each had their own piece of dough to spread sauce and cheese on. Again, eating the topping was a lot of fun.

While the pizza baked the girls played doctor on Becky. She was not feeling very well and was a great patient.

Eating pizza and fruit for dinner. All thru dinner Alice said she wanted to have a pajama party with Ally. She told us she had pajamas in her bag so we said ok - and declared if they took a bath (together) they could get in pajamas and have a party. They were pretty excited about that. Then we went to look in Alice's bag and there were no pjs. Ally agreed to let Alice wear a pair of hers. Now she keeps asking where her pbj pjs are and says "I hope Alice won't throw them away" where she got that idea I have no clue. But we assure her that Alice will give back the pajamas.

After baths, pajamas and dried hair (no small feat - I think parents of twins are amazing). It was time to eat some of the cookie pizza. Then it was time for Alice to go home.
It was a fun time.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Playing with legos

Its getting harder and harder to get Ally to smile for the camera.

Especially when she just wants to play with her legos.

All of the people had to ride on the train!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rice Christmas Treats

One night recently Becky thought it would be fun to make Rice Krispie Treats with Ally. It was hilarious.

Ally is always so excited to "make something" She was really patient while the marshmallows melted in the microwave, and she poured the cereal in the bowl and mixed them together.

She was so proud - Ally even helped press them in the pan. She loved trying to sneak a taste of a loose piece here or there.

Mama got creative with chocolate drizzle and sprinkles on top.
The title is because Ally calls them RiceChristmas Treats. So cute the words they get.
In what we thought was a stroke of genius we bought a Toy Story sing-a-long cd. We thought it was brilliant because this would replace Rudolph as the music of choice/demand in the car. But at least Christmas music had a shelf life - Christmas is over so we explained no more Christmas music, but I don't know what the end can be for the Toy Story music. Ally loves it. And it is super-cute listening to Ally sing along to the songs - almost cute enough to overcome the annoyance of listening to the same 4 songs on repeat...over and over and over again.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ally loves popcorn

I think the pictures tell the story. Ally loves popcorn!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas Catch-Up

I think after this post I will finally have Christmas finished. We had some internet issues over the Christmas holidays and some computer issues - but those are solved now that we bought a new laptop with our Christmas money. Thank-you so much moms and dads. We love the new machine!
Christmas Eve - Ally all decked out in her Santa pajamas eating a cookie.

Between gift opening sessions - remember we had a morning session for several hours, then breaked for playtime, lunch, naptime, dinner and finally opened up the rest of the gifts - Ally gave Poppi a Rudolph puzzle so in true family fashion, Davie, Debbie, Beth and Becky put the puzzle together. Ally was pretty excited to see the finished product.

Ally was really excited with the light stick pictured above around her neck. I tried hard to capture it. Debbie - it still works, and she loves it. When friends come over to play she hides it so she does not have to share the light stick.

A beautiful dress from Aunt Polly. Thank-you!

Ally got a Toy Story Memory game - I think she likes it. We play almost every day.
Ally opened up her last gifts from Aunt Martha - her Pinkalicious pajamas, wand and sparkly hairbands.
Aunt Beth showed Ally how to wear the hairband. Work it Aunt Beth!

Then Ally modeled them too!

Then gifts were over. It was truly a wonderful Christmas.
On another note - yesterday I mentioned my brother. My Aunt Martha fell on New Year's Eve and broke her ankle. She had surgery on Jan 1 and is basically bed/couch-ridden for 6 weeks. I'm kind of hoping that January was so injury filled in my family it means that the rest of the year will be healthy!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thanks Uncle Frank

This post is dedicated to my brother Frank - Ally's Uncle Frank. He is under-going surgery tomorrow to repair his 2 ruptured Achilles tendons - yes surgery on both legs at the same time. He will be in a wheelchair for 6-8 weeks and lots of physical therapy is in his future. He lives in Chicago so we did not see him for Christmas this year but he sent Ally some fun gifts. Thank-you for the gifts big brother and good luck.

The gifts came right before Christmas and I decided not to wait until the actual day. Ally was pretty excited about opening up something - and it was wrapped in Sponge Bob paper. Of course the only time she has watched Sponge Bob is with Gruncle and she reminded me about how she" saw Sponge Bob on TV at Gruncle's house"

Princess Pajamas and a Belle washcloth!

And a Jasmine doll. I think was scared our cat Carl would get the doll. Ally has not watched Aladdin yet - we tried a few weeks ago, but it was too scary for her so we turned it off and watched Clifford instead. But she still likes the doll - its her only princess doll. I like that she is not blond and blue-eyed, so thanks for not sending the Cinderella one!

Indoor Playground

Last week we visited an indoor playground we had heard about. It was a rough first week back at school and work for all three of us, and Becky thought some running around and space would be a good change from being at home in the evening. She was right - it was a good idea and Ally had fun.

Bob the Builder was even there. Ally does not know who he is, and she was not impressed at all. She did not stop playing basketball and would not go near him!

Ally playing hoops and enjoying herself.

I think she was thinking "you want me to stop running so you can take my picture?"

There is even a dress-up area and Becky got in on the fun!

After a while Ally noticed Bob and wanted up up. Do you think Becky minded?
After the playground we went to P.anera for dinner. Ally ate her entire turkey sandwich - bread and meat! It was amazing!
Sorry for the lack of posts but not that much exciting has been going on and its tough with work and a three-year old in the evening. I have some more from Christmas to post and some from the weekend.