Tuesday, December 28, 2021

December 19-23, 2021

It was the first week of Ally’s school vacation. A couple of doctors appointments, meet ups with Tommy, a COVID test a puzzle and then Grandma and Poppy arrived!

Ally and I started a puzzle. Daisy tried to help

Advent calendar

Finished our puzzle.
As we drove to Tommy’s I told Ally she looked like a movie star.

Throw back to 2015. As you can see in the picture of Dave above this year I printed enlargements of some of our favorite Christmas pictures and memories of years past. Debbie said her favorite was this one. 

The annual Rudolphopoly game.

Becky was the winner this year.

Sunday, December 19, 2021

December 12-18, 2021

Lots of naps this week. Late basketball practices, another game and some doctors appointments. It was Ally’s last week before she has 2 weeks off for winter break. Becky is bummed because she has to teach for 4 days next week! 

Sunday after noon hang out with Tommy. I have them walk the dog to get out of the house.

This year Becky recreated Ally’s school logo as a Christmas Ornament.

I took my traditional post voting selfie. This was for state representative.

The pets are getting along better.

More advent 

Becky got a Christmas gift early. New springerle cookie molds because she was about to make them.

Very sleepy girl.

With her cat protector.

Beth came over for dinner and a movie. 
We watched Die Hard!

Becky went to watch Ally play basketball. Her team had to wear red pinnies Bc they both teams showed up in white jerseys.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

December 1-11, 2021

Basketball season started for Ally, it’s the beginning of Advent season and first boyfriend in high school.

This year I got us each Advent calendars. A Haribo gummy one for Becky, Body Shop for Ally and a coloring one for me. I’ve been too busy to color in mine but when I do I’ll post a picture.

Ally has been coming home from practice and hanging out in the living room with us. Eating dinner, opening Advent calendar.

Last weekend we decorated the 3rd floor. We have a small tree up there that we just string a garland and lights on. Simple. 

Our big accomplishment is that we rented a storage unit and moved 40 bins and boxes to it. We made room in our basement for Becky to have a craft/project space. 

One night we watched the Christmas classic, A Very Monkey Christmas with Curious George. 

Daisy was very curious about the tree.

Ally’s school has a small gymnasium so the practice schedule is staggered and a few nights a week she has late practice and doesn’t get home until after 7pm. She’s pretty tired on those nights. But still managed to keep up with her homework.

Before school.

Day of her first basketball game.

Ally said having us come to her games makes her nervous. But she does want a ride home (if parents go we can bring our daughter home instead of having to ride back to school on bus and get picked up at school). So I went to the game at halftime. I sat outside in the lobby for the 3rd period and watched from there, then I went and sat in the gym for the final period. 

Her team lost 31-9 but she had fun and that is what matters most.

More Advent calendar fun.

Her uniform is a little big. This was the smallest the school had.

Saturday we finished up our decorations. Ally set up the nativity.

And we decorated our tree. So many special memories with our ornaments. Ally unwrapped them and looked at each one as she set it out on the coffee table. Then once they were all out we put them on the tree.

Cloey humored us with a photo in front of the tree.