Saturday, February 26, 2022

February 7-18, 2022

It was a challenging couple of weeks. It always is before February vacation. 

Before school picture 

Ally’s photograph of her classmate was on display for the Art Show at school.

Basketball season ended.

Some new mascara

Star LED lights can be so comforting after a rough day at school.

Valentine’s donut.

New haircuts for Ally and me.

TV, frosted mini wheats and Cloey. Ally is a happy girl.

Valentine’s Day!

Look closely and you’ll see Cloey under the covers. 

Sunday, February 6, 2022

January 31 - February 6, 2021

It was winter carnival week at school for Ally.  They had theme dress days and spent time each day doing fun activities. Ally chose Sports so every day her team played a game against other teams and they had athletic competitions. 
Tommy broke up with her so that brought a lot of sadness to the middle of the week.
Friday was a snow day for ice. 
Saturday Ally and Becky went to see Gabi in the musical In the Heights with the other Guatemala Girls. And today was homework, housework and relax and watch the Olympics before Monday and the cycle starts all over again.

Not many pictures. 

Pajama day on Monday. After school Ally proudly told me she was still strong. She did 41 pushups and won the contest. And enjoyed playing volleyball.

Tuesday was Pride Day. She wore a T-shirt and necklace.  She again kicked butt and won the sit up contest. They played floor hockey and she chose not to play because “they are all so big and tall…and I was afraid I would get crushed” she said there were no other girls doing Sports!

Wednesday was Met Gala. Ally said no way she was not getting dressed up for school. Competition was mountain climbers. She got elbowed in the stomach playing handball and ended up puking in the bathroom. Not a good day.

Thursday was “heritage” outfit day and we did get out her Guatemalan clothes but she decided in the end to just wear her usual clothes. Competition was burpees and Ally said she did well. I don’t remember what game  they played. 

Friday no school!! Which was kind of a bummer because it was slated to be a fun day with carnival food trucks and an awards ceremony and other fun activities. Ally thinks they will try and make it up another time. 

Cloey loves her new bed.

Daisy and Cloey love Ally

Ally wore jeans for the first time in probably 2 months. I told her no hoodie and no sweatpants to go to Gabi’s show. 

At the show with Rosa & Roxie

This week we watched the TV show 1883 about pioneers journeying to Oregon from Texas. We watched 1 episode each night. Some good family bonding. After our last current episode on Saturday we watched some Olympics and then Ally and I watched hilarious YouTube videos for a while. It was good to laugh together.

Sunday morning snuggling with Daisy before starting her homework. Ally has been so diligent about keeping up with her homework. 
We are so proud of her.