Wednesday, October 28, 2020

October 18-24

It was another emotional roller coaster week for us and not many pictures or much to say but I’m on such a blogging roll I don’t want to skip a week.

Track on Sunday for Ally and Becky had Youth Group.

On Monday this hilarious costume arrived. Ally’s teammates decided on a group costume and this was the decision. 5 girls including Ally are this and 3 are something even weirder. 

Ally is incredibly embarrassed by this costume but is being a good sport. The girls are having a Halloween party after practice on the 30th and even though Ally has not been to practice in months they still include her as part of the team.

Daisy has been using the new bean bag as her cat bed.

But was in for a shock Tuesday when Daisy had to go to the Vet for her annual check up. Daisy cried so loud Ally literally ran her to the car.

And immediately took her out of the carrier. Daisy calmed down and snuggled right in to Ally.

With COVID there are new procedures at the vet. You call when you get there and then bring your pet to the door and then someone meets you outside. You are no longer allowed to go inside with your pet.
We have been going to the same veterinarian for 18 years now. He has literally seen Ally grow up as well as our pets. So Ally brought Daisy to meet him and did the hand off her self. You can see them in the mirror above. 
Daisy was in excellent health and had lost 2 pounds which is fantastic. 

Wednesday Becky got a COVID test to make sure she was negative before starting to teach in person. We found out later that day the in person teaching was being postponed again. 

Thursday Ally went into her school for 2+hours of Academic testing. She really did not want to go at all. But she sucked it up, went to school and took 130 minutes of testing without stopping for a break! I took her out for her favorite frozen yogurt afterwards.

On Friday Ally went next door to Maya’s house for school. There they are both doing remote learning on their laptops.
Friday after school was another 8th grade social. The highlight for me is that Ally played ping pong with me for 10-15 minutes at the end. 

Saturday we had a variety of plans all not work out so in the end I read a book, Ally watched tv in her room and Beth and Becky finally watched Hamilton.

By the time Saturday night rolled around Ally asked for some hot cocoa and nillas wafers and life was pretty normal again.

I can hardly wait to blog about October 25-31. It’s half way thru and it’s amazing! 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

October 11-17

This one was a rough one. But we made it and the week ended on a really high note.

Sunday morning hike for Becky and Beth.

Ally decided the family activity for the weekend and it was a new puzzle. Turns out 1000 pieces is probably too many for us right now so we will probably not finish it and instead start a new puzzle.

Cloey had fun trying to eat the pieces.

Ally really loves the futon.

Daisy really loves Ally. This week Daisy has put Cloey to shame. D comes every time Ally calls her. It is so adorable.

But Ally admits that the love can be annoying when Daisy sits on her face.

Cloey had a health scare on Monday. She was having trouble breathing and refused to eat. And if you know Cloey she loves to eat. We called the vet and they had us bring her right in. Becky and I were worried.

But it turns out it’s allergies. Cloey was prescribed a steroid and antihistamine pill and we need to bring her into the bathroom when we shower so she gets steam treatments! She is slowly getting better. 

Tuesday was an especially challenging day. 

Lots of social drama with kids in class at school and some challenging academic stuff and Ally was so strung out Tuesday afternoon she took a 2 hour nap.

We also found out Ally’s friend Daniela was diagnosed with COVID. (Her mom and one of her sisters had it.) Daniela is thankfully feeling much better but it’s still scary. 

But after her nap later in the evening she was feeling much better and FaceTimed with us.

Wednesday Ally had an orthodontist appointment and she went over to Maya’s after school. 

Thursday we had lunch at the park with school friends and then Ally’s choice of Shake Shack for dinner.

Friday rained so much that the 8th grade social event was postponed until Saturday, so I made chocolate chip cookies.

Friday night was a School hosted Virtual Movie Night. They watched Hocus Pocus via Zoom.

Saturday Becky wasn’t feeling well so she took a nap and Ally and I decorated the house for Halloween and Day of the Dead.
Ally really liked dressing Daisy up in costumes.
Daisy was not impressed or happy.

I hung my Halloween wreath on the front door. I think it looks great.

Ally did a wonderful job with our Day of the Dead altar. 

There was a great 8th grade social Saturday, it was a beautiful day at the park. The 22 kids who came played ping pong and basketball and it was just lovely. Ally had Maya and Olive over afterwards and they hung out drinking hot cocoa and staying warm under electric blankets.

After her friends left Ally took Cloey out for her night time bathroom break and was so thrilled that Cloey let Ally pick her up! It was a special way to end the day.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

October 4-10

It felt like Fall this week. Cooler weather and it’s getting dark earlier. It was a long 5 day school week but we are gradually settling into our routine.

It’s weird without gymnastics in our life, but we’ve talked about it and Ally wants to stay on break from it for a while longer. We think this is wise and her gym is in complete agreement that her mental and emotional health should be her focus right now and the gym will be there to welcome her back whenever she is ready. 

Sunday we took Cloey to the 8th grade social. 
Don’t our pumpkins look great?

Not too many kids this week so it was a bit of a bust. But they did play badminton for a while.

We got “ghosted” by one of Ally’s friends.

Sunday night Minecraft.

Becky started in her new office location on Monday morning. 

Cloey is a big fan. She gets to sleep on our bed with her favorite person Becky near by all day long.

I started a puzzle.

Ally tried to walk Daisy on the leash again.

It didn’t go very well...Daisy figured out how to escape from the harness.

Tuesday - a very happy girl because we let her get Snap Chat this week. She had been afraid to ask us but finally did and after some serious conversation and rules she wrote down and signed she was “snap” ready. 

Snapchat has become the primary source of communication for her peer group. We are not thrilled that she has it but we also know how important peer communication is especially during this Pandemic and so with some conditions we let Ally get it.

Ally went kayaking with some friends from school.

Wednesday night cuddles with Cloey

Thursday morning snuggles with Daisy

I finished the puzzle. Yes. I did all 500 pieces all by myself. It’s a first for me.

Thursday at Track. They are playing “Ultimate”.

Friday lunch break. Ally is feeding Daisy a piece of  chicken from her soup.

Ally and I got our flu shots! 

And our backpack carrier arrived for Cloey.

Becky was skeptical it would work.

But it turns out Cloey liked being in the carrier and even let Ally wear her.

Ally was delighted.

On Saturday we baked and cooked all day long:

1) chicken soup
2) banana bread
3) cookies
4) waffles from scratch
5) sourdough bread from scratch 
6) meatloaf
7) roasted carrots

Ally’s friend Daniela’s mom contracted COVID-19 and her mom and little sister who also tested positive left town to stay with their Grandma who is also positive. That left Daniela and her middle sister Nina at home in Cambridge quarantined for 14 days!
I brought them some food on Thursday, but today was Daniela’s 14th birthday. 

Ally was grossed out by the egg for the cookies.

But she scooped the dough.

Cuddled with Daisy while the cookies baked.

Tasted them to make sure all was well to bring some to Daniela.

Soup, banana bread, cookies and apple cider for the quarantining group.

And a birthday gift delivery.

We stayed in our car and said hello and happy birthday to Daniela.

Back at home we had dinner together, a rare occasion for us. Some nice conversation and time together to end the week.