Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Zoo with Willow

Camp is over so Becky invited Willow to the zoo with her and Ally for the day.


Ally decked out in hats and sunscreen ready to hit the zoo! At the budgies, Ally was loving feeding them –they loved her too and even landed on her hat. Willow was not so happy and didn’t even hold  the feeding stick. Becky reports they had a great time.


Clearly Ally and Becky were tired – here they are at bedtime with Cloey all snuggled in her bed on Ally’s bed.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Annual BBQ

This year the annual Guatemala Family BBQ was on my birthday. Its always fun to spend time with friends.


Ally helped me make popsicle cookies to bring. We’re not sure how much longer Gabi and her family will have the play structure, Gabi is the youngest at 7 years old, with two older siblings – so this might be the last year for it. But the girls sure do love it.


Ally made sand art (you pour in different color sand into a bottle) Mary Beth (Roxie’s mom) and I were laughing  because Ally’s stays so pristine with clear layers, but Roxie’s had already been shaken up and looked like a jumble of color.


At one point in the afternoon we couldn’t fin the girls – turns out they were in the front yard playing tug of war. I especially like the picture on the left of Rosa vs. the other 3 girls.


Alice was unable to join us this year, but Gabi, Roxie, Ally and Rosa sure had fun.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mommy’s Birthday

Yesterday was my 41st birthday. We had plans to attend the Guatemala Family BBQ we go to every year, but that wasn’t until the afternoon.


A few days before my birthday we went to some friends house for a BBQ – and they were celebrating Maya’s dad Peter’s birthday, well they found out it was my birthday the same day as Peter’s so we both got sung to and blew out the candles. Its always fun to discover someone shares your birthdate and year!


There isn't really a better way to spend a morning than lazy-ing around snuggling with your daughter and puppy.


And opening up gifts – which were for me – not Carl!


Ally got me a gift card to an ice cream shop and Becky got me a new skirt and gift card for some new shoes!


Later that night after the Guat BBQ we had ice cream cake.


Becky did the montage above and I just had to include it on the blog!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Arts All Day Camp–Year 2

This summer Ally again attended Arts All Day, with her friend Stella. At the last minute her friend Willow enrolled and so Ally spent the first 5 week of her summer vacation at a fun camp with her two closest friends. Ally also attended summer gymnastics, twice a week for two hours, and in August she took 5 weeks of swimming lessons with Stella. Busy summer. But fun as always.

Here are pictures from her end of camp performance. This year was more special, because a client of mine was the videographer and so I was able to introduce him to Ally and Becky before the show started. I had just finished a 5 month project on his house so we got to know each other quite well.

First up is the Art Show – each camper has a few pieces that are matted and put on display.

IMG_3335 - CopyIMG_3342 - Copy

Ally made Cloey in clay! It was so adorable.

IMG_9055 - CopyIMG_9058 - Copy

Ally also had a drawing on display.

IMG_9054 - CopyIMG_9061 - Copy

Each group of campers makes a poster to represent their name – Ally’s group was the CooCoo Coffee Beans. She was not thrilled with the name, and to be honest it was a bizarre play this year – even the director said it was the most creative (disjointed) performance she’d done in her 26 years at the camp.

IMG_9065 - CopyIMG_9068 - Copy

But it was fun to watch and Ally and her friends had a blast.

IMG_9073 - CopyIMG_9078 - CopyIMG_9081 - CopyIMG_9082 - Copy

I bought the girls each their own bouquet of flowers, and each girl’s parents gave them to her after the show. They were thrilled!

IMG_9087 - CopyIMG_9089 - CopyIMG_9094 - Copy

Becky, Ally and I were all wearing the same style sandals and I snapped a picture of our pretty toes and shoes before we headed home.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Raspberry Picking

This year we picked raspberries right in our own neighborhood – at Charlie’s house! He was away for several weeks in July and gave us picking rights and responsibilities. It was a great outing with our new puppy. And by the end of his vacation we felt guilty with how many raspberries we’d had – over 4 quarts!




And no trip to Charlie & Gwei’s house without some time on the swings and rings!