Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012


It was a very busy day this year.


In the morning before school Ally opened her Halloween cards – thank you Grandma Debbie, Grandma Barbie and Great Aunt Martha.


Ally wore a dress Mama made her 2 years ago – it still fit. Very cute owl fabric with a fun stripe ruffle. Ally received compliments all day.


After lunch there was a Halloween party at school – I took the afternoon off and spent it helping out in the classroom. The kids made fruit salad, decorated cookies and created jack-o-lantern masks.


I had fun in Ally’s class – after snack we sang songs. Above are the word to one song.


After school Ally and I went to a Halloween party at our local library. She made a monster craft and then we looked at books. We came home with 6 books on dinosaurs. Recently Ally asked for some books on science, so I asked the librarian where the kids science books were and Ally loved it!


After the library we came home and carved a pumpkin. Ally asked if she could sort the seeds from the guts – she loves to touch the guts! Then Becky carved the pumpkin based on a drawing Ally made.


After a quick dinner it was off to Liem’s house to meet up with our neighborhood friends for trick or treating. Ally dressed up in her peacock costume for trick or treating.


Here is the gang – from left to right; Liem (ninja), Lila (butterfly), River (zombie football player), Olive (Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz), Ally, Max (dragon), Millie (bumblebee) and Aiden (Robin Hood)


Then we made the dressed up parents join in for a group shot!


Finally it was off to trick or treating.

Ally was so into it this year. She would go right up to a house, knock or ring the bell if she could reach it.


She had so much fun.


We stopped at our house for treats and eventually said good bye to our friends.


Then it was back to our house to hand out the 100 pieces of candy we bought.

A highlight for Ally was that a group of older girls from her school came. It was her reading buddy Sophie from last year and a bunch of her friends. They were so sweet to Ally – they complimented her costume and told her she looked pretty. Ally was beaming the entire time.

And could not stop beaming the rest of the night.


Ally ate one piece of candy all night – a Kit Kat – she even broke it apart.

She did try a whopper but made a face and said “its too spicy for me”


A friend of ours was walking home and I said hi – she came in the yard and we realized she was dressed up as a peacock too! I think it made Celeste’s night and we had to get a picture of the only 2 peacocks we had seen all day.


It was a great Halloween.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Surprise–gifts for Ally!

Some friends thought (incorrectly) that the Halloween Party was a birthday party for Ally. It was a bit awkward that a few people brought gifts, but it was also a nice treat for Ally and she was thrilled!

Later that night (after pumpkin carving) Ally opened her gifts.





One of the gifts was a small unicorn – with big eyes just like Coconut. Ally was so pleased – she ran and got Coconut to introduce him to Magic.


One of the gifts was a card making kit. Ally went right to work and make Grandma Barbie a card.

Monday, October 29, 2012

1st pumpkin carving

Before the Halloween Party Ally and I walked to her old school and played on the playground. On the way home Ally kept asking when we could carve our pumpkin. After the party Ally and I walked to the store and picked out 2 pumpkins and when we got home Ally was so excited. It is debatable whether she was more excited to carve the pumpkin or eat the seeds roasted.



One of Ally’s favorite parts is to scoop the guts out.


This year there was a seed sprouting in the pumpkin!



Ally helped as usual with getting the seeds ready to roast.



Ally drew the face and Becky carved it out.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Party 2012

Yesterday was our annual Halloween Party.



Ally had fun doing cartwheels and kept herself busy while we set things up in the gym.


Jill came again this year to help out I don’t know how we could have managed all the set up and clean up without her. Ally decorated signs to welcome her friends and then put her costume on right before everyone arrived.



Ally requested one of the crafts be “Making Cats with Ally” we brought paper and Ally was prepared to show friends how to mat origami cats. Ally fizzled out quickly and soon was just hanging out with friends and eating – she said she had 3 lollipops and 4 cookies during the party!



Ally and Rosa.  River and his parents as Zombies  and his little sister Lila was a butterfly.


Grandma Barbie was a good sport and wore Becky’s old Mr. Potato Head costume.  Liem, his mom and sister were all dressed as ninjas.


Carly was a beautiful butterfly.  At Ally’s request we gathered everyone in a circle and then began a parade around the gym.


Becky and Ally lead the parade. Erik was also a ninja – and he kept his full costume on the entire party.


Sofia, Willow, Alex, Elena, Zach and Ellie in the parade. I was the end of the parade with Angelina, Alina and Lila.


We tried to get a picture of everyone all together. I think it came out pretty well.



Our family.

It was a great party.

Grandma Barbie got sick at the end of the party, just as we were packing everything up. We felt so bad for her, but are so glad that she was able to come, meet our friends and celebrate Halloween with us!