Saturday, February 23, 2013

Is there anything cuter?



While brushing her teeth Ally decided to try on my rain boots!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Open House at School

The day before vacation there was an Open House at Ally’s school, the parents were invited in to see Ocean related projects the students had been working on. We toured all 4 kindergarten classes.

IMG_0558IMG_0558 - Copy

Ally’s class room had worked on a large bulletin board of the Sea. Ally did the crab.


Some of the students created very large sea creatures, that were hung from the ceilings along with a jelly fish each student made. That is Ally’s jelly fish.

At the end of the Open House all the classes congregated in the library for a sing a long and a viewing of Ally’s Puppet Show. She was so proud of it, and we were proud of her. She and her friends worked very hard to get it done.

If you want to see the video of the puppet show, leave a comment and I will email it to you!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February Guatemala Girls

We were supposed to meet at a bowling alley for our get together this month, but we got snowed out! It was scheduled for the day we were all digging out from the blizzard.

Instead we hosted a play date and Roxie, Rosa & Alice came over (Gabi had already left on her vacation to Florida).


The foursome had fun playing the Pretty Princess board game after lunch, and then it was gymnastics time. Ally, Rosa, Alice & Roxie on the beam.



For fun I suggested the moms each take a turn on the beam. The girls LOVED watching us. Mary Beth was a good sport for the picture. After gymnastics we had a short dance party before our friends left.


As usual it was fun time!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Routine

We recently decided that we should start having Ally practice reading some more at home. We told her after dinner she needed to read 2 books out loud to (with) us.

Ally, master negotiator, agreed but had an extra request. That she read in the carrier. (We have been watching videos of Ally as a baby and talking about her younger years and brought up the carrier Becky used to carry her in.)


Ally was so excited to try it out!


Wow – she fits!



Even the shade cover still fit!


Another night – reading books while in the carrier.

Gotta love the Ergo!

Monday, February 18, 2013

First Pedicure

The day before we left for Florida we all went and got pedicures. Ally was thrilled! And Becky and I were happy to get beach and pool ready toes before our vacation.



It took a while but we finally had colors picked out, sparkly blue for Becky, sparkly red for Ally and sparkly silver for me.


Ally and I with our polish bottles and our toes before the pedicure.



In the chairs!



Ally was so good – no wiggling – so focused and enthralled.


All of our toes after.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fun in the Snow

In the few days after the blizzard Ally had a blast in the snow.



This was the view out our side window – the snow was amazing. Yes that is Ally on top of the snow in our yard – it was at the top of t he fence and the porch.


Becky helped Ally dig tunnels in our front yard.


It was really cool – in, out & up, down & out.

Ally loves to taste the fresh snow.



And right now there is no end to Ally and hand stands – she even worked on them in her snow clothes on the snow covered sidewalk!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine’s Day 2013

Valentine’s Day 2013. I bought Ally a super cute pink dress with white hearts on it and she said she would wear it on Valentine’s Day, but basically chickened out. A few days before she started to back out on wearing it. And the night before she cried. She told me when she agreed to wear it she did not know there would be school because most Holidays are not school days! It came out in our conversation that the dress was cute, and people would tell her she looked cute and she did not want people to look at her. And being cute means she is little and she really did not like being little! We talked about being cute and little and the positive things of both, but she was pretty adamant no heart dress. Sigh….

Lauren tried in the morning but she was unable to get Ally to wear it, so instead Ally wore her red twirl dress, and had some pink bows in her hair.

After school Ally had gymnastics, so no pictures of the bows, since they come out for gymnastics.


Ally was so excited to get home and open her Valentine’s from school, from us and the ones she got in the mail. She was determined to finish her cards for us before we ate dinner.


Becky made a pizza in the shape of a heart, but Ally (of course) chose cereal – and Becky has bought Heart to Heart cereal which Ally loved.


I bought them each a red rose, and Ally noticed it was the same color as her dress.


In addition to the heart pizza, Becky cut red peppers into the shape of hearts. Ally had cards for each of us and one for the both of us.


I love the picture she made in Art class. Ally got some Polly Pockets from us.



But the big hit was cards from Aunt Martha, Grandma Barbie & Grandma Debbie (yes grandpa and Poppy too) but in the cards from her grandmas there was money! Can you tell how excited and surprised Ally was?


Debbie’s was folded in the shape of a heart- too cute.

It was a fun celebration!