Friday, November 18, 2016

Sleep over party!!! 10 years old

Ally had a 2nd party to celebrate her birthday with her school friends. And Stella! 7 friends were invited and all could come:
And Ally made 8 that was a perfect number of girls because we had 4 spa stations.
Yes it was a Spa Emoji party:
We gave away emoji pillows as a favor.
This is the one that Ally chose.

Making emoji faces with Aunt Beth.


A few days before Ally assembled the spa bags for each girl:
Each girl had a bag with a washcloth, comb, nail brush, nail file, pony tail holders, and a headband. The used these at the spa and then had a bag to take home their spa goodies with!


Becky blew up air mattresses for the girls and we stored them on the top bunk:


Ally set up a candy bar. 
Ally was just a little excited!



What trip to the spa is complete without spa water? Aka water with cucumber or water with lemon.

I was the nail technician. Each girl soaked her hands in a bowl of warm water and then I painted their nails. 
Quick dry nail polish helped so much.

At the face mask station we had 2 options of homemade face masks. One was oatmeal strawberry and honey and the other was banana yogurt and honey. There were paint brushes to apply it with.

Beth brought her essential oil kit and atomizers for each girl to make her own aromatherapy spray!


Becky had a make your own lipgloss station in the kitchen. We didn't get a picture of it before hand because we were busy in the kitchen. We used Unpetroleum Jelly (like Vaseline but much safer for kids) and edible glitter dust you can buy at the craft store to decorate cookies and cake. Mix the up together in tiny jars and viola lip gloss! 

The girls ate a bunch of candy and made emoji themed fortune tellers when they arrived. That turned into a fireball eating contest. Then dinner. After dinner was spa time.

Catalina, Ally, Ellie and Daniela took the fireball challenge.
 Pretty hot
Stella did it too. I love the look on Olive's face behind Stella. She refused and so did I.
Ohh it's hot!!!
The heat finally got to Daniela. She lasted the longest.

Dinner was pasta, rolls, the awesome veggie platter Aunt Beth put together, chips and salsa and guacamole. 

After dinner the girls went to Ally's room while Beth and Becky and I cleaned up and set up for the Spa to begin. The girls were so excited. Ally had set up slips of paper with color codes for everyone to pick out of a bucket and get matched with a spa partner. The girls are such good friends that no one even complained.
Spa Emoji opened:

Ally chose to go to the facial and relaxation station first. So she and Catalina put on their face mask and laid down on air mattresses with cucumber over their eyes. Beth found some relaxing music and had that playing in the living room. 
When time was up the girls washed off the masks and moved on to the next station.

 Ally and Cata were very relaxed.

Daniela and Ellie loved the warm water finger soak. That was Ally's idea and she insisted on it and her friends loved the way the warm water felt.

Olive and Willow trying out scents for aromatherapy.

Stella and Maya getting ready for lip gloss.

Willow showing off her aromatherapy.

Ally and Cata were hard at work decorating their lip gloss containers.

Ellie and Daniela relaxed.

 Then it was Ally's turn at aromatherapy.

More lip gloss making, Olive and Willow here.

And my last two spa guests at the nail station were Ally and Cata. 

Beth posing with Ellie and their atomizers while Daniela looks on.

After spa it was cupcake time! We served the same ones as at the party the day before. 


The girls were laughing and having so much fun. It was great! 
After cupcakes it was time for a movie. They watched Princess Protection Program and ate popcorn.

I lightened up the photo so you could see everyone. They pretty much slept like this too. 3 girls on couches and 4 on air mattresses. Willow went home after the movie.

After the movie they played:

Would you rather..:
Be invisible or fly?
Always feel like you have to poop or have bread breath?
Live where it's always cold or always hot?

I had prints out about 40 questions and they took turns asking them out loud. While this was going on Beth and I brushed out everyone's hair to be knot free for bed. Teeth were brushed and at 1130 it was lights out. 

They fell asleep around mindnight and were awake around 630/700am.

Next post will be morning! 

Huge shout out and thank you to Beth for coming. She has never missed a birthday party, and always is such a huge help. We are so lucky to have her. 
Thank you! #1 Aunt!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Birthday Party with Guatemala Girls

This year Ally had two parties plus presents from us on her birthdate. 
The first party was with the Guatemala Girls. Alice couldn't come, she was visiting her grandma but Ally, Roxie, Rosa and Gabi had lots of fun.

The theme was emojis

Ally was looking out the window to see if her friends were here!

Roxie made this making pug themed gift bag for Ally. 

The party had lots of games that kept them occupied for the whole time. 
Here they are trying to get a vanilla Oreo from their foreheads into their mouth without using their hands!
Gabi and Roxie managed to do it. Lots of Oreos were eaten during this game.
Then there was using a straw only, how many marshmallows could you pick up and move from one bowl to the other. Then they ate the marshmallows!
Ally wanted to play the game where you use toilet paper and create a dress for your partner. Rosa made one on Ally, and Gabi did Roxie.
The toilet paper dresses. 
Then for round 2 they swapped 
They also played a games where they tried to keep a balloon in the air without using their hands.
They played Just Dance on the Kinnect for a while too. 

Lots of giggles and laughter. It was music to our mom ears. 

Singing and cupcake time! 
It was a really fun party. So much fun to celebrate Ally turning 10 with these wonderful friends.