Saturday, August 17, 2013

Typical fun stuff



Ally had a week off without any camp. Every morning she enjoyed hanging out in her pajamas.Two days in a row she made her own creation muffins.


It was an unusual combination of banana, corn, pepper, salt, flour, red pepper.


Charlie came over for dinner and was a good sport and ate a muffin and played Spot It with Ally. Gwei was at sleep away camp. Ally had fun with Bananagrams one evening.


A play date and picnic dinner at the park with friends Stella and Rowan from preschool.


The week ended with a party at River’s house to celebrate our friends visiting from New Zealand! We were all quite excited to see Thora, Auric, Sean and Sarah. Above left is Kai, Lily, Lila and Maya. Auric is in the right picture.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Visit from Grandma Debbie



I did not take that many pictures while Grandma Debbie was visiting. Too much fun playing games, doing magic tricks and being together. Above is Ally looking all grown up on the left – in clogs and a grown up dress! Then on the right waiting for Grandma at the airport!


Ally and Grandma Debbie.


One afternoon Grandma babysat and Becky and I went out for a while, we came home and Nali was all dressed up – he had a flower crown around his neck and a scarf tied around his middle. For an old cat he was a good sport and kept his dress up outfit on for hours. Ally took these pictures of him.


Hanging on the pool deck with Grandma in the sunshine.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

NH Cabins Day 3


IMG_1236 - CopyIMG_2212 - Copy

After breakfast together at the lodge the girls had fun playing ping pong in the game cabin. Then it was off to the lake for some fishing.

IMG_2215 - CopyIMG_2218 - Copy

Stella caught one! And Violet was a good sport waiting for help and her turn with a fishing pole.

IMG_2219 - CopyIMG_2222 - Copy

Ally was pretty determined to catch a fish all on her own. She watched and waited and was very patient until it was on her hook.

IMG_2223 - CopyIMG_2225 - Copy

And she did it!

IMG_2224 - CopyIMG_2226 - Copy

Stella mastered the art of casting the line out. Ally preferred the drop and wait technique. Shannon went out on a kayak for a solo excursion.

IMG_2231 - CopyIMG_2234 - Copy

We made reservations on the Green Mountain Railroad for a day trip. It was a neat trip along the river. The girls were so happy together and had a great time with the Amtrak Jr Conductor activity packet.

IMG_2232 - CopyIMG_2239

Violet and I sat together on the first trip. Stella and Ally’s stuffed animals had fun too.


I snapped this one of Ally before the ride started. Shannon and Nat smiling.

IMG_2245IMG_2237 - Copy

Violet wore the conductor hat. The train station had a really neat looking train weathervane.


In the flower fields at the farmer’s market we took group and family pictures.




Ally spotted this really neat looking bug on some flowers. We made a short stop at the baking store, and then it was back to the Lodge. Ally of course had fun turning cartwheels and handstands.


More badminton with Mama and hanging from the climbing structure.

I sat with my foot up. On day 2 I severely sprained my ankle and so I sat with my foot up and ice on my ankle whenever possible.




That night we hosted our friends for s’mores.


Becky and Ally went out to see the stars.


It was so late and Ally was having a hard time getting to sleep, so we showed had fun making shadow monsters on the ceiling of the cabin.


It was a great day.


This is our cabin and the view of the lake from it.