Monday, July 19, 2021

Happy 70th Birthday Aunt Martha

Aunt Martha. GREAT Aunt Martha.

We love you so much! Here is a sampling of our adventures and fun times:

You have always supported me. Always loved me. 
You took me to shop for my first real bras.
You suggested I adopt long before I had even considered it. Over 24 years ago at the pool at Leisure World you told me I should be a mom. 
You’ve never missed a birthday or any other Holiday. Valentine’s, Easter, there is always a card from you. And you do the same for Ally. 
Lots of fun times, Florida, London, Isle of Man, Ireland. 
So much laughter. 
Thank you for being so generous to me and my family. 
Happy Birthday.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

July 4-10, 2021

A low key 4th of July. Ally’s annual physical, some more cortisone shots and a sleep over with teammates.

4th of July, Ally watched Independence Day and worked on her bullet journal.

Lots of Daisy Cuddles.

And a flashback to 7 years ago when Cloey joined our family.

Beth officially got a car. (My dad gifted her his old car now that he doesn’t drive.)

Cloey relaxed

Ally went to practice and then a sleepover 

This is the selfie I sent her of Daisy and me

The girls did tic tocs and crazy Cirque du Soleil stunts.

And Ally was so happy to see her pets when she got home.

Friday, July 16, 2021

June 28-July 3, 2021

Grandma Debbie and Poppy are coming to visit this week. We were so excited to see them for the first time in 18 months. 

Becky got a sunburn shopping for plants at the garden center. 

Ally was excited for Summer practices to start this week. She always makes a point to say good bye to Cloey when she leaves.

It was super hot to start the week.

Tuesday afternoon! Reunited after 18 months.

It was so good to be together. 

Every day we spent some time upstairs playing PS5 or watching a movie. We even put together a puzzle.

For Father’s Day Becky took Dave to a Red Sox game. They sat in the Green Monster seats. 

It rained and game stopped after 6 Innings but they had a blast and were on TV!

See? That is them above in the yellow circle!

On Thursday there was an ice cream truck at practice to celebrate Summer. 

The Moyer family went to the beach one morning. They had the place all to themselves! Palmer’s stayed home to rest up for practice and a Telehealth appointment.

Grandma and Poppy drove back to Pennsylvania on Saturday morning and then cousin Kimn & Jesse came to visit.

Morning pet snuggles. With Daisy and Cloey getting along!

Sharing a pillow with Cloey while waiting for family.

Jesse and Ally. 4 years apart in age.

Group photo!

Phew what a week. So good to see family after so long apart. 

Saturday, July 3, 2021

June 20-27, 2021

Ally’s final week at Amigos.
Becky’s birthday.
What a week.

Final field day at Amigos.

Due to COVID the art teacher created a gallery on the school fence to showcase student work.

Ally’s tree. 

Becky with her day lilies and Cloey on our walk home after looking at the art gallery.

Monday night the graduation video played on local access TV.

We all watched together.

Tuesday before school.
She looks ready for high school.

Last day of 8th grade. 

And just for a throwback, the first day of junior kindergarten 10 years ago.

On Tuesday I asked Ally if she wanted to have a few friends over after school on the last day (Wednesday) she said sure. A few hours later I asked who she invited. And she told me she texted the whole class. All 40 of them!!! 
We did have 18 kids here at one point and I had to order pizza 3 times. But it was nice. And they were all polite and pleasant and grateful to have a house to crash at.

Eventually they all left and I drove a few home so we could celebrate Becky’s birthday!

On Friday Ally went to a local state park with a group of classmates. It was very cold.

Saturday morning Ally went to a teammate’s
Birthday party at a ropes course. 

Then at home opened the meeting Fab Fit Fun box

And promptly fell asleep. 

It was quite a week.