Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas 2017

I hope I can make captions to this  post later this weekend but I wanted to put up some photos of Christmas:

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Ornament 2017

Every year Becky makes an ornament out of felt, something that is meaningful for the year.

This year she made Guatemala:

2017 Guatemala - to commemorate our trip 
2016 Emoji - Ally had an emoji themed birthday party and started to text this year
2015 Palm Tree - our trip to Hawaii and Ally’s Hawaii themed party
2014 Penguin - Penguins became Ally’s favorite Animal. She did a project on them in 1st grade and had a birthday party theme.
2013 Mickey Ears - we went to Disney World 2 times this year
2012 Rainbow - almost all of Ally’s drawings and paintings were of a rainbow during this time in her life. 
2010 Buddy the Dinosaur - the Tyrannosaurus rex who is the main character in Ally’s favorite TV show for many years, Dinosaur Train.
2009 Baby Chick - in preschool they hatched baby chicks and it was really special to Ally
2008 Ernie- from Sesame Street. Ally’s first “special thing” or lovey stuffed animal.
2007 Gorilla- the gorilla was Ally’s favorite Animal. We would visit them at our zoo often and she loved the book Goodnight Gorilla.

My parents always bought my brothers and me an ornament each year that represented something we accomplished it were into each year. I still have those ornaments and we look at them each year when Ally, Becky and I decorate our tree. It is pretty special thing and I am so happy to repeat this tradition with Ally and I’m grateful Becky is talented and crafty enough to execute the handmade ornament every year.