Monday, May 31, 2010

Mama-Daughter Bonding

Saturday morning, Ally and I went on an adventure to the aquarium. She was very proud of the Jessie shirt.
And was stylin' in the stroller.

We got to take the train (yes, the subway, but it is a favorite for Ally). I didn't think it was going to go well when she had no interest in anything for the first 15 minutes. After a pit-stop at the bathroom, we were back to normal! Ally loves these little bronze animal statues sitting on benches around the aquarium. She kept hugging this one.

Ally looking at the fish in the giant tank

Ally's favorite animal to see in the giant tank is the GIANT sea turtle. I am with her on that - the turtle is really cool.
However, another animal is even more fascinating: the museum diver checking on the fish.

After the aquarium, we went onto the new(ish) Greenway park and watched the kids playing at the ring fountain. It's a flat sidewalk with jets that shoot water really high and then it comes crashing down all over the kids. I offered, but it was a bit much for Ally - she was content to watch.
Then we walked down the park a bit further and got to ride on the carousel. Ally didn't want me to take her picture, so I pretended to take a picture of the carousel to get a glimpse of her in the mirror. She caught on to me right away - glad I snapped quickly!

After a stop for lunch and a long walk back to the subway, we headed back home and both had a long, long nap.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Farm Field Trip

This past Wednesday, I (yes, this is Becky actually posting) went along with Ally's class on a field trip to the farm to return the baby chicks to their home. Here they are in the classroom...
...and here they are with their brothers, sisters, cousins and other friends at the farm where they came from!
Ally got pretty quiet and wanted me to hold her while the chicks were released. She was really attached to them.

She recovered quickly, however, as we got to go into the chicken coop and hang with all the chickens! It was really cool.

She found a mislaid egg (ha ha), as did a few other kids, and we made sure they got into the appropriate boxes so they were safe.

After the chickens, we were on to the pigs! Now, keep in mind that we were in direct sun and it was over 90 degrees - but we managed to coax a pig and her 7 piglets over with an offering of watermelon rind.

Yum yum, served on a bed of rotting potatoes!

Then the kids got to toss some food scraps to the chickens. My favorite was watching a classmate roll up a tortilla from the pail and toss it into the yard. Ally got a piece of lettuce over the fence.

Then, we turned around back to the pigs and saw...

Piglets wallowing in the mud! What a perfect day to cool off - it was a scorcher.

But Ally didn't watch much of that, because she stood, transfixed, at three ENORMOUS pigs snuggled next to each other, sleeping in the shade.

The pictures don't do them justice - they were really, really big. And really, really asleep. Ally was fascinated.
Later, we got to see the farm pet - some wild turkeys!

After a snack, the kids all congregated around to check out the donkey.

We had a great time - it was sad to say goodbye to Ally's friends (the chicks), but we know they are where they should be. She still has the lizard, finches and worms in her classroom to keep her company - the girl loves her animals.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Zoo fun

We love the zoo and feel quite fortunate to have one so close by. It was a beautiful day so we went to the zoo.
Ally was excited that it was warm enough for the giraffes.

We let her chose between riding the "train" (which is a tram pulled by a golf cart) or the Carousel. Surprisingly she chose the train.

looking at the Ostrich

It was HUGE and so close I kept thinking he would poke his head thru the holes in the fence.

Ally mastered the big tunnel slide all by herself this time.

Then it was on to the lion. We had snack and sat in the shade watching the lion sleep for about 15 minutes. It was a nice break.

Sometimes I can't believe how big and grown up Ally is getting. She was so proud of stepping up on the fence to look at the camel. But soon we were off to go look at the fish in the hippo tank.

Then in the underwater viewing area she was thrilled to jump down the stadium risers/seating

motion shot

stopped to smile for the camera

Mommy and Ally

Of course we had to visit the gorillas. Ally thought it was neat that they had a pink ball to play with.
If there were any doubts - pink is Ally's favorite color. Its gotten to the point where she wants everything pink - we go shopping and I hold up a blue dress and she wants it pink. We give her a red ball to play with and she wants a pink one. She so cutely and defiantly will shake her head no and say "but I don't like red (or blue or yellow or brown) I like pink" Green is starting to grow on her too. Its just quite funny that if we give her a choice in things she will 9.8 out of 10 times choose the pink something. And if there is no pink she'll ask for a pink of it.
Everyday Becky and I talk about what a wonderful little girl Ally is. We love her so much.

After the zoo we went to dinner at P.anera Ally was having fun playing with my sunglasses. I think they are a little big for her.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Toy

We gave Ally a belated Christmas gift.
She was so surprised and really had fun unwrapping the gift. We just felt at Christmas that we over bought and it would be best to save some for a later date. It has worked out really great to pull out a gift every couple of months.

Ally was delighted. She played with the original wooden ones at my mom's but these were PINK.
Ally and mama had lots of fun constructing a tent. Tents and talk of camping is a current interest. Becky and Beth are planning a camping trip after school is out. I think I'll have to join them, just to witness Ally's first camping experience.

Even Kitty got her own tent.

Becky went in the tent but Ally said "no mama the other tent" and pointed to the larger tent.

mama and Ally inside the tent

later in the day Ally had fun using her tinker toy tent as a tunnel

We got a new rug and Becky made new curtains this weekend. Ally wanted a dance party to test the new rug out.

The rug was declared "good for dancin"

Friday, May 21, 2010


This post is as much for Alice's Mae Mae as for Ally's family. We had a blast as usual on a play date.
Alice just cracks Ally up.

They have to play sleep.

Taking a bath is a favorite thing as well.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Thank-you Grecos for the AWESOME scooter. Ally insisted on taking it out for a spin as soon as we got home. Becky said it was the slowest trip to the park ever. Ally stopped to look at every flower, weed, twig and rock, she was selecting the best ones for the scooter basket!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fun in BH

After the fun filled day of mini golf and ice cream we went to the park. On the way we drove past the farm that is about a mile from my parents - I remember going her for a first grade field trip but there was a calf.
Of course I turned the car around and parked so we could watch the baby. It was so cute.

Then along came its mother and ushered him back down the hill.

At the park Ally of course found a bar.

It was kind of scary for Becky (and me) to watch Ally swing so high and far. This bar was about 4 feet off the ground.

horizontal body position

the form is amazing

My family and their goofy grins. All in all our "official" mothers day that we celebrated a week late was pretty great.