Thursday, August 30, 2018

San Diego 2018 Part 4

For dinner we ordered from Room Service! A salad for the moms and pasta with butter for Ally but the best part was dessert. A pint of vanilla ice cream and an assortment of toppings to make your own sundaes. Ally thought it was fantastic even though she just put whipped cream on hers and ate the berries leftover at lunch today. Becky and I enjoyed the other toppings.

The table in our room all set with our dinner and dessert feast.

Can you tell she was exited about the mug of whipped cream.

Becky got sunburned again. We thought her skin was the same shade of red as the raspberry.
My favorite Ally quote of the week was when she told Becky   “Mama, you’re like one of those  T-shirts that changes color in the sun”

My family playing games!

Then this morning it was back to the beach:

We arrived around 10:15 and at 2pm after Ally and I had finished our books our 3rd each of the week I decided we needed an ocean break.

I thought the plane in the sky overhead with the sun was gorgeous.

Ally again had fun posing for pictures I wasn’t sure I could get her to stop.

I can’t decide which one I like better.

And a shot on portrait setting with the iconic hotel in the background. She is looking straight into the sun so the squint is needed!

The leg up and toe pointed is Ally’s signature pose this vacation. Kind of appropriate since Monday she goes with her ballet teacher and some classmates to get her very first pair of pointe shoes.

Had to get a family selfie on the main yard with the cupola in the background. Ally was done at this point. We were at the beach for 7 hours.  But she begrudgingly took part. 
Tomorrow we booked breakfast here at the hotel outside looking at the ocean. Then it’s off to the airport and a long day of flying to get home. It’s been a really great trip.

One last Instagram worthy pose on the way out of the hotel and Becky sleeping on our very late delayed flight home.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

San Diego 2018 Day 3

Today we rented a car and drove to LaJolla for the day. It’s a town just north of here about 30 minutes. Pretty fancy and its home to UC San Diego and the Scripps Institute for Oceanography. We had breakfast at a place overlooking the beach.

The view from our table. You can’t really see them but surfers were in the water. I waited for our food while Ally and Becky went down to the beach for some photographs. We let Ally use Instagram this week and she is very into posing for pictures. We found a list of great places to take photos in San Diego and the Scripps Pier is one.

After a delicious meal Ally wanted some more pictures 

I read that Dr. Suess lived in LaJolla and he took inspiration from many of the trees here for his books. I have to admit many did look like his work.

LaJolla has a series of murals as public art and we walked around and saw many and did a little shopping. There was even a florist called Adelaide’s!

At one mural.

And another

Seals!!! Many seals and sea lions make their home on the rock formations around the coastline of LaJolla. It was really neat to walk the coastal park and see so many.

Ally checking out the water. She was afraid a wave would get her.

It was a huge hit with all of us.

I got really splashed.

We watched this seal try so hard to get up on the rocks. Ally and I felt bad for it. 

Looking back to where we walked out to the point.