Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mini Olympics 2013

Ally’s gymnastics gym had their annual mini Olympics last week. This year Ally’s friend Stella and her sister Violet have been taking classes at the same time as Ally so the girls got to experience it together.

For the  mini Olympics the coaches put out a variety of equipment and mats and each class does a circuit and shows what each girl can do on that piece of equipment at each level. It was interesting to see the different classes and what they learn to do. The first mini Olympics Ally was ever in she was the same age Violet is now, so it was fun to watch and remember Ally at that age.


Ally, Violet & Stella


Violet on the beam, Stella on the practice bar.


Ally’s class always goes last, since she is in the most advanced class at her time slot. I love her look of concentration in the picture on the right.


The tumble track is always a blast – jumping and leaping!


After the show the girls get a blue ribbon for participating.

Ally is with her class and just for you Aunt Martha, two of the other girls are named, Hadley and Gemma. The other two have interesting names as well, but Ally and I can’t remember them right now.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Holiday Day with Aunt Beth

Aunt Beth came to visit for the MLK Holiday and it was fun packed day – Open Gym at gymnastics in the morning and then ice skating in the afternoon. I was working so I met up with Ally, Beth & Becky at the ice rink. I do not skate but it was fun to watch them.






Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Accomplishment


Can you guess what it is?


Ally can skip a bar on the monkey bars!

She is so proud of herself. Her arms are finally long enough!

At gymnastics recently her coach told me Ally’s new nickname is “muscles” because she can do chin ups so easily! She certainly is strong.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Still Swimming with Stella


These two are still taking swim lessons together. I think its been 2 years now. The are now in Level 3 and can swim half way across the pool and back all by themselves. They are still great friends and happy as fish swimming during lessons.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Olive’s Birthday Party


Ally’s friend Olive always has animals at her party – long time readers will remember pictures of me with a snake around my neck and Ally holding an alligator! For the past 3 years Olive has had a reptile show at her party. This year it was at a farm and there was a small petting area and pony rides!


First thing was a craft project – painting a horseshoe. Ally and her friend Willow made quick work of that and then found the wooded horse to sit on (that is Willow standing next to Ally and below looking out the window at the farm yard full of animals). I was grateful for the company of Willow and her dad in the car – the farm was about 45 minutes away and the ride seemed to fly by with friends with us.


Ally had a lot of friends at the party – on the right she is with Lizzie, Daniela and Willow.


They fed goats, and sheep, held a bunny and even got the chance to groom the animals.


But the highlight was the pony ride!


No party is complete without cake!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dinner Play Date



Alice and her parents came over for dinner this past weekend. The girls and I made rice krispie treats for dinner. We could not believe Alice had never made them before! We ate a fairly typical menu of “breakfast for dinner” and then after dessert the girls put on a show for us. They could not decide on a dance song so they ended up doing a gymnastics show.


They pulled all these chairs in for the audience and told us where to sit. Tom was there too – but he was finishing his dessert and Alice had decreed no food at this show! So he took the picture of us three moms.


Once the show started the girls got right to the tricks. Ally showed off her back walk over and hand stand skills. Alice was fearless in cartwheels, round offs and generally anything else fun!


After some floor tricks we got out the beam and that was a hit too.


After about 30 minutes the very tired girls sat on the couch to watch an episode of the Muppet Show and eat Fruity Cheerios.

Fun evening.