Sunday, May 16, 2021

May 9-15, 2021

Mother’s Day and other adventures.

Ally worked 2 virtual meets at her gym on Mother’s Day, we it was pretty low key. 

But we finished our puzzle!

And she took a selfie with me. And wrote me a very sweet card.

We got Mama a mama T shirt!

Tuesday Ally got her 1st vaccine shot! We are so excited.

Went out for froyo after to celebrate.

Morning snuggles with Daisy.

Wednesday night there was an outdoor movie hosted by one of her classmates. Since there was no school on Thursday Ally went.

Friday Becky and I drove to NY we packed up important papers and momentous from my dad’s house. Michelle came over to help.

Lots of memories in this backyard.

And this house. It was a super long day, we left at 830am and got home at 1130pm. Huge thanks to Aunt Beth for staying at our house the whole time we were away.

Saturday morning was a team gathering to hand out end of season gifts. Ally used to be the tallest now she’s 3rd from the right!

One of the moms made them blankets from the year. Group photos of all their adventures. Pretty awesome.

Meanwhile at home Becky and I worked on a really big project.

New barstools for the kitchen!

A wide screen TV.

Better to game with. (Please note that is Daisy on the beanbag at Ally’s head.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

May 2-8, 2021

Doctors appointments. Big happenings with Grandpa Frank. A new injury. A new start with a new team.

Sunday Ally worked the cameras for her new team’s state meet. Several members of her old team were competing in a Regional competition. I was watching that off and on during the day.

Turns out Cloey likes to watch gymnastics too.
We had blankets over our furniture because Cloey was sick. Becky brought her to the ER Animal Hospital on Sunday morning. Cloey was diagnosed with a UTI and after 5 days of antibiotics seems fine.

This cat wants to be anyway near Ally.

And is really enjoying the warm weather and having the windows open. 

Monday, first day of practice with new team!

Wednesday post practice. Icing her sprained ankle!! So not good. 

Thursday fast asleep on the couch after school. She iced her ankle and then took a 2 1/2 hour nap.

After the nap Ally and I watched a movie; A Quiet Place. Very good movie.

The pets. They always want to be near Ally.

Daisy melting into Ally after school on Friday.

Cloey turned 7 this week! 
Ally went to the orthopedist on Saturday morning. Good news; her ankle was sprained. And the ongoing persistent pain she has been having in both of her ankles is likely inflammation. The doctor gave us some things to try and said Ally could resume practice on Monday. We go back in 2 weeks to see if the pain is less.

After the doctor we went to a dog Bakery and got some treats for Cloey (And Daisy). Ally picked out this cannoli for Cloey to celebrate Cloey turning 7.

Cloey loved it!

My dad, Grandpa Frank agreed to move to Columbus Ohio and move into an Assisted Living facility there. I’ve spent many hours getting the paperwork done, arranging his transportation there, and making arrangements to set up his new place. Big decision on his part and I’ve done my best to be as supportive and helpful as I could. I called him every day (sometimes twice a day at his request) and made lists of things he wants.

And another medical thing for Ally. On Monday we met with a neuro-muscular specialist. The rheumatologist wanted to make sure there were not any issues. I’m very happy to report that Ally continues to have a clean bill of health with no current major diagnosis. The doctors at Children’s hospital have been really fantastic.

April 24-May 1, 2021

Post vacation weeks are always a bear to get thru.
But we did it.

Sunday Ally decided to organize her closet. Her shoes to be specific. So she pulled all the shoes she owns out and then tried them on, put a bag together to pass along to a friend and then the ones she wants to keep back into her closet. 

Such a great way to deal with back to school anxiety. Organize and control what you can.

Back to school Monday.

I took Cloey to get a bath. She was so stinky after a week on Nantucket.

Wednesday I got my 2nd vaccine shot. I was really nervous about side effects.

Ally’s team took year end group photos. 

This was Ally’s last practice with her old team. 

Morning in bed with her pets.

TGIF look.

Saturday we spent a lot of time together as a family. Ally and I worked a puzzle and Becky and Ally played PS5.

It gets pretty hot up on our 3rd floor so Ally wore shorts to hang out all day.