Friday, May 30, 2014

Weekend Mornings

Typically on weekend mornings Ally watches 2 TV shows, while I talk to my mom and/or eat breakfast. Becky sleeps in. As soon as the shows are over, Becky is woken up. She scrounges for something to eat and drink while Ally asks “can mama play with me”. It is their time.


One night Ally wrote out the huge number above, and the question “I don’t know how many zeroes there are?”. So Becky counted the zeros and looked it up on the internet and answered her question. “There are 175 zeros which is bigger than a google.” Ally was thrilled!


Ally had an idea to make a marble run out of recycled materials. She started it by herself. And then mama helped.




Later that morning I got to French braid again. WOO WOO


But then it was time for more constructing. A taller more exciting marble run.


So tall Ally needed to stand on a chair to reach the top.


Later it was time for some Ipad fun on our back porch.

Some mornings they work on rainbow loom projects.


They watch YouTube videos of how to make new things. They have made penguins, hummingbirds and Becky’s amazing accomplishment is a rainbow unicorn!


I don’t rainbow loom.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Guatemala Girls May 2014

This month’s gathering was at Roxie’s house. Alice was sick and unable to make it, and Rosa had recently broke her arm. At least Roxie’s broken collar bone had healed so only one of the girls was in a sling.

As usual they had lots of fun.

But the highlight of my day was that I successfully French braided Ally’s hair. this was huge for me – the first time I had ever done it. Ally was really patient with me. It takes a while to do when you are learning.



It was a bit chilly but the 4 of them ate outside on the porch. Roxie loves peanut butter and fluff!


Ally was bring camera shy, and Gabi was munching on watermelon.


But my money shot for the day was Rosa! Look at that smile, even with her arm in a cast up to her shoulder!


On the way home we stopped at the mall, and Ally used her own money to buy a really neat coloring book.

And just because I can’t resist – one last picture of my braid!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

2 Parties in 1 Day

As sometimes happens with us Ally was invited to 2 birthday parties in 1 day. First up was Zach’s pirate theme party.


It was a beautiful Spring day for a party at the park.


There were different pirate themed games to play, pizza and ice cream cake!



Next up was Aiden’s science party at a different park. I should mention that Ally took a nap of her own accord between the two parties.


The kids all sat patiently during the Mad Scientist’s presentation. Then it was time to do an experiment. They made silly putty. Above, Lily and Sophocles compared theirs.


Ally, Aiden & Erik, then Charlotte and Lizzie.


Aiden was pretty excited to break the piƱata at the end. But Liem’s sister Kai and Erik’s little brother Nicky had the most fun playing in the fountain.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Rain Forest Presentation

In Spanish Ally has been studying the rain forest. The entire first grade had a presentation for parents to come and see what they had learned.

First they sang 3 songs and did a dance.



Then they were supposed to read us their report on the subject they each chose to study. Ally read her report to me on the Spider Monkey. I was really impressed with how much she had written all in Spanish. Then we went on a scavenger hunt to find a whole bunch of things.


It was a fun time.