Tuesday, September 3, 2019

First Day of 7th Grade

Not sure how it happened. Lately the years and time just fly by. 

Ally started 7th grade.

Braces, contacts and still she seems confident and happy. Practice for level 6 gymnastics starts tomorrow night. 19 hours of practice a week this year! She is excited and ready to work hard at school and gymnastics.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Summer Bargain!

Ally worked hard all summer on her academics.

Every summer we require Ally to read and do math a certain amount every day. It lines up with her school summer homework expectations.

This Summer Becky and I had to push and nag her to do it. 20 minutes of reading everyday and 10 minutes of math. Reading is 7 days a week including vacation days and math is just 5 days a week and not on vacation. 
Before we left for California we made a deal with Ally that we would stop pushing her to do the work. Nagging is just not fun for her or us.
As soon as she met the summer goal we would buy her a new phone. She’s never had a new phone and has been asking for one for a while now. 

She did it.
She read 17 hours and 40 minutes and completed 11 hours of math! And earned her new phone.

So on August 16 we took her to get her new iPhone.
The sunflowers in our parking lot are so tall, Ally agreed to an impromptu photo shoot.

And at the Apple Store

Such a happy girl.