Sunday, February 21, 2010

Growing Up!

We were away in sunny Florida! Please note I did not say we were in warm and sunny Florida. It was NOT warm, but it was indeed sunny. I'll post more about our trip later in the week. I came back with a pretty bad head cold but I wanted to get at least one post up before I get back to work and the regular routine tomorrow.

Ally has been so good about using the potty for pee and poop that when we got back we all agreed she had earned her "big girl bed rail"

Fortunately Becky does not have any performance anxiety and was not bothered by her audience while she removed the full rail and installed the new bed rail on the crib.

But Ally quickly tired of asking "Is it ready yet mama?" and decided to play peek a boo with the laundry basket!

Finally it was ready and safe for Ally to use

She was super excited. Can you tell?

So excited she decided to play sleep in her new bed and that meant taking off her shoes.

She spread the blanket out and covered herself up. Gosh she is getting to be such a big girl.

I am happy to report that she slept all thru the night the first night and had a great nap today. She is so proud of herself and we are proud of her too.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Parent Helping

Ally's preschool is actually a parent co-op so I go in and work for 4 hours about twice a month. Last time one of the other moms (who happens to be a professional photographer) was there taking pictures. I just had to share. And yes we are wearing the same color shirt, Ally and I - it happens all the time. And all day long I heard "same, same" from the kids. They are very into noticing similar things right now and so they point it out and do the hand sign for same and say "same same" it is pretty cute. But I will re-think my clothes next time so Ally and I don't match!
We were playing with tiles at the table.

Love that smile!

This one just takes my breath away. It so captures Ally's sweetness.
I know its been a long time with no post. I was sick for a while, and then Ally was sick, but she is all better now. We did bring her to the doctor to confirm she was ok and found out she lost a half pound. AHHH so we're back to working on eating more food, or at least more calorie-rich foods! The doctor said not to worry about it, but we're moms that is what we do.
For those of you who really want to know it seems Ally has mastered pooping on the potty. She goes all by herself and then announces with glee "I pooped on the potty" we think she is the most remarkable amazing child ever!