Thursday, June 30, 2016

NH Part 2

More fishing and boating today.

Ally was brave and took my fish off the hook.
Oops it dropped
But she helped it back into the lake

Then Ally hooked a big fish 

It was a catfish

And Becky was smug at the large bass she caught

Until she realized that it was large compared to the other fish we catch, but was actually about the size of her hand.

Cloey wasn't sure what to think about the fish.

But Cloey enjoyed canoeing again this year. 

It was a windy morning and the canoe wasn't really working out, so they switched to the 2 person kayak.

Much more successful and fun.  After boating we got cleaned up and went out to lunch and did some shopping.

Making flour at the flour store.

Ally started reading an autobiography of Gabby Douglas, the gymnast and couldn't put the hook down. It was great to see her engrossed and excited about reading.

At our next stop we saw the largest Kongs ever. I don't want to know what dog eats these. 

After shopping Ally wanted to make a gymnastics video. We brought her mat from home at her request. 

The video was gymnastics truth or dare. I wrote out several options for each and she had to do them. 
A truth was "what is your favorite gymnastics event" and a dare was "back walk over"

The hardest dare was to do a round off back handspring. It was phenomenal to see Ally go for it. 

She landed on her knees not her feet, but she tried it, and the grass was wet so hard to get good traction. 

After dinner more climbing took place on the climbing structure.

Hanging always brings a smile.

Ping pong time next!

Another great day.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

NH Long Weekend Part 1

We had to reschedule our week in NH in August to a long weekend in June. The weather was fantastic and we had a wonderful time as usual.

Ally and Cloey in the car on the drive up. 

Mama and Becky kayaked our first day.

Ally decided to try out the lake. It was way too cold for her. It was super hot, so we ordered a pizza and hung out in our cabin and early to bed our first night.

Day 2 started with fishing after breakfast. Ally of course caught the first fish. 

My fishing family.

Becky caught the smallest fish. Every day.
Taking a lunch break with Cloey.
That is me out in the lake with Ally who is floating on a raft.

Ally carried her float back to the cabin.

And promptly fell asleep snuggled up next to me on my twin bed with Cloey. It was 90 degrees! Oh how I love this girl, I was so hot and gross feeling but I didn't really care.

After nap time it was back to the lake. We had dinner at the Sunday buffet lakeside, but after dinner Ally was boating, first kayaking.
Then paddleboarding. At sunset.

After boating she asked to play badminton. Mama is a good sport as usual. 

Later that night despite the heat Becky popped popcorn in the fireplace, and Ally roasted marshmallows for s'mores. 

Pretty much a perfect day!