Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Morning!

Ally was up bright and early on Christmas morning. But she was very patient and waited in her room until 730 when Grandma Debbie and Poppy came over from their hotel.

IMG_2680 - CopyIMG_2682 - Copy

But she was pretty excited to see the living room with the stockings all filled and the presents under the tree. Yes Santa came, he left her a note and ate some but not all of the cookies.

IMG_2686 - CopyIMG_2687 - Copy

On the final day of Advent, Ally received $5.00 in her box.

IMG_5806IMG_2689 - Copy

A photo in front of the tree, and then it was on to the Sparkle Box. Ally had the morning planned; Advent Calendar, Sparkle Box, Stockings, a few gifts, a break, then finish the gifts. She proceeded to stay in her pajamas all day. She loved it!

The Sparkle Box was a gift from Gruncle and Aunt Suzie – it’s a special place where we put our gifts to Jesus. These are notes we write to let him know good things we’ve done during the Advent Season. We wrote about how we shopped for and donated clothes, mommy volunteered at the clothing drive. Be bought food for the food pantry, and mama brought food in to her food drive. Even Aunt Beth contributed to the box. I was really touched that Ally was so into it, and so excited about the concept of gifts to Jesus, since Christmas was his birthday.

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Then it was time for stockings!

IMG_2693 - CopyIMG_2694 - Copy

We all got tooth paste and tooth brushes, some candy,  and lots of fun treats. Ally got dry erase markers (which were on her short list) and Becky and Dave got beef sticks!

IMG_2696 - CopyIMG_2699 - Copy

Ally’s first gift was a doll names Alejandra!

IMG_2701 - CopyIMG_2704 - Copy

I love Ally’s expression as she opened the gift- it was  the Lego House she asked Santa for.

IMG_2705 - CopyIMG_2706 - Copy

Debbie got a calendar, Becky got a picture of her parents.

IMG_2707 - CopyIMG_2708 - Copy

Becky and I got matching pedicure sets, and

IMG_2710 - CopyIMG_2711 - Copy

It was a telescope!

IMG_2713 - CopyIMG_2715 - Copy

Posing for silly pictures with Aunt Beth. And using the new hand cream Ally picked out for me.

IMG_2718 - Copy

Then finally after almost two hours of opening gifts it was time for Ally to open the last one.

IMG_2719 - CopyIMG_2722

An Am.erican Girl Doll gymnastics set. She was so thrilled!


But to me the best gift of all time is Ally!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve

December 23 is Grandma Barbie’s birthday. We sent her flowers the week before because we were not going to be with her on her special day. But we called and sang to her and we looked at our Disney photo book to remember what a fun time we had last year together.

This year Ally was SUPER excited for Grandma Debbie and Poppy to arrive on December 23. Aunt Beth came the day before, which is fun, but grandparents are even more fun! Ally had gymnastics practice the afternoon of the 23rd and when we got home her grandparents were there. It was a fun night of laughs, cookies, and books.


On Christmas Eve Day Ally as usual awoke excited to open her Advent calendar. And mommy got a huge hug.


Grandma Debbie brought a gift to be opened on Christmas Eve – family heirloom Santa napkin (rings).


There was Lego making (Ally received a kit of Legos on 3 days in her advent calendar.). Then it was the traditional game of monopoly.


And gingerbread cookie making.


Ally took a nap – she was so tired from all the excitement – and the M.oyers all watched White Christmas. Then we went to Christmas Eve service at church. It was Ally’s first Christmas Eve service and she did great at her first candlelight service.


After church it was time for dinner, we always have tamales and a somewhat traditional Guatemalan feast with rice and beans, followed by hot chocolate. We received a fun edible arrangement from Michelle and her family. It was delicious.


After dinner Ally wrote a note for Santa. And left our cookies for him, and food for the reindeer on the front porch.


Finally it was time for bed. Ally insisted that we read the story of Jesus’ birth, so Poppy Dave read that and then Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Here is our house all decorated for Christmas.


Becky made the table runner. Ally and I made the Advent candles at church and Becky made the advent wreath at church – there was an Advent craft workshop a few weeks ago.


When Ally was sick she and I made the paper chain. We received flowers from one of my clients, and we added the Crèche to our Nativity set this year.


Also while Ally was sick, we made the banners.


Since we don’t have a mantel we hang our stockings on the window ledge.

We did things on a much smaller scale this year – no evergreen garlands up, no snowman and Santa collection up. But it felt good, and right and cheerful and us.

Merry Christmas.