Friday, November 30, 2012

After Thanksgiving

Also known as Black Friday, well in our family that would be clog Friday! Ally stayed home with Grandma and Poppy while, Beth, Becky and I went to our favorite shoe store. Each of us got new shoes, and we bought Ally a pair of light pink patent leather clogs. She loves them!
We also went to a cute children’s boutique and got 2 new outfits for Ally.
modeling our shoes and Ally “helping” Aunt Beth beat everyone at Banana Grams. Ally was trying on her new clothes, and would run out of the room and yell “I hope Aunt Beth wins” finally she asked to stay in her new clothes, since they were so comfy and she climbed up on Aunt Beth’s lap to assist.
After the game it was time to try a new fruit – a pomegranate. Ally took off her new dress so it would not get stained. True to form Ally has still not found a fruit she does not like. She literally ate the seeds by the spoonful right alongside of her cereal for dinner. (a spoonful of shredded wheat, a spoonful of seeds)
Then it was off to the parade!
Of course there was a mushroom in the paraded and a tractor decorated with lights to look like Rudolph.
Ally loved it – especially when Santa Claus came by.
That night Grandma read bedtime books again. In the morning they worked on another project before we left, and we played spoons. Turns out Beth is a really good at that game too! Ally cried when it was time to leave – she did not want to go. She loves her Grandma Debbie and Poppy. We wish we lived closer so we could see them more often.
At the train station they had Jr Conductor kits for kids. Ally refused to wear the hat, but Becky did!
The train ride back home was not as long, but we were all happy to get home.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Craft–Advent Calendar

Becky and I decided it would be fun to do an Advent Calendar for Ally this year. We looked online for one but just could not justify the cost of something handmade, and we kind of hated the idea of a disposable one. So we went to the craft store and purchased the supplies to make one ourselves – at less than half the price of a ready made one.
Ally was a bit grumpy about going to the store on Sunday afternoon, but once there and we explained the project and she understood there would be a surprise for her to open every day she was so excited! Here she is with the before item – unwrapping the shrink wrap with passion and then taking out all of the little drawers so the tree was ready for her paint.
Ally painted the tree green and Becky cut out patterned paper to cover each drawer with. She then glued them on and applied a layer of modge podge over the paper to seal and protect it.
Ally still needs to paint the star gold and Becky and I need to come up with 25 treats or surprises to put in each drawer. If you have any ideas we’d love them- it can’t be more than 1 1/2 inches square! so tiny treats.
Ally keeps asking me if we have filled it with treat yet. I explain, not until December 1, (Saturday) and then it will be full for her.
I love starting new family traditions and I think this is a great one. And both Becky and I really like the way it came out.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This year we took the train to Wilmington DE to spend Thanksgiving with Grandma Debbie and Poppy. Aunt Beth traveled with us. Actually we spent 9 days with Aunt Beth – thanks for putting up with us and being such an awesome Aunt, Beth.

IMG_1815 - Copy

Ally and Beth pulling their suitcases on the walk to the T station.

IMG_9043 - CopyIMG_9045 - Copy

Cheery on the train. Ally did not sleep a wink but watched 3 movies and a TV show and did not complain once about how long it was. We were delayed out side of NYC and the train ride ended up taking about 8 hours!

IMG_9047 - CopyIMG_9048 - Copy

But once we got there Ally was ready for games – Spot It was the before bed game while I unpacked and got us settled in. Then Grandma read books before sleep time.

IMG_9049 - CopyIMG_9051 - Copy

In the morning Ally worked on crafts with Grandma and Poppy – they colored, and did a sticker book together.

Then Aunt Beth helped with a food project – making Pilgrim hats with a marshmallow dipped in chocolate and placed on an upside down fudge-stripe cookie.


IMG_9052 - CopyIMG_9058 - CopyIMG_9059 - CopyIMG_9063 - Copy



They came out really cute!

IMG_9064 - CopyIMG_9066 - Copy

Ally had fun playing games with everyone. And she received some great birthday gifts from Aunt Pam (a pot-holder kit) and a great book about a train ride.

IMG_9067 - CopyIMG_9073

A family picture before dinner, and yes Ally ate some turkey, tried the stuffing and was thrilled to eat some raw spinach.

After dinner we played a family trivia game. Aunt Beth and Ally were a team. Can you guess the only family member to ride a camel? Answer was Ally.


Games Games Games – Spot and  then Uno


We brought Ally’s new bug aspirator! Poppy sucked up 2 bugs for Ally, after searching the yard high and low for some.

Then it was my turn to give it a go.


IMG_9081IMG_9085 IMG_9083IMG_9084

We did have success in catching 1 specimen but we set it free before we went inside.


Ally and Aunt Pam. What a great picture of the 2 of them!

Beth, Becky and I after all the relatives had left.

It was a very nice Holiday and was wonderful to see so many relatives.

Monday, November 26, 2012

6 Year Physical


Today I took Ally to the doctor for her 6 year old physical.

I am happy to report that she passed her vision and hearing tests with ease. She is in perfect health according to her pediatrician and topped the scale at 38 pounds and 42 inches tall. That is firmly in the 15th percentile on the international health chart (WHO) and 4th in height and 11th in weight on the American charts.

She continues to grow and develop right on her own curve which is exactly right for Ally. We are so proud of her.



Even when she gives me goofy fake smiles.



And especially when she is silly and trying to make scary faces at the camera!