Friday, July 8, 2016

July 4 Weekend

We had a fun filled 4th of July weekend. 

Friday after work we went to a specialty shoe store for Becky to be fitted with sneakers. She had a follow up at the doctor who told her she needed to get new proper supportive shoes and only wear those for a while. 
Ally thought it was pretty funny to put on one of the new shoes when we got home.

I thought the difference in in foot size was pretty incredible.

On Saturday we made a trip to the mall. Ally came home with some new American Girl stuff, and we had dinner at Ally's favorite restaurant, CPK. Amanda (the doll) joined us on our outing. 

On Sunday we met up with a very old friend of mine from when I lived in Seattle. We hadn't seen each other in 14 years. 

We attended an re-enactment event in Boston about the Stamp Act protests. We all had character cards and were encouraged to get up and speak in front of the crowd in our character. Becky was a Loyalist (Fie Fie, that is the Colonial equivalent of Boo) but I was a Partriot and everyone yelled Houza Houza (hurray) after I spoke!

My friend Angela spoke too.

A family picture at the grave of Paul Revere.

Solo picture of Ally in front of Samuel Adams' grave.

Next up was the 4th of July!!!

We hosted this year. Stella, Ally, Khai. Liam and Violet.

They had a water balloon fight. 100 balloons decimated in less than 10 minutes.

Becky, Shannon and Hanh with their cult beer from VT.

We almost didn't go to the fireworks, all of us adults were so tired. 

But we made it. I did haul out the stroller again and we made Ally ride in it a little just so she wouldn't be so tired for her first day of Aquarium Camp in the morning. She was not happy about the stroller, but was thrilled to see the fireworks.

It was a bit bittersweet, these close friends are moving to London next week. Hanh and Liem were Becky's very first mom friends. We plan to visit them in April of next year, and they hope to be back in Cambridge in 3-4 years.

The fireworks were spectacular as usual. 

Becky was a sport and held Ally up for a better view thru most of the show.

Such a fun day!

NH - Our Last Day

It was our final day and we made sure to accomplish all on our list.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes for Ally for breakfast.

Followed by more fishing 
Becky caught a tiny fish (again).

Ally caught the largest fish (again).


A perch over 8"

She was really excited.

I went to get Cloey from our cabin and check out. As I walked down with Cloey they were huddled together at the dock.

Cloey is always a bit unsure of fish and the dock.

But she loves to go kayaking!

Look at my sporty family!

I kayaked too! I brought my phone out in the boat with me so I could get some good pictures from the water of all of us. I swamped my kayak trying to get in it, and Becky kept yelling "your phone...your phone" I had it sealed in a ziplock so I wasn't worried. I managed to flip the kayak and get all the water out then get my soaking wet self safely in the kayak. I didn't dare give Ally or Becky my phone, so I took some selfies and a shot of my feet, to illustrate that I was actually on the water.

My attempt to get us all in. I failed. 

I got my boat in this shot.w

I was having fun!

So were Ally, Becky and Cloey. Cloey whined loudly if Ally paddled too far away from her. 

A view of the lodge and the beach from the lake.

We were all ready for a rest after our kayak adventure.